Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LC is back in Dieter's bed!

Either that or Dieter just wants some time on the Hills!

LC's workout - yah right!

When I was younger, I was really active and always playing sports,” says Lauren “LC” Conrad. “Then, the last couple years, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time.”But four months ago, the 5-foot-6 Conrad decided to get fit again to feel better about slipping into her favorite Vitamin A and Pucci bikinis this season.Enter Equinox trainer Jarett Del Bene, who created a shape-up plan for Conrad and her roommate, The Hills costar Audrina Patridge, that slimmed Conrad down 6 pounds — to 119.Lauren Conrad’s Diet Conrad consumes 1,500 calories daily in six meals on the plan provided by Del Bene. “It’s taped up on our fridge,” she says of the fish-and-veggie — filled menu. “On cheat day, I usually eat carbs.”Breakfast LC likes her coffee mixed with skim milk. A whole-grain waffle and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter give her calcium and protein. Other options: oatmeal or a bowl of Kashi cereal, both with skim milk.Lunch A fiber- and protein-rich Cobb salad: turkey bacon, egg whites, veggies, avocado and balsamic dressing. Two more ideas: chunk light tuna and feta cheese on a bed of lettuce or a grilled chicken salad.Midday Noshing on half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese and 10 raw almonds keeps energy up. A low-fat yogurt and seven walnuts will also do the trick.Dinner A 4-to-6-ounce serving of a lean fish like tilapia or chicken breast is packed with protein. And salad or roasted vegetables on the side will help fill the stomach.Lauren Conrad’s Workout Twice a week for an hour, Conrad lifts weights and runs on the treadmill. On off days, she hikes for 45 minutes in L.A.’s Runyon Canyon.All the effort has been worth it, she says: “The first place I lost weight was my little belly… Now I’m happy about my arms because they were a little mushy!”

Did Audrina get new boobs?

They look huge!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

When is someone going to lock this jackleg up and throw away the key and for god sake sell the sextape Jason!

Video embedded in photo, so Jason Wah Wah Wahler has gotten off almost scott free yet again, I wish some judge would hold this ass accountable! Unbelievable!

Heidi and Spencer speak out, oh gooodeeeee!

I’ve seen the trailer for the third season of The Hills. Clearly, you’ll be appearing on the show, despite your strained relationship with [star] Lauren [Conrad]. But the fans still want to know if there will be two separate storylines—one yours and one hers.
Spencer Pratt: We have nothing to do with the editing. It’s a surprise for us as much as the audience.
Heidi Montag: More for us.
There’s a lot of debate about whether or not the show is scripted.
H.M.: There are storylines…
S.P.: There are story editors. It’s that simple. Look in the credits—there are story editors.
Are you frustrated with the way you’ve been depicted?
H.M.: It’s a 22-minute show about seven people. It doesn’t really capture the essence of who you are. It’s not like reality TV is the place to portray yourself.
S.P.: Especially when Lauren, your supposed nemesis, is the narrator, and it’s her show. It’s a very difficult situation. But I wasn’t surprised, because once you go against L.C., the star of the show, you’re bound not to [come off] looking good, because she’s their honeybee. You have no chance. Thing is, I wasn’t Heidi’s boyfriend when they put that boyfriend connotation on my name. I was very single, she was single. They just didn’t show her going out on her dates.
When you see yourself portrayed in a negative way, do you take it with a grain of salt?
H.M.: Yeah, you can’t take it too seriously. It’s the entertainment business. We’re here to entertain people, and we get that.You were in a fashion show over the weekend and are planning on getting into the Industry.
Will that play a role in this Hills season?
H.M.: No, The Hills doesn’t follow any of that. We have our own lives, and then they film whatever.
Anything you can tease to in general?
S.P.: Heidi’s music career…
H.M.: Yeah, my music is pretty much it.S.P.: We’re working with David Foster on a pop album.
There have been rumors of a Newlyweds spinoff show. Are you interested in making one?
S.P.: We like to keep all of our options open.
H.M.: We’re just trying to explore.
Is MTV talking to you at all?
H.M.: No...no comment really.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bunney is a Bunny!

Jen blows LC away! And you know this little minx is up for whatever in the bed!

Oh no, Spencer and Brody and a falling out! Get me a tissue!

After a ten-year relationship that included creating a reality show (FOX’s The Princes of Malibu), partying like young Hollywood royalty and lobbying their way onto MTV’s The Hills, reality stars Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner have broken off their friendship.
Sources confirm that the rift began shortly after Pratt made inflammatory comments about Brody’s ex Nicole Richie in a Details magazine story earlier this year, and the break was cemented about a month ago when Pratt was angered by Jenner rekindling a frienship with arch-enemy Lauren Conrad.
Much like he famously did to girlfriend Heidi Montag in last season’s The Hills, Pratt gave Jenner an ultimatum: to pick between him and Lauren Conrad. Jenner, sources confirm, chose Conrad and has been filming with Conrad over the last several weeks. “Brody’s doing his own thing with his friends, including Lauren, and Spencer is doing his own thing with Heidi,” a source tells Us.
Jenner, who Usmagazine.com first reported underwent surgery Monday morning to repair a broken finger he suffered last week while playing beach football with Conrad and pals, couldn’t be reached for comment. But when contacted by Us late Monday night, Pratt confirmed the split, saying: “I wish them both the best. They [Conrad and Jenner] are meant for each other.”

Call me crazy but I don't really want that drunk driving ho Jessica Smith around my kids!

Is this really the influence you want around your kids? This dui driving, blowjob in the bathroom giving ho? She probably got these kids all drunk and stoned later!

Brody Jenner - Quite Possibly the male Paris Hilton!

I first saw Brody Jenner on a show called the princes of something and I thought he was a lazy tool back then and this was probably five years ago. And five years later he stills has no job and needs to pawn off a z list star like LC! THIS GUY IS A LOSER! He sleeps around ala Paris Hilton, clubs all night ala Paris Hilton- he is the male Paris Hilton. He really isn't any better than Spencer!

What the hell, the Hills isn't totally real or maybe even real at all?

Ever wonder how celebrities look flawless all day at the beach despite surf and sun? Or maybe youve speculated about what "scripted reality" actually means? Today, Ive gained insight into these mysteries during a Hills Barbeque at the BeachBody House hosted by the Silver Spoon.Skin Time for the CamerasThe Hills cast is not yet "working" when I arrive, they're spending some time playing under the Malibu rays. Brody Jenner is kayaking, Lauren "L.C." Conrad is emerging from the ocean with a ridiculously taut summer bod and Audrina Patridge is frolicking in the waves with hairdresser Justin Brescia. I would say boyfriend Justinconsidering the two just got back from a Bahamas rendezvous”but Audrina says Justin isnt into the whole label thing. "I'm really bad about boyfriends and commitments anyway," she says. "So, it's probably better that we're just hanging out."Also hanging out is Audrinas little booty. "I just got a front wedgie and a back wedgie in the ocean," she giggles while wrapping a towel around her flimsy bikini. "And the paparazzi got it!" Guess that’s one of the hazards of being a reality star.Beach Swag-R-UsWhile the camera crew mikes up the stars, Melissa Rivers enjoys a game of beach tennis. No, Joan Rivers daughter isnt guesting on the MTV show, she actually owns the abode that has turned into a prime celebrity destination. In addition to throwing parties like Lindsay Lohan's and Jessica Simpsons birthday bashes, the Silverspoon BeachBody House is also a one-stop shop for stars to score clothing, accessories and hair care. Neighbor Courteney Cox recently sent her manager to pick out goods for herself and pal Jennifer Aniston. Hilary Duff changed into a Pink Polka Dot dress during her July Fourth party at the house. And Lindsay was dressed in L Space bikinis while celebrating her big day, while little sis Ali was outfitted in a $300 leopard Syla suit. Dina sure raised her girls with expensive taste.Instant Wardrobe FixesToday, the Hills girls are getting all the attention. Due to Audrinas wedgie mishap, shes given a pair of trendy Ranahan jean cutoffs. Five minutes later, she gets cold and puts on a Gypsy 05 hoodie. After a water fight, Audrina switches into a pink cashmere sweater. Once she snaps some photos, its back to the changing room and she finally settles on a green dress. In addition to wardrobe changes, theres scads of makeup from Mark cosmetics on hand for touch-ups. After the water fight, its time for the girls to shoot a scene, so Lauren, whos also the face of the Mark line, happily rushes over to her pal to wipe smeared eyeliner and reapply lip gloss. The cameras roll and the two BFFs get into a long, drawn-out chat about boys and drama. Behind the ScenesOn camera, the conversations may seem normal, but in reality, theyre not so realistic. Men stomp on the roof setting up perfect lighting to make the girls faces glow when the sun sets. Assistants run around, figuring out when Brody will be back from the hospital so they can shoot a scene discussing the finger he broke in a football game earlier in the day. Then there are the producers, who grab different castmates when its their turn to shoot a scene. Its funny to think this is work for the stars. Though Lauren is finishing up her clothing line and designing a handbag collection during her time off, Audrina tells me shes just enjoying life and being a 22-year-olds not working so much. As much as I want to tease them for claiming that playing on the beach is work, they are too sweet for me to poke fun. The temperature drops and I begin shivering. Lauren, whos on a break from shooting, opens her cashmere hoodie. "Wanna come in?" she asks. I hug her for warmth and say goodbye, finally realizing why The Hills is such a hit. Its like having best friends onscreen without having to deal with the drama.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Follow Newport Harbor

Laguna Beach is dead and Newport Harbor will take its place on MTV. Show debuts August 15th at 10:30 pm. Follow it at www.newportharbor.blogspot.com!

I have to agree with Kristin, LC is NO model!

Give us a break!

Audrina - voice still so annoying but her body is HOT!

Audrina sportin the Daisy Dukes!

Well I think its safe to say

LC totally shaves the cookie like a wet seal!

You have to love Audrina's cute little booty!

Video Imbedded in Photo. LC is clearly drunk, Audrina almost loses her bikini bottoms, Brody acts like the tool he is and Audrina's boyfriend takes his first bath in six months albiet in the ocean!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank you Audrina!

For actually putting yourself together and looking hot!

K Cav, if your dog looks cuter than you, that's a problem!

I may need to change this to I hate kcav if this keeps up!

In fairness, Kristin not looking so hot!

That look is HORRIBLE!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Brody has the I would rather be dead than having to take a picture with your skanky ass look!

Lauren, give it up allready, Brody doesn't like you, he wanted to hit it, he did, he's over it, he will be on the Hills but he doesn't like you! LC is so desperate!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Now Audrina is going to steal LC's thunder in S3 of The Hills!

First on Laguna, Kristin stole the spotlight, then on the Hills, Heidi stole the spotlight and now I predict Audrina will take over here in S3. Poor, poor, LC! Audrina recently did a music video and spy says that Audrina told everyone that she only does the Hills because she wants to be an actress and hardly ever even sees let alone hangs out with LC off camera. LC must be a real pain in the ass!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our mission

To unite as one, no matter our race or sex, religion, ethnicity, education level or anything else that might divide us in real life and come together here to make fun of, be critical of, and just rejoice in our dislike of that Laguna Beach "princess", LC! Like many of you, I am sick of this little lazy, porn making, adderal addicted tramp! Many sites ban us for being critical of their little princess LC like laguna beach hookup, well now there is a place for us to call home! A place to gather and make fun of LC for going back to Jason, for not going to France, for not having any friends. A place after each new Hills episode to discuss LC's latest clueless and dimbbulb moments. Tell all your friends. And if you like LC your welcome here too because I want to make fun of you too! Now let's get rolling, comment why you don't like LC! I want us to be a million strong by the end of season 3 - there are many, many of us - me, you, Jen Bunney, Brody, Dieter, Spencer, Heidi and the list goes on and on. BE QUITE NO LONGER WE WILL! Down I say with Team LC!