Sunday, May 31, 2009

See what your favorite STAR wore to the '09 MTV MOVIE AWARDS!

Leighton Meester: Sexy at the MTV Movie Awards

Cameron Diaz: MTV Movie Awards Cutie

Hayden Panettiere Hits the MTV Movie Awards

Sienna Miller Sparkles at MTV Movie Awards

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz: Movie Awards Mates

Kristen Stewart: MTV Movie Awards Hottie

Megan Fox Steams Up the MTV Movie Awards

Lauren Conrad: Chillin’ at the MTV Movie Awards

Vanessa Hudgens Glams Up MTV Movie Awards

Miley Cyrus Shines at MTV Movie Awards

Ashley Tisdale Hits the MTV Movie Awards

Audrina Patridge: MTV Movie Awards Arrival

Stephanie Pratt: MTV Movie Awards Hottie

Audrina Patridge turned up for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (May 31)!!

What is this shimmery, ugly mess?

Lauren Conrad arrived at the 2009 MTV movie Awards looking lovely as always!!

After her twit, I thought it was really going to be over the top sexy, kind of disappointed with this!

Hayden Panettiere made quite an impression as she arrived at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards earlier this evening (May 31)!!

Gorgeous, that vacation really did her good! Such a pretty face, please Hayden NO PLASTIC SURGERY!

Lauren CONRAD is doing RISKY for the MTV MOVIE AWARDS style wise, can't wait to see!

Lauren Conrad's last few twits:

Ruh roe! Dress for the movie awards just arrived from tailor. Doesn't fit. Already 30 mins late to leave. The days about to get interesting from web

Lo just joined twitter! Follower her @lobosworth from web

Going out and painting the town blue... Because red is sooo last season :-) from web

I just got my dress for the movie awards! A little more risky than I usually do... But I think that's a good thing :-) from web

Holly MONTAG puts a SHIV in Lauren CONRAD's back! Stacie and Frankie DATING!

Lauren Conrad may not realize it, but there's a knife in her back.
L.C.'s supposed pal Holly Montag has already jumped ship to Team Kristin. "I think Kristin's openness is going to be far more entertaining than anything Lauren had to offer," Holly told us after enjoying some afternoon cocktails at yesterday's Oakley Intro to Summer event at Skybar in West Hollywood.
What else did Montag have to say? Read on to find out…
"Lauren's always been very conservative, which is good for her values, but Kristin just wants to put everything on the line because she thinks reality is real," Holly said. "Kristin doesn't hide anything. She's seriously the most real girl you'll meet in reality television."
But Holly doesn't doubt L.C. will have success outside of reality. "I'm happy she's done with this," she said. "Now, that she's out if it, I have no doubt she'll be a successful designer. She's so talented and driven."
Meanwhile, Stacie "The Bartender" Hall, who is dating fellow Hillster Frankie Delgado has already partied with Kristin on Frankie's birthday. "Kristin's a really fun, outgoing person, and I think we're going to have a great time continuing to film," Stacie said. "Lauren is a good, good girl, but Kristin is more outgoing and crazy."
Things aren't, however, going as smoothly for Kristin and Audrina Patridge. Audrina recently revealed she's no fan of L.C.'s replacement. "There have already been a few fights between them," Stacie said. "There's a lot of competition there."
—Reporting by Dahvi Shira

Holly Montag, Frankie Delgado and Stacie Hall at the Oakley Intro to Summer Event at the Mondrian Hotel Skybar in West Hollywood, CA on Thursday!!

Stacie is kinda like Audrina, from obscurity to the Hills! This is a like a gathering of the Hills c-team!

Inside the CAVALLARI and PATRIDGE DRAMA! And now that Lauren is gone how do the teams stack up?

US reports that the fight between Cavallari and Patridge had nothing to with Audrina, Audrina was beeing a buttinsky! Here's what went down: Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt were talking Justin Bobby and at some point Cavallari gave a thumbs up to JB and said to Stephanie "It's you I have a problem with"! Thats when Audrina butted in and brought drama! Audrina don't mess with my girl Cavallari!

According to insiders next season of the Hills will have Spencer, Heidi and Kristin on one side and Stephanie, Lo, and Audrina on the other!

Audrina Patridge was spotted out with her sister, Casey, grabbing a bite to eat at The Corner restaurant in Los Angeles, California on Friday!!

Does Casey after take care of her baby?

Get all the LATEST Ashley Tisdale DIRT, GOSSIP and PICTURES!

DRAMA in the MTV Movie Awards!

What's the difference between the MTV Movie Awards and a high school cafeteria at lunchtime? Nothing.

The producers of the show had an insane time managing all the various egos and cliques while trying to make the seating chart for the show.

For example, says the NY Post, Whitney Port once dissed "Twilight" and its star Kristen Stewart by saying the movie was "really bad" and Stewart was "one-dimensional" -- which means Stewart has one more dimension than Port.

Other alleged feuds include everyone on "The Hills" vs. Audrina Patrridge, everyone on "The Hills" vs. Paris Hilton, and the Disney stars (Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, etc.) vs. the Nickelodeon stars (Miranda Cosgrove and Keke Palmer).

Barack Obama hops a private plane for a night out on the TAXPAYER DIME! Hey Obama, way to SACRIFICE bro!

Where's your sacrifice Obama? You want everyone to pay higher taxes and you are WASTING the money on private jets for dinner with Michelle, GIVE ME A BREAK!

Audrina PATRIDGE hits BESO hangin out everywhere, see-through everything!

Thats trampilicious!

Lauren Conrad and boyfriend Kyle Howard were spotted out shopping in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (May 30)!!

Lauren needs to knock off this boehemian style crap! The 70's are long over sweetie!

Hayden Christensen is lookin ROUGH these days!

He looks awful! Is he filming something that he needs to look like he has cancer?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt were spotted grabbing some Thai food yesterday (May 28) in Los Angeles!!

Audrina looks so different in the face after this all work, she has the Amanda Bynes look now in her cheeks. Who is convincing these women to get these ridiculous procedures?

Kristin CAVALLARI shooting a commerical for AT&T!

Her dress is a little busy! The commercial with LC and Brody was hillarious, I hope this one is as good.
This is another reason I still say Lauren is dumb for leaving, I bet Kristin made good money for a days work filming this and you know and I know she would not have gotten the commercial if not for the hills. Passing up easy money is dumb.

Audrina Patridge hates on Kristin Cavallari because Kristin walks and into the HILLS and becomes the STAR!

Move over, Lauren and Heidi.
A new feud has emerged on The Hills: Audrina Patridge vs. Kristin Cavallari.
"I don't like her," Patridge confessed Thursday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.
Meow! Check out reality TV's biggest catfights of all time
She confirmed the two had a fight the first day of filming bonus episodes of the MTV show (it has been rumored that Cavallari has been pursuing Patridge's ex, Justin Bobby).
Patridge was mum on what went down, but told Seacrest, "When someone gets in my face, I have to defend myself. And, you guys, I mean, I can't say much. They'll show it, but I mean, all I have to say is, it's really pathetic and desperate what people will do when the cameras are around."
"It was my birthday, and I was like, Oh, my God. Is this what we're going to have to deal with?'" she added.
Look back at famous Hills scandals
Patridge wouldn't open up about her recent fling with Star Trek hottie Chris Pine.
Us Weekly reported that the two met at ShoWest in Las Vegas in early April. On May 15, she was spotted leaving his L.A. apartment building.
"There's always speculation of anyone I hang out with or anything I do," a coy Patridge told Seacrest.
See baby photos of The Hills stars
Pressed for more, she replied, "My lips are sealed."
Look back at unforgettable Hills hook-ups
Still, she said, "From Justin Bobby, I think any guy is an upgrade. I mean, I've learned so much since that relationship."
Audrina can't get along with anyone, let's face it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inside the HILLS and the CITY!

MTV Gets Real (Sort of)
by Karl Taro Greenfeld May 2009 Issue

When tweens tire of Nickelodeon and Disney, where will they go? MTV hopes the formula that launched The Hills and The City can lure teenagers away from Facebook and Twitter...and back to their televisions.

UPHILL BATTLE Lauren Conrad (left), Whitney Port, and Adam DiVello.
Photograph by: Williams + Hirakawa

Adam Divello leans forward on a black leather sofa in the MTV offices in Santa Monica, California, watching an almost-finished version of an episode of his hit show The Hills. An editing crew is reassembling footage of attractive young men and women meeting one another in bars, nightclubs, and apartments and exchanging the freighted glares and longing glances that pass for drama in the show and its spinoff, The City, which is set in Manhattan.

Some think America has had enough of Heidi, Spencer, and The Hills’ frenemies.DiVello, the 40-year-old creator and executive producer of the programs—he’s also co-creator of Laguna Beach, the ur-show that gave birth to the genre—has seen these clips several times. He’s now working on a slightly problematic scene: Audrina, a friend of star Lauren Conrad’s (or L.C., as she’s known in Us, People, OK, and In Touch magazines), has heard a rumor that Lauren has slept with Audrina’s boyfriend. ­DiVello feels that the shot, in which Audrina’s co-worker reacts to this dismaying news, lacks the requisite emotional clarity, so he asks the editor to substitute another take, “maybe something from earlier in the conversation.” Such is the high-pressure world of meta-reality. (Translation: “Shows that play somewhere between scripted drama and reality,” in the words of Brian Graden, president of programming at MTV and VH1.) But in real reality, the pressing ­question isn’t whether Lauren and Audrina will ever be friends again, but whether that genre of pseudo-reality TV, which DiVello helped create, can sustain itself.

The Hills and its progeny have been MTV’s only bona fide hits in recent years; the season-three finale, in 2007, was its highest-rated telecast ever, with 4.6 million viewers, and it established the series as the No. 1 cable show among viewers ages 12 to 34. But in the fourth quarter of 2008, MTV saw its overall viewership in that coveted demographic drop 23 percent—losing out not to other networks but to other mediums like online social networks. So MTV is doubling down on meta-reality. It announced that it will launch 16 new shows this year, including Taking the Stage—a clone of The City and The Hills—about high-school kids.

The formula, DiVello insists, is still basic: “Everyone wants to know what those alpha kids are up to.”It’s a risky strategy. With these shows, MTV is betting on a particularly elusive sliver of the youth demographic: 18- to 24-year-olds. Yet Graden argues that the programs tap into today’s youth culture in a way prepackaged sitcoms no longer can. “Once you hit 15, 16, you are onto Facebook, onto Twitter, so this is the first generation that has already published the story of their life in real time,” he says. “These shows are what they wish their story was—with pictures they choose, with songs they choose, with their friends.” Of course, as that audience fragments, it’s not enough just to develop a hit show for television; it’s essential to capitalize on the remaining viewers by whatever means necessary.

The success of The Hills, coinciding with falling ratings elsewhere on the network, prompted MTV to build out a multiplatform consumer franchise that interacts with—and sucks revenue from—its fans through mobile phones, digital downloads of music, and the Web. The network pioneered a kind of reverse-product placement through a website called SeenonMTV, which allows viewers to log on, search by episode, and buy the clothes that Conrad or Whitney Port (former co-star of The Hills and now star of The City) are wearing. The site currently delivers more than 30 million pageviews a month, with an average customer order of $200 and annual revenue in the $20 million range, money that is shared with MTV’s online retail partners. The network went even further by launching a fashion line by Conrad, an aspiring designer. That business generated $5 million to $10 million in annual revenue, with the brand available in more than 250 retail boutiques around the country. There’s an interactive community called the Virtual Hills, where fans build avatars, or online characters, and communicate with the actual cast members, design their own fashions, and hang out with other fans. The Hills is also MTV’s bestselling DVD series; with nearly 2 million units sold—numbers on a par with those of The Sopranos. MTV execs are hoping that Taking the Stage, which debuted in March, will replicate, or at least reinforce, the prior shows’ track records. It’s set in a Cincinnati high school for the performing arts, where, Graden explains, “all the kids are beautiful, but it’s more urban.” He argues that, despite MTV’s struggles of late, “there is still space for a strong brand devoted to reflecting this generation.” With all the technology out there, he believes, “nobody has positioned themselves as the dominant voice of this generation. Why can’t that be MTV? It worked for the last generation.”

Viacom, MTV’s parent company, had a disastrous fourth quarter and certainly needs the bottom-line bump of a hit series. What the network needs to prove is that Taking the Stage can provide this at a time when interest in The Hills is on the wane. Between its peak, in season three, and season four (which ended in December), the show lost a quarter of its viewers, according to Nielsen.

In March, Conrad announced that she was putting her fashion line on hiatus. The City is struggling too: Average viewership is 1.38 million an episode, half of The Hills’ at its lowest.But failure is not a reality, meta- or otherwise, that either MTV or DiVello entertains—at least not now. At a recent shoot for The City, the director and producers sat hunched behind a table. They watched the cast members on four microwave-size digital monitors with toaster-oven-size screens showing the scene from four different angles. They relayed directions to the camera operators and production assistants—“See if there’s steam coming from that coffee cup,” “Get that guy away from Whitney”—while an assistant producer typed the dialogue as she listened to it through an earpiece. The vast majority of what was said was of no interest to anyone; Di­Vello has learned to be patient with his kids, watching and waiting and editing and dubbing over dialogue so that the story will come through in the end.“I try to tell them not to worry, that sometimes they’ll look better than others,” he tells me after I ask how a meeting went with a distraught Whitney. She was upset, concerned that she would look like a bad girlfriend for showing up late for a club gig that her boyfriend’s band was playing. “Adam and I text all day long,” she tells me. “I think of most 40-year-old men, and I don’t think they have the same understanding.... He just knows what’s going on. We just have to pretty much put all our trust in Adam.”

Lauren CONRAD'S twits over the last day! She recorded her last opening to the HILLS ever! Sad.

Lo just got a twitter! Follow her @MTVsLoBosworth

from TwitterBerry

Just recorded the opening for my last episode ever... Crazy!

from TwitterBerry - Chloe hearts her new bone :-) from TwitPic

@frankiedelgado @stephaniepratt is MTV putting you kids to work today? haha from web in reply to frankiedelgado

CW'S "PRIVILEGED" gets the AX too!

Privileged This dramedy stars JoAnna Garcia as a young journalist who becomes a tutor to two spoiled, rich teens. Though the series has a devoted following, it just didn’t attract a large audience. There won’t be a second season.

Loved it, so much better than 90210, but 90210 will be back.

CBS cancels "The UNIT"!

I liked this one too. CBS blew it by putting it on Sundays at 10. Another good show down the drain.

CW cancels "The GAME"!

I really liked that show. Sad to see it end.

Kristin CAVALLARI and the HILLS at Pinches Tacos!! Awwww, I wish LAUREN was there!

Looks like they had fun. So Stacy the bartender is gonna be a regular? It would be so great if we could have Lauren and see her relationship with Kyle, the show would be so good.

Freddie PRINZE, Jr. lands on 24!

Freddie Prinze Jr. is joining the cast of the Fox series 24 as a regular, playing Davis Cole, a recently returned Marine who runs CTU Field Ops (via THR).

Skany PARIS HILTON hates on THE HILLS because, well, she's JEALOUS!

Paris Hilton says her beau Doug Reinhardt won't be appearing on MTV's The Hills again.
"The show is, like, so lame and fake. He doesn't even want to be a part of it," Hilton told Wednesday at the Fifi Awards in NYC.
Lauren Conrad famously dumped Reinhardt on the show. Brody Jenner later accused Reinhardt of going behind Conrad's back by pursuing Stephanie Pratt.
See Paris and Doug and other celebs in Us' Grossest Kisses photo gallery
But Hilton told Us the show portrayed Reinhardt "in a way he's not."
"They make up relationships when they’re not there, and he just thinks it's lame," she said. "I've never seen the show in my life. I have no idea what it's about. But he just thought it was cheesy."
See baby photos of The Hills stars
Reinhardt's reality days aren't entirely over.
He will appear on the second season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, which debuts June 2 on MTV.
See Paris' most scandalous bikinis of all time
"It was great," she told Us. "He was always on set every single day, giving fun ideas. With him there, he always gave the most amazing ideas. They actually hired him as a producer to be on BFF Dubai [Hilton filmed a version of her American reality show there]. They loved his ideas so much."

Paris is mad because she got Lauren's SLOPPY seconds both with Doug and her crappy show on MTV! Sorry Paris, Lauren is the queen bee not you skanky!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chris BROWN talks: He is a "monster" and a MORON!

Chris Brown ended, “Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster.”

Get a touch with reality Chris, you are an abuser and hence are, in fact, a monster! And do us all a favor and keep your abusing mouth shut!

Would you kiss Lauren Conrad's feet?

Would you kiss Lauren Conrad’s feet?

Heidi: To win? Sure, I’d do it.
Spencer: Absolutely. I can’t lose at anything!

Heidi and Spencer were asked if they would kiss her feet to win NBC'S "I'm a celebrity....get me outta here".

Did Lauren Conrad give MTV a her or SPEIDI ultimatum?

Based on her comments to Cosmo that she was sick of the Hills producers forcing her to see Heidi, I kind of wonder if there was an ultimatum issued at some point. The ultimatum being Lauren or Speidi. Realize, MTV had already caved atleast once, allowing Lauren's relationship with Kyle to go unfilmed. Lauren thinking that MTV would not want to lose the star of its best rated and most talked about show decided to overplay her hand thinking that one, she could get rid of Speidi and two, possibly get more money with their salaries gone.

MTV with falling ratings and a big Lauren Conrad salary and Lauren not wanting relationships on air decided to approach Kristin Cavallari who would freshen the show and lets be honest, cost less than Lauren.

This seems highly likely to me.

75 CRAZY Hot Sex Moves to liven up your WEDNESDAY, oddly enough, referred to sometimes as HUMP DAY!

75 Crazy-Hot Sex Moves

Lauren CONRAD gets IMPLANTS and her second cover of COSMO this year!

Cosmo and their photoshop took her from a B to a D!

Lauren CONRAD and KYLE Howard hang out POOLSIDE and sip some MARGARITA'S!

Casual and cute! She looks so miserable in the first pic and so happy everywhere else!

LET'S GET IT ON - Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard style!

Cute - it's not all sloppy like when we saw Dougie and Paris tongueing in the back of the car a while back!