Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back on January 31, 2008, I asked does Whitney smoke?

I said:

The top picture looks like the face of a smoker and I can't see her other hand, she is hiding the ciggy I bet!! Why in the world would anyone smoke, sheeshh, the cig companies have told you it will kill you!

Just a couple days ago we found out with pics that Whit is indeed a smoker so don't be so quick to blow off my commentary that Kyle and Lauren break up before summer 2009!

Some days it is really hard to beat a Chick-Fil-a!

Chick fil a is right across the street from my office and its hard to beat that sandwich and at 400 calories its really not too bad.

Also, for those that have not heard, Chick is testing a Spicy chick fil a sandwich in some markets. I think that could be a winner and a nice changeup from the original. Only, I hope it has a real kick to it. Spicy is spicy, don't dumb it down.

Also, it would be nice if they had wings!

Totally random post but I know some of you out there love the Chick too!

How Kristin CAVALLARI will EMERGE as a charachter on the Hills REVEALED!

From E:

Perhaps even more notable is the reemergence of Laguna Beach starlet Kristin Cavallari.
Multiple sources confirm to E! News that her appearance at the Speidi wedding was, as speculated, no accident, and the finale will kick off her arrival on The Hills. We're told the show will play up some drama relating to her former romance with Jenner from 2004 to 2006 (Conrad dated him after they split).

When asked, Cavallari said she couldn't talk about the coming season. A show rep could not confirm any of the L.C. replacement rumors circulating.

It's worth noting, however, that this would not be the 22-year-old blond bombshell's first time taking over for the other blond bombshell. She took the narrating reins from Conrad in the Laguna Beach days after L.C. left for college. Additionally, Jenner isn't the only love interest they've shared. The two battled for Stephen Colletti's attention throughout high school.
A statement from the network also promises "fresh faces, new stories and shocking surprises."
The current season comes to a close on May 31, climaxing with Pratt and Montag's vow swap.

Interesting, I can see this. Makes sense.

Kristin Cavallari loves doggies and the doggies lover her too!

How cute!

Elizabeth Edwards: John's Affair Made Me Throw Up!

For those that forgot, Elizabeth is the wife of former Presidential canidate, John Edwards.

John cheated on her.

I am really having a hard time mustering any sympathy now for these women who get cheated on or beaten because inevitably they all go back.

The LA police should send Rihanna a bill for all the wasted time in protecting her dumbass and in creating a case against Chris Brown if she will not testify against him. I am sick of this bs with these weak women.

And Elizabeth, I don't feel even one ounce of sympathy for you.

Jayde NICOLE proves that when they say PLAYBOY PLAYMATES are DUMB, they are not LYING!

Poor, dumb Jayde, she stuck with old self professed cheater Brody Jenner. Like I have said before, these Hills chicks are dreadful role models for young girls. They all stick with these lying, cheating, drugging boyfriends. Its really sad.
These poor playmates, they are just like strippers and have daddy issues.

Artie LANGE from HOWARD STERN out again today, I think he is back on HEROIN!

If you follow Howard, you know Artie has had an ongoing battle with heroin. Well, he was "sick" today, again.

I'm an Artie fan, I think he's a nice guy and he's funny but Howard really needs to do him a favor and fire him so maybe he hits bottom and gets some help.

This has gone on for awhile now and is starting to take a toll on the show.

Again with the DARN MASKS? Every health professional says the masks DO NOT WORK!

Dear Mexican Drug Lords,
Please knock off Speidi!

Heidi MONTAG tramps for the CAMERA'S in MEXICO!

The stupid faces, she always wears pink, she is not attractive, it all just bugs me.
Spencer is like Kyle, good body but a jacked up face!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ZONE frathouse - GOOD for a few hours of entertainment!

Check it out here!

HEIDI MONTAG back in talks with PLAYBOY?

According to Life & Style, Heidi's in talks to pose for a tasteful Playboy photo shoot. '

Who would want to see that?

Heidi and SPENCER Pratt mock the 200 dead from SWINE FLU!

What a couple of idiots, thats what you want to see if you just lost a family member from the swine flu is these two jackasses.

Based on this INFO I would have passed on the Heidi and Spencer RECEPTION!

Rule #1 — Open BarSpies at the wedding tell TMZ that while beer and wine were free, guests had to shell out $10 for mixed drinks. That’s just bush league.

Rule #2 — FoodWhat food? We’re told the cocktail hour was sparse — with some sort of tuna tartar dish and something described as “chicken salad on a cracker.” There were hardly any servers and the portions were small.

Rule #3 — Show up on timeYou’d think this one was a given. Call time for the reception was 6:00 PM, but the the [sic] doors didn’t actually open until 7:30. And the guests of honor didn’t show up until 9:00 PM — which probably would have been fine if there had been food and free drinks!

Charging for drinks? How sad!

Jon and KATE plus EIGHT DAD busted with another WOMEN!

The new issue of Us Weekly has shocking, exclusive pictures of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad leaving a club at 2 a.m. -- with a mystery woman and without his wedding band.
Jon Gosselin arrived at the club at 11:20 p.m. and by 2 a.m. "could barely walk" as he exited the less-public back entrance of Legends Lounge -- near the family's $1.3-million home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania -- on April 18, a fellow partier tells Us Weekly.
See photos of the biggest celeb scandals.
The dad of 8 -- kids are twins Madelyn and Cara, 8, and 5-year-old sextuplets, Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis -- was overheard yelling, "Hey, babe! Babe! Give me my jacket!" before climbing into his Nissan Nismo. (She complied.) As cameras began snapping, he panicked, urging his female friend to "get in the car!" before speeding off hastily -- without even turning on the headlights.
See the ugliest star divorces of all time.
Where was his wife Kate -- known for her insults and who famously once berated him for breathing on the show?
Nearly 2,000 miles away, promoting her book Eight Little Faces in Bellevue, Washington.
While TLC had no comment on the story or the couple's marital status, Jon sent an emailed statement to Us.
"I went to Legends to speak to the owner. A friend of mine wanted to check out my car, so I let her drive it to her car," he says. "Yes, I have female friends -- but that is all she is. I'm not going to end my friendships just because I'm on TV."
Check out the day's top news photos.
In February, the 32-year-old was spotted flirting with -- and even attempting to kiss -- coeds at Juniata College, multiple students confirm to Us Weekly. (He denied any wrongdoing.) He told one coed "he was getting divorced." In the May Ladies Home Journal, he says, "I always thought I would be, like, 54 years old and marry a 19-year-old or something."
See the most expensive star splits.
For more details on Jon's bizarre late nights out away from his family, why neighbors in town believe they may have split, how he "hates" attention from the hit show -- and the real story on their marriage once the reality TV cameras are turned off -- pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now. Join Us on Facebook and Twitter for even more up to the minute celebrity news and photos!
This guy is a loser! But if you have ever seen him back when they just got together you can tell he was a bouche back then, midlife crisis, too bad the kids will pay the price in the end.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale color coordinate at the LG Rumorous Night held at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood on Tuesday evening (April 28)!!

Woo Hoo Vanessa is dressed normal!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MTV confirms SEASON 6 of the HILLS!

MTV has confirmed to that Lauren Conrad has moved on but Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth and Justin Bobby will all be back for the new season.
The network also promises “fresh faces, new stories and shocking surprises.”

That last line tells me Kristin will join the show and will be a "surprise" announced on the last episode after show as I said yesterday. Without Kristin, I just can't get into the rest of them.

John Parker Wilson signs with the ATLANTA FALCONS!

Instantly becomes one of the cuter NFL quarterbacks!

Spencer and HEIDI audio from first post wedding interview with Ryan SEACREST!

Listen to the Spencer and Heidi interview from this morning on Seacrest. RIGHT HERE! It will take a minute to load so be patient!

PUBLIX Ice Cream.......

So I had the Publix brand chocolate chip ice cream last night and I have to tell you I think it is every bit as good as Edy's or the other big names and maybe even better. Publix is a grocery store chain just fyi, I know a lot of the grocery stores are regional.

Its cheaper and you get more too so for what its worth you might want to try it this summer.

Anyone out there got SWINE FLU yet?

I want to get the dish from someone with actual swine flu instead of the talking heads in the medai!

WHITNEY PORT loves her CIGS just like OBAMA!

Suck in the cancer Whitney! I still think Lauren is a smoker too, that raspy voice makes me think so! Way to spend that CITY money wisely!


Democrats now have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Its a great day if your a big government freeloader who can't make it in society without the government hand. Its a sad day in America if you like debate, if your a patriot who believes that government should be small and largely inobtrusive and who believes in the greatness of the individual.


So i wanted to talk about satellite radio for a minute.

I have had since I got my new car about two years ago and I would say the first 6 months I probably listened to the standard am and fm most of the time. But now, I would say I almost listen exclusively to Sirius when I am in the car.

There are about 200 stations and it cost about $150 a year. If your a Howard Stern fan, its a must have, if your a music fan particuarly of things outside the top 40 then you will love all the different music stations.

Its a great product and of course the $150 turns a lot of people off to the idea kind of like cable tv did originally but for basically $13 a month it is worth every penny especially if you have any kind of commute to work at all or your running your kids or whatever.

Sirius is a great product and if you don't have it you should seriously consider it.

Update on COLLEGE LIFE on MTV!

So the College Life show is on after the Hills and it is becoming one of my favorites, it keeps getting better and better. They added a new character, Lindsay, last night who is bringing some good roommate drama.

For those who have not seen it yet, the kids film themselves so there are no MTV cameras. It is about the most real a reality show can be, I only hedge my bet a little because who knows if the kids don't create some drama themselves to be more interesting.

The show will take you back to your college days or if you have not been yet will give you a good heads up as to what to expect from tough classes, to drinking and partying, to doing dumb things, to relationships, to roomate drama.

Tune in Mondays at 10:30 pm est to catch it on MTV!

Are any of you watching?

Audrina PATRIDGE gets you ready for summer!

From Audrina's blog:

1. Get a little color ahead of time: if you haven't seen the sun all winter, self tanner works wonders! I always feel skinnier when I have a little glow. You can apply yourself, or go get a spray tan.

2. Wear sunscreen! Nobody looks good when they're burnt to a crisp. It's important to have a good SPF on, even if you want to tan!

3. Ladies: shave or wax! Make sure you are well groomed!

4. Men - the same goes for you. Mind your "man fur." Nobody wants to see an overgrown guy out on the beach. I know a lot of guys who use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom; It's a safe and easy way for guys to groom. Trust me, ladies like 'smooth guys' (and I'm not talking about good pickup lines). Visit to watch some crazy videos and for a little grooming guidance.

5. Make sure your bathing suit fits! If you're sure that your top/bottom will stay on, whether you're playing in the waves, throwing around a Frisbee, or playing volleyball, you'll be confident, comfortable and relaxed. Also, do a see-thru test first (especially with white, or light colored bathing suits). Nobody wants to get wet and realize their suit is sheer!

6. Get a great hat! It's a great way to extend the day. When you feel like you've gotten a little too much sun (or your hair is a disaster from the ocean) throw on your hat, and continue to enjoy yourself!


Click the pic to watch the video!

Melissa RYCROFT has suffered a hairline fracture of one of her ribs and she is speaking with doctors to find out what comes next!

Who knew dancing was so tough? They all get injured!

Your DAILY DOGPIS(Doug aka Sexy BOY and Paris)!

Are we all in agreement that Paris got implants? The hair extensions look like shiz! And these hair accessories every day look like shiz too!
Looking for an exciting Monday evening activity, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were spotted hitting up H.Wood nightclub last night (April 27).

Damn you Kristin CAVALLARI, you are RESPONSIBLE for SPEIDI! And Holly and her MOM got drunk at the rehearsal dinner!

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are now in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico -- but not for their honeymoon.
She is shooting her new music video, "Sex Ed," but it's been tough to focus on work in light of the swine flu epidemic.
"We're definitely wearing the facemasks everywhere we go," Pratt said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "We're not playing -- I'm not trying to get pig flu. We're in isolation, we're in full hiding." Montag later added, "Every second, we're washing our hands."
See Heidi and Spencer's cheesiest moments
The newlyweds note that they're taking their honeymoon in about a week.
"I think we’re discussing with MTV going to Tahiti or Fiji, somewhere tropical and exciting," Pratt said. Asked if MTV is footing the bill, Pratt said, "We'll see. Since it is a recession, we might just be going to Santa Monica Beach!"
See Heidi and Spencer's official wedding pics!
Montag said their weekend wedding was "unbelievable. All of our friends and family were there, and they were so loving and supportive. There were so many fans that were waiting outside, screaming when we came out. We appreciate their support. It was amazing and beautiful. The ceremony, having my dad walk me down the aisle, having Spencer there, it was the best day of my life. It was amazing."
(What was Kristin Cavallari doing at the wedding? "Kristin's actually the one who introduced Spencer and I when we were in a nightclub three years ago," Montag explained.)
Of course, there was drama at the ceremony.
"Heidi has a father and a stepfather, and they both wanted to walk her down the aisle," Pratt said. "That didn't work out as planned."
See The Hills stars in bikinis
Added Montag, "It was not fun – not even a little bit. But now I am officially an adult so I had to take matters into my own hands and do what I thought was right. I told my stepfather that he's been a supportive father figure, but at the end of the day, he's not my dad."
The rehearsal dinner also got ugly. "There was a little something between Holly and her mom," Pratt said. "They did something at the rehearsal dinner I thought was inappropriate."
"It was out of line," Montag interrupted.
"Alcohol and weddings are not supposed to mix," Pratt continued. "Luckily, Heidi and I stayed sober during this, but not everyone else stayed true to that guideline."
The two also admitted that they didn't write their own vows at their weekend wedding.
"We did in Mexico, so that was something heartfelt — our Margarita vows — but we just rocked with the minister's preset vows so we didn't mess up," Pratt said.
See photos of Heidi and Spencer's Mexican wedding
So, now that they've officially wed, are kids next?
"No, I'm only 22!" Montag said. "I think marriage is one thing, but kids are another. Maybe in 10 years."Join Us on Facebook and Twitter for even more up to the minute celebrity news and photos!

Vanessa HUDGENS, I beg of you, get a STYLIST!

It just gets worse and worse!

Monday, April 27, 2009

36,000 people DIE every year in the US from the FLU!

So relax with the swine flu hysteria.

This is one of the reasons why healthcare is expensive, everyone and their brother thinks when the get a headache that they have the lastest disease, this week, the swine flu.

So assets get wasted when a simple aspirin would work just fine.

I am just too sick of DOUG and PARIS!

There are some new photos of Doug and Paris over at but i am just too sick of them to even post even one pic. They are more annoying than anyone right now. These celebs just get too overexposed. Lauren was overexposed for awhile too, its nice now to see her like two times a week maybe three, thats perfect, I don't need to see them every day.

The best acting from Audrina PATRIDGE is the work her BOOBS do!

Click the pic to play the video, it takes a sec to load.

Ken BAKER says Stephanie PRATT wanted that BOUQUET! BREAKING NEWS*******Spencer and Heidi set to do first post wedding interview with SEACREST!

Says she was elbowing Cavallari to get it.

Says it does seem Kristin is set to replace Lauren.

Ryan Seacrest says Spencer is a hustler.

BREAKING NEWS - Spencer and Heidi to do first interview tomorrow morning with Ryan Seacrest!

Wall Street 2 basically a DONE DEAL!

Oliver Stone set to direct again and Michael Douglas is back as well. Should be officially announced next week.


Ryan acts too gay sometimes, starts interview with how good Brody looks for 7 in the morning.

Brody says wedding was interesting.

Says him and Spencer will never be the same friends.

Brody says he is not into plastic surgery and Heidi is ok looking.

Brody says Jayde is all natural.

Brody mockingly says Speidi will last forever.

Spencer told Brody he is going to be the next Eminem. Rap name will be the great white.

Brody says Lauren wanted to be there for Heidi.

Brody says it was not awkward to see Kristin.

Kristin caught the bookay(sp?)

Brody can't give too many details because of MTV.

Brody says there was A LOT OF DRAMA at the wedding.

Rumor - Spencer and Stephanie got in a fight at the wedding per Ellen K.

The wedding is the Hills finale.

Brody headed to San Diego and his brother is flying the plane, Brody just bought a 35 ft. boat.

Brody and Jayde 7 months together now. Brody and Jayde have not had a where is this going conversation.

Brody has no plans to get engaged.

Brody says Audrina is not really his style.

Ryan tries to get Hills producer Tony Disanto on the air......Brody says Tony's assistant is cute.....they got him....Tony did not go to the wedding....Tony says he is happy for them and seem to be in love...all him and Brody says is you have to watch the show, that makes for a crappy interview...Tony done.

Interview with Brody ends.

Obama says SWINE FLU no reason for "ALARM"!

Well, if Obama says it, thats good enough for me!

Kristin CAVALLARI joins the HILLS!

Insiders revealed exclusively to that she (Kristin Cavallari) is going to be joining the cast of The Hills for at least six episodes next season, possibly more.

Well, whaddya know, I might watch the Hills afterall next year!


Awww, Heidi did the redneck Britney Spears and wore sweats at her wedding reception, precious!
And of course they invited their partner in crime, Perez!

Inside the Spencer PRATT and HEIDI Montag WEDDING EVENT!

Its official! Really! Not kidding — Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were married on Saturday at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif. The ceremony got off to a late start after generator problems delayed things for about an hour.
Also, there was a behind-the-altar reconciliation between Heidi and estranged BFF Lauren Conrad that occurred only moments before the couple said "I do!" In front of a crowd of approximately 300 guests including family, friends — and OK!
The bridal party, including Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt, wore yellow while the groom and groomsmen wore tuxedos. Heidi's dress was a more demure version of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" wedding dress, and the bride appeared to be sprinkled head to with diamonds — earrings, layered necklaces and cuffs.
The rest of The Hills cast all joined in the festivities, with Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth the first to arrive and Lauren the last one in. Also making an appearance at the wedding was Kristin Cavallari, who was once embroiled in a bitter feud with LC and who has also dated Brody Jenner.
Though it was rumored Kristin would arrive to the ceremony with Brody, she attended alone and sat on the groom's side of the aisle, next to Audrina's on/off boyfriend Justin Bobby.
Meanwhile, Brody and girlfriend Jayde held court with Audrina and LC on Heidi's side.
Following the ceremony, guests headed to Social in Hollywood for a less-than-intimate wedding reception that lacked one thing — the actual Mr. and Mrs. Pratt! While the happy couple were expected at the party, the only notables at the party were the sisters of the the bride and groom and the couple's parents.One Montag family friend, who admitted to not knowing Spencer all that well, told OK!, "Heidi goes for what she wants and she has a way of making it work for her, whether we like it or not!" So why did this family friend come to the wedding? "I'm one of the friends who actually knows and loves her"
Sources tell OK! that the newlyweds ditched out on their official reception and headed straight to Sidebar at the Beverly Wilshire, where they are staying in the Presidential suite for the evening.
As for after the wedding, no plans yet for where the couple may honeymoon, but they are going to be featured on NBC's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! starting on June 1. There are also plans for Speidi to keep milking the MTV reality thing, whether or not the couple will continue to be on The Hills. "He's got a lot of ideas," a source told OK! today at the reception. "And one of them will get sold, they've got a long future"We can only hope.Congratulations to the happy couple!

Heidi's family is a bunch of rednecks! HAHHAHAHA!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tied the knot at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California on Saturday afternoon (April 25)!!

Look at that love people, look at it!


SPARKLY! The bracelet is tacky at best.