Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Whaddya think?

Jason WAHLER says there is NO SEX TAPE! Ok, end of story!!

Jason Wahler is speaking out against Spencer Pratt's recent claims on national TV that a Lauren Conrad sex tape exists.
"I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist," Wahler tells in a statement. "Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.
"Lauren is my friend," Wahler continues, "and it is insulting to her to suggest this."
On Tuesday's Tyra Banks Show, Pratt declared, "I know for 100 percent fact it did exist – 1000%!"
His girlfriend, Heidi Montag, also claimed the video was "not a rumor. From what I have heard from confirmed sources... her ex-boyfriend was going around trying to sell it."
Banks then asked Montag, if she hadn't seen the tape, how could she be so sure it existed.
"Well, I mean, I am not sure she has it anymore... but from what I've heard..."
Montag added, "I am not really allowed to elaborate."
Conrad and Montag's friendship fizzled after she accused her of spreading rumors about the raunchy tape. Check out their design war here.
The two recently put away their cat claws to pose on the cover of Rolling Stone, but the drama between them is hardly over.

Interesting this is all coming back up when the Hills is on and Jason has a new show coming out!!

Lauren CONRAD and her NEW LOV-AAAA meet for LUNCH!

Lauren and the virgin white dress is a little much!! And that third pic, what is up with the bitchy look? The guy in the fourth pic is like, that's Lauren Conrad! Like he just saw Bono from U2 or something!

I don't think this Info will SHOCK any of you, Casey's bro and LC's boyfriend will be on the HILLS!

Lauren Conrad's got a new boyfriend that we may be meeting on an upcoming episode of The Hills.
According to E! Online, LC has taken up with Doug Reinhardt, a 22-year-old Californian, who plays baseball for the Baltimore Orioles' minor league team. And he's cute.
Lauren and Doug have been seeing snuggling at Goa and attending Stephanie Pratt's birthday party together at Boulevard3 -- a party that was filmed for The Hills. Drama!
Apparently, Doug is no stranger to reality TV (shocking), as his sister, Casey, was on season 2 of Laguna Beach with Lauren and Co., but I have no recollection of her and Doug never appeared on camera.
I would like to get to know him better.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The HILLS chicks weigh in on MILEY Cyrus!

Not everyone is bashing Miley Cyrus for stripping down for Vanity Fair.
"I think she’s a young girl in Hollywood, and she’s just having fun," Heidi Montag told Extra. "[She]'s exploring herself.”
Added beau Spencer Pratt, “I didn’t think it was that bad. Supposedly, she’s wearing a top underneath. It’s artistic.”
Seems he and Lauren Conrad may finally have something to agree on.
When asked about the racy pics, Conrad said, “I found it a bit silly. I thought she looked beautiful in the pictures. I didn’t find it that inappropriate.
Being young and in the spotlight "is difficult," Conrad said. "It's a lot of pressure on her since she is a role model, but I think she’s doing a good job.”

MEOW! Heidi and LAUREN and LO still going at IT!

Montag couldn't resist taking a swipe at her ex-BFF.
"I really pray for her," Montag told
Conrad's bud, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth (who was also there), defended her pal.
"I wasn't aware that Heidi was an especially religious gal," she snapped. "But if she wants to pray, she can pray all she wants."
When told that Montag is praying for her, Conrad rolled her eyes.
"That’s really nice of her," she said before walking off.

Totally OFF SUBJECT - TOS - WHO does this?

Ok, this is FAR more disturbing than any of those Miley Cyrus photos floating around!! Hulk is rubbing lotion on his daughter Brooke's ass! What dad is up feeling his daughters ass and putting lotion on once she is over the age of about 8? HULK is a SICKO! I really do hate the HOGANS!

LAUREN Conrad supporting JOHN McCain?

This could have far-reaching electoral implications: Looks like the girls of "The Hills" are firmly on the side of the GOP.New York magazine reports that at the White House Correspondents' dinner over the weekend, Lauren Conrad let her political allegiances slip during Craig Ferguson's speech. When Craig asked, very rhetorically, "Should I vote for the Republicans?" LC went nuts, clapping "wildly." But when Ferguson went the other way, so did LC, wrinkling her nose. Apparently, she also didn't appreciate a jab at George Bush. They are O.C. girls, after all.

Lauren CONRAD's new boyfriend is her AGENT?


Lauren Conrad's new boyfriend is her AGENT!!

Perez is trying to confirm this.

Lauren CONRAD, Audrina PATRIDGE, HEIDI montag, and Whitney PORT on the cover of ROLLING STONE!

If I were LC I would not want to be that close to Audrina, the crabs were probably in full effect!


How desperate is Heidi, that is just TRASH-tastic! Not lovin Lauren's dress either. Kristin not looking great either. Lo, uggghhhh. Wow, 0-4 last night.

Your NOT going to BELIEVE this!!

Ellen K on Seacrest just reported Heidiwood at KITSON has ALREADY sold out! Kitson called it one of their best launches EVER!

Lo BOSWORTH and Stephen COLLETTI at RYAN SEACREST PICS from April 28, 2008!


YO SPENCER! Me and my lady have been together for two years and I just found out that she cheated on me. I'm hella mad, but she doesn't know that I've stepped out on her a few times too, so I feel like we're even. Should we break up?

I hate cheaters. I'm not a cheater. If you two are cheating on each other, you're obviously not in love—it's time for you to move on and stop wasting each other's time. Or at least have an open relationship. Bottom line: If my girlfriend cheated on me it would be done that moment. No second chances. Unacceptable. Too many fish in the sea.

LAUREN Conrad likes BAD BOYS, is this REALLY news?

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - Lauren Conrad, star of "The Hills," said she isn't looking for Mr. Nice Guy. Over the weekend the star spoke her mind while at Saturday's White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington, D.C, saying she isn't looking for a guy that she can take home to meet the folks.
Conrad, who attended the White House Correspondent's Dinner, told that nice guys are great to take home to your parents, but she wants a guy who will keep her on her toes. That seems to be the case for Conrad, who has dated bad boys like Stephen Colletti and Brody Jenner.
While the star says she is dating now, and encourages fans to watch upcoming episodes of her reality show to find out who the bad boy is, you can bet it isn't someone who is all nice and warm and fuzzy.
So if Conrad, who has also launched a fashion line, isn't looking for Mr. Nice Guy, then what is she looking for in a man? She told, "Someone with a great sense of humor is the most important thing, and someone who really supports me in everything I do," she said. "I don't ever want to make an excuse for trying to work hard and having my own life. I love a guy that supports that and loves that."

Monday, April 28, 2008

LAUREN Conrad hit WHOLE Foods this past FRIDAY!!

Lauren has to be pretty happy with that t-shirt/bra combo because it makes her looks like she got a boob job!

Kristin Cavallari hits STK!

Cute, nothing special.

HEIDI is into this OUTFIT!

This is from Kitson a week or so ago.


Not really black tie appropiate. Lauren was dressed for the event, Heidi not so much. Lauren is defiantly much more polished than Heidi. And I see she brought this ugg shoes back!!

AUDRINA Patridge got a FRESH dye job!!

Looks about the same as before. I know some of you might have seen these so don't comment and go "OLD" - not everyone follows the Hills chicks daily!

Lauren CONRAD talks about what SHE will be wearing this SUMMER!

Video HERE


Lo says she is the smartest of the Hills girls.

Lo is graduating in five weeks from UCLA with a degree in ART HISTORY

Stephen says he got rejected in Lo in sixth grade. Lo says Stephen is a hunk. Lo says she couldn't go after Stephen because of history with LC.

Lo says she gets along with LC and Chloe and just ok with Audrina.

Stephen says appearing on the HILLS was moreso of a favor to the Hills producer.

Stephen says LC has always been kind of a friends with benefits type relationship but never a REAL relationship.

Stephen says him and Lauren are definatly closer than him and Kristin now.

Stephen and Hayden dated for a year and a half.

Lo has a boyfriend, he goes to UCLA and works in finance.

Stephen says no drama on his visit to the Hills.

Lo says Lauren is kind of seeing someone! Lo says they have been photograhped together. (So LAUREN is dating Casey's bro)

Stephen says he does not really know the kid in referring to Spencer. Stephen says Spencer does not seem very genuine.

Ryan Seacrest says Spencer actually does have a lot of drive and probably gets hated on too much.

Stephen says he had a weird vibe about Heidi from the beginning. He said he first met her up in San Fran. He also adds though its unfortunate Lauren and Heidi are not friends anymore.

Spencer calls in.

Spencer says Jason tried to sell the sex tape. Spencer says he never saw the sex tape. Spencer says Lauren cried many times about Jason trying to sell the tape. Spencer says eventaully LC's parents called Jason's parents to shut down the sex tape. Spencer says he gets picked on because LC has made him out to be a villian. Spencer is pissed. (I have to say I believe Spencer). Spencer says Ryan is his idol. Spencer says Heidi does not want butt implants. This whole time Lo and Stephen say nothing.

Stephanie hates Lo.

Lo says she has never been into Brody. Lo says Brody is attractive.

Spencer says Lo kisses Lc's ass because of the show.

Spencer hangs up.

Lo says Spencer is very manipulative. Says Spencer is very angry. Lo says Spencer's mom should be embarrassed of him. Lo says Spence and Heidi are really together.

Lo says she in love with boyfriend. They have only been dating a few weeks.

Stephen says he is only on the Hills for one episode.

Adam Divello, Hills producer, calls in.

Lo is 21.

Hills ratings are HUGE.

Ryan says Lo is underrated in the looks department.

You'll see the new house tonight, Brody brings his gf by for the housewarming party and Stephen of course comes by too.

Two episodes until season finale, Adam says some big surprises are in store.

Adam says Hills should be back for more.

Ryan Seacrest implies that the future of the Hills depends on MTV and Lauren Conrad agreeing on money.

Lauren and Lo are going to Miami this weekend. Look for pictures to start flooding the net come Thurs./Fri.

WHO in the HELL makes out in front of LINCOLN? ONLY F-ING SPENCER and HEIDI!

Heidi is a f-ing embarrasment, dressed like a slutty street hooker waving an american flag and making out with pig boy SPENCER! These two are such trash! HEIDI cover your flat ass b**ch! I mean later did they f**k on the white house lawn?

SPENCER Pratt and Heidi MONTAG swear an LC and WAHLER sex tape exists!

The Hills star does have a sex tape, says Spencer and Heidi...

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of The Hills appeared on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday and stated that a sex tape featuring Lauren Conrad and her ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler does exist."I know for 100% fact it did exist – 1000%!," Spencer exclaims with vigor."From what I have heard from confirmed sources… her ex-boyfriend was going around trying to sell it," added Heidi.

Couple things, one, I do believe there is a sex tape. No one gets that mad over someone putting out a false rumor. Lc should just have admitted there was one and moved on. All of that said, its like shut up already Spencer and Heidi, your 15 minutes is up.

Lauren Conrad AT THE White House Correspendents dinner!!

She looks really good. I never noticed before but she has a little scar on her cheek to the left of her chin.