Friday, August 31, 2007

LC still pro-kaballah and pro being a drunk mess!

There's the red band again and here she is emerging from a club like a cockroach when the lights are thrown on!

Brody helps his peeps!

Brody helps some wino!

LC and the girls at the beach - now in video

This party was apparantly to celebrate the Hills huge ratings thus far in Season 3.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Penn State is lucky, Vanessa Conrad is HOT!

She could be LC's cousin or long lost sister, who knows!

The Hills hits the beach AGAIN! And I might need to rename to I hate Audrina!

What in the HELL is that tatoo on Audrina's neck? No wonder she is into the Ricky Booby's! She is dirty too, that is AWFUL! Also, that think on LC's belly is a tat, it is the letter "L", what an idiot! AUDRINA - GET OVER TO DR. 90210 AND GET THAT CRAP REMOVED, THAT IS AWFUL!

Newport Harbor

Does anyone like this show? I totally forgot it was even on last night. Seems like mtv is over the laguna/newport franchise as they didn't put it behind the Hills. Here's what I want to see, follow some freshmen at USC. High Schools kids can't go to crazy because ultimatly they know the parents will watch it but college kids, the parents don't care and niether do the kids, that would be great tv. Roommate drama, party's, will they pass classes, bf/gf drama, come on MTV, get with it! MTV would have been smart to follow a Bunney, you know that media ho would have been all for it. Don't you think that's genius?

Heidi gets the cover of Cosmo Girl

In your face TEEN VOGUE!

LC's collection - odds of success - minimal!

Would you buy any of these three items?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LC in the airport, people falling and more!

LC even when unintentional still hurting people!

Alex still alive and still trying to be a STAR!

These laguna kids are going to look back in a couple years when they should have finished college and have a life and they have no education, no job skills and no one gives two sh*ts about Laguana anymore.

Katja Decker Sadwoski

So she looks like a bit of a tramp, a lush and a drunk, oh, she is perfect for Jason!

Jason engaged, yah, that will last!

Someone's movin' on! Fresh from rehab and a jail stint, former "Laguna Beach" cast member Jason Wahler is making another positive change -- he's getting married!Wahler's rep confirms to TMZ that Jason proposed last weekend to his USC tennis star girlfriend, Katja Decker-Sadowski. We're told he picked out the four-carat (holla!) emerald cut diamond ring at XVI Karat in Beverly Hills. Take that Spencer and Heidi!The two, who have been dating for roughly six months (an eternity in MTV reality show years!), recently started shackin' in Los Angeles. They have not set a date.

Audrina is a mess!

TVgasm had the opportunity to talk to Audrina Patrige this week for a quick interview and she was very forthcoming.

We know the cast of The Hills frequents the gasm, so the main question is "Audrina, how much do you hate our asses?"


Audrina, how is Lauren handling the Spencer/Heidi backlash about the article in US Weekly?


She was definitely a little hurt but I’m proud of her for being so strong! She just always says "bad things happen to bad people."


I know in the article you say you never talk about them, but this would be pretty hard to ignore. How often do you run into them when going out?


I actually never run into them surprisingly! The only time I saw them out was at Les Deux the night of the fight and Heidi when she came into my work, that’s it! I do see them a lot in magazines.


Does MTV stage run-ins to create drama?


They leave out a lot of detail!


Any new boys for you this season?


Yes, I am actually dating someone named Justin this season. He brings out emotions in me that I’ve never experienced before, it's refreshing. He is very different from the stereotypical L.A. guy (the wanna-be model/actor who tries to sweet talk you while they are simply trying to devise a way to use your career to better their own).


And are you looking for a boyfriend or just into dating right now?


I just follow my heart where that leads me who knows.


When you're not on TV, what TV shows do you watch?


We don’t have cable. So we pretty much watch Sex and the City, Entourage, and whatever DVD box sets we have lying around.


We know you know about TVgasm...what do you think about the things we say about you and the show? Do you ever avoid what people say about you on websites like ours or do you flock to it after a new episode airs to see what was said?


I actually don't read them. That's Lauren's cup of tea. I don’t find it necessary to go out of my way to read other people's judgmental assessments on my life and choices, when they only see a small slice to begin with. Honestly, I find people are too focused on Hollywood celebrities. They need to take more time to get out there and enjoy life.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heidi on Seacrest

She is sleepy because she has been in the studio all night. Says her parents love Spencer. She hemm haws around why Spencer did not ask father for Heidi's hand in marriage prior to engagement - she offers no real answer - is obviously embarrassed. Heidi hawks her new tshirts - says public has demanded them and gives credit to Spence for the idea. Previously released song will not be the first single.

Juicy tidbit from Seacrest

So a girl called in this morning and said she goes to FIDM, same school as LC. She said everyone at FIDM hates LC and LC in real life looks like crap without all the makeup and hair people. She said LC takes like one class a semester.

LC and the Bunney back together!

Hillarious - LC recyles friends like I recycle aluminum cans! How long before Heidi is back in the circle? Also, maybe this answers our question why LC and Whitney remained friends after Whitney hooked up with Brody, LC just dosesn't care anymore about the Brody hookups.

I can see this being true!

"He is so enthralled with being in the magazines," a source tells Us. "He literally has a shrine in his room at his parents' house of all the magazines he has been in."

Guess who their talking about?

Spencer of course!

LC Article

Against all odds and reason, Lauren Conrad seems like a normal person. Almost. On Monday morning the 21-year-old reality star and budding fashion designer sat unperturbed on the seventh floor lobby of the W hotel in Times Square as a hubbub of activity swirled around her. She had come straight from an appearance on Live With Regis and Kelly, where she’d discussed that evening’s season-three premiere of her MTV show The Hills, in which she stars as, well, herself.Singer Enrique Iglesias had filled in for Regis Philbin, and Ms. Conrad, legs crossed primly under her strapless Mint dress, faux-swooned while describing the experience of getting to sit next to him during the interview. She was flanked by both an MTV publicist and a personal publicist, and when a photographer arrived to take her picture, a makeup artist from Avon’s mark line (for which Ms. Conrad became a spokesperson in February 2007) popped up seemingly out of nowhere to powder Ms. Conrad’s face.And yet, Ms. Conrad appeared entirely unfazed and down-to-earth, laughing easily and saying girlish California-isms (“I know!”; “love that”) un-self-consciously. When the MTV flack mentioned that the daily papers, including The New York Times, carried reviews of The Hills, Ms. Conrad, who first starred on MTV’s runaway hit Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, squealed, “Oh, cool!”, saying she liked to read what people wrote about the show (“I think they do such a great job”) before admitting, “I don’t read the paper so much, though … I read the weeklies.” When the photographer raised his camera she expertly tilted her chin and put on a picture-perfect smile.WHEN LAGUNA BEACH DEBUTED on MTV in September of 2004, it was a new kind of reality show, with multiple cameras, gorgeous movielike lighting and a traditional narrative that followed young, good-looking and wealthy high schoolers. Ms. Conrad was a breakout star—instantly likable—with pretty Marcia Brady all-American looks paired with a Hollywood starlet’s raspy voice. The Hills, which first aired in spring of ’06, was meant to document Ms. Conrad’s independence, moving to L.A., taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (where, brain-meltingly, Project Runway’s season-two contestant Nick Verreos is employed) and toiling as an intern at Teen Vogue (the show has her working in an overcrowded fashion closet, yet she also appeared on the August 2007 cover).Through the laws of natural trend order or pop culture leakage, Ms. Conrad’s personal style—femme-y, diaphanous dresses, chunky jewelry and wide Alice in Wonderland headbands—can be seen everywhere, particularly in New York this summer, where the gals sweating buckets on subway platforms all look like they’re on their way to a garden party. Go into any Intermix (a favorite New York shopping destination for Ms. Conrad) and find a look you would have seen on The Hills girls last spring.“I grew up at the beach—most of my clothes are something you can layer with a bathing suit,” Ms. Conrad said of her aesthetic, which will be translated to her own clothing line, Lauren Conrad Collection, which debuts at the Las Vegas trade show PROJECT next month, and in stores early next year. “In high school you wear a bikini under your clothes. [Laguna Beach] is a beach town, you know? I could see the beach from homeroom. Once I moved to the city I had to toss out my flip-flops and step up my style to make it look more polished. But I still love the bohemian beach look. In my line I really wanted to combine the two—there are pieces in there that I would wear over a bathing suit to the beach, but I’d also wear that same piece with layered jewelry and heels to a club.”The spring ’08 line, which includes 40 different pieces in fabrics like jersey knit (“the comfiest fabric”) and gauze (“I love it because I go through, like, five outfits before I decide what to put on, and it’s supposed to look wrinkled”), was worked on at every stage by Ms. Conrad, who still is taking classes at the institute. “As far as I’m concerned,” she said, “doing this line was the best education I’ve gotten. It’s taken four months to get ready, it’s been crazy. Every spare moment I’ve worked on it.” Her interest in fashion stretched back to preadolescence, when she made clothes for her Barbie dolls on a small battery-powered sewing machine. “I wasn’t really into high school,” she said. “I was like a C student. My dad said, ‘It’s fine if you want to be an average student, but you’re going to have to do some stuff on the side.’ I went to a local art college and did sketching classes. By the time I got to college, I had it down.”Her taste in designers—Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Vincent, Diane von Furstenberg, Rebecca Taylor—reflects her attraction to all things girly. “My mom always makes fun of me because I love bows and rosettes, and she says that I dress like a little girl,” she said. “I figure you may as well do it as long as you can, you know what I mean?”Working at Teen Vogue, she says, helps to forecast trends. “You shoot everything three months ahead of time, so you learn to be open. You’ll see something and it might look a little odd, and then three months later everyone will be wearing it.” Like those suddenly ubiquitous high-waisted jeans? “Oh, I can’t wear those,” she said, eyes wide. “My mom wore those. That’s not going to happen. You know, I had to call my mom and apologize when I bought a pair of Ray-Bans. I made fun of her forever for wearing them—I just thought they were the ugliest glasses. And then I had to be like, ‘Mom, I just bought a pair of Ray-Bans. I’m really sorry for making fun of you.’”Ms. Conrad is currently filming the second half of this season of The Hills (including a couple of New York location days this week), living in the same, post-Heidi apartment—rigged with set lighting and trailed by cameras—with roommate Audrina Patridge. It can be a bit much, being taped crying, yelling, breaking up, but Ms. Conrad takes it all in stride.“It’s cool,” she shrugged. “We’re lucky. We have exciting lives, and it’s L.A., and they can show how glamorous it can get. But everyone goes through the same things—no matter where you are from, no matter what you do, you deal with the same stuff.”She smoothed her hair down, a familiar gesture for anyone who has watched her on TV. “We’re on a reality show, so we can’t take ourselves too seriously"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Episode 4 - Wadda ya think?

Spencer was actually half way likeable with Heidi's parents. Audrina is one of those girls that treating her bad keeps her coming back for more. I'm surprised LC didn't drunk dial Heidi at the end - hahahahaha!

Looking at next week, Spence breaks up with Brody and Heidi puts the blame for the sex tape leak squarely on one Brody Jenner. And of course audrina heads back for some more ricky booby!

So is the show as good as you hoped so far this season?

The whole gang hit the town, AGAIN!

Where's Ricky Booby?

LC blitzed again - I am shocked!

This blog is getting to be the same thing over and over, posed Spencer and Heidi and a drunk LC! She's the new Jason!

MY FAVORITE - More posed Spencer and Heidi!

And matching outfits - I just threw up a little in my mouth - AGAIN! My question - who is actually paying these two for photos?

Heidi to sell "Team Heidi" shirts - I knew that was coming!

Get em here at her myspace and listen to her music.

LC - "I was fine" - ok - if you say so!

LC got a little pissy with TMZ over the weekend when asked why it took two people to help her get to her car after a night out. Settle down you z-list "star"!

What in the hell, Spencer has been using Heidi? NO WAY!

Spencer – Duping Heidi? Spencer Pratt has pretty much cemented himself as the "Hills" resident a-hole, so it's little surprise that his feelings for Heidi Montag are coming into question. Us says that despite what his friends say about the couple being "very much in love," could it be that Spence is -- shockingly enough -- using Heidi to get famous. "Spencer used to brag about how he wanted to be famous and he'd do it by becoming an 'It' couple with Heidi," says an insider to Us.

**I never would have guessed, hahahahahaha! Heidi and Spence are using each other - duh! This relationship will be over when it is no longer profitable. I mean they look sooooooo in love in the show - NOT!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Just a quick update

To the person who was asking if Brody and Whitney were still together, the answer is a resounding no. LC and Brody are not together either. I have scoured around for any new LC/Hills/Laguna News and nothing new to report today! Have a good weekend, maybe LC will get a DUI this weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The real Spence - awwwww - I just puked a little in my mouth!

Spencer Pratt and his loved ones insist he’s a nice, normal guy who’s just misunderstoodAs the most controversial figure on the MTV reality series The Hills, Spencer Pratt has his share of haters, but the 23-year-old fiancĂ© and manager of Heidi Montag has given In Touch intimate access to his life, family and friends — and he’s not who everyone thinks he is!He doesn’t care about fame“I grew up living a normal life,” Spencer tells In Touch. “I don’t care about the celebrity life. My parents are not in the business and I didn’t grow up living off of them.” Spencer’s dad is a dentist (to the stars) and while Spencer attended the celeb kid-friendly Crossroads school in Santa Monica, he’s always wanted his own career. “I thought I was Doogie Howser!” he jokes. “At 13, I was taking business classes at USC. My idol was Bill Gates.”A close friend says, “I can remember Spencer at 8 years old saying, ‘I know how we can make a lot of money!’ He’s very passionate, but people don’t take him seriously.” Of course, as a teenager, he wasn’t all about business. “He definitely went through a period of partying and having fun,” says a pal. “But it wasn’t bad in comparison to what some of our classmates were doing.”Despite how he may come across on the show, “I can remember being in the fifth grade and having Spencer call me just to ask me about how I was doing,” says a friend.Back then, “Spencer was never a ladies’ man — that wasn’t his thing,” says another pal. “He had a serious girlfriend at USC, but she broke his heart.” The pal adds, “In the last few years, I know Spencer was not eager to date anyone. Until he met Heidi — then it changed.”When it comes to Heidi, Spencer can’t stop talking. “I have never met a girl like her,” he says. “We’ve both been in bad relationships before and this is the best.” His mother, Janet Pratt, tells In Touch, “Heidi and Spencer are so in love. They basically live at my house and my friends make fun of me because I allow them to sleep in the same bed under my roof. Honest to God, I don’t think I have ever seen them fight. Spencer’s last two girlfriends would fight with him all of the time.”Still, Spencer says a wedding is far off. “We are too busy to plan it.” As for his future, “Managing Heidi’s music career is the most important thing,” he says. But there’s also a career in rapping. “If people liked my rap [on Heidi’s leaked single] ‘Body Language’ and if I get a good response, I would do some more!”“Spencer’s 80-year old nana, Joan Wilson, is his biggest fan,” says his mom, Janet. “She wants to star t a Heidi and Spencer fan club!”“Spencer is a total goofball and is the opposite of what people see on The Hills,” says a close friend. “He’s always been a schemer, an outgoing prankster type of kid.”What happened with Brody?Spencer and former friend Brody Jenner are no longer speaking, all because of Lauren Conrad! “Brody broke up with his non-famous girlfriend, Olivia Pokorny, to go out with Lauren,” claims a friend. “Spencer was Brody’s manager and he ended their business relationship because, by going out with Spencer’s worst enemy, it proved that Brody had no loyalty.”

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Behind the scenes of LC and Whitney's Teen Vogue cover shoot

Nice to see LC walking without assistance!

LC out shopping

LC always needs assistance walking these days, honey, lay off the pills and the booze!

Young Lindsy Lohan!

Is Lo engaged or married?

An astute reader pointed out that Lo has a rather predominate ring on her ring finger, could she be engaged or even married? We have yet to see Lo with any man since her return to the Hills the end of last season, and I don't recall anyone even asking Lo about her relationship status. I have researched this morning and there is nothing on the web about it but it is certainly possible. Well done, reader!

How much does LC make?

An industry insider had this to say:

"Well, Lauren “L.C.” Conrad does get to operate ongoing hot war with Heidi Montag in the pages of Us Weekly every week, free of charge. If that’s not a fine compensation, I don’t know what is. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. How about an estimated $10,000 to $25,000 per episode? That’s the general industry range for top reality stars such as Conrad, Montag, wannabe K-Fed or Spencer Pratt."
**I never would have guessed she made that much, I would have figured MAYBE 25K for the entire season- Interesting!

LC cabs it!

Who does she think she is Jackie O? Those shades are obnoxious!

Who's the bigger jerk, Justin Booby or Spence?

Who's the Bigger Jerk?-->
81% (3304 votes)
Justin Bobby
19% (790 votes)
Total votes: 4094

From US Magazine

Do you agree?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That is a little creepy!

Perezey posted this and Kate Middleton, Prince Williams EX does look a lot like LC! Thoughts?

They DJ too!

They are like sooooooo talented!

Imagine that, the girls partying again!

First off, Audrina looks jacked up, either she just puked or she's about to! Brody could use some teeth whitening! I think Lo is a bit of a lez! Comment if I missed anything!

I never would have guessed these things about Wahler!

Former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler didn't just beat the crap out of a Department of Transportation officer last year, he's also accused of calling the guy a "nig**r, motherf**ker, f*g, and "fatass."In a lawsuit filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Jonathan Wallace claims Wahler and model Kristen DeLuca approached both him and a tow truck driver who was impounding a car, when Jason began "thrusting his chest into that of the tow truck driver while unleashing a verbal barrage of racial statements and swearing profusely." Wallace also alleges that in the middle of Jason's tirade, Wahler "initiated physical contact" with another tow truck driver by repeatedly punching the man in the face. Wallace claims that during the ruckus, Jason somehow managed to sock him in the left eye too.The LAPD arrived to the scene shortly after, where they arrested Wahler and DeLuca. Cops say Wahler's blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. He later plead no contest to battery and was sentenced to 60 days behind bars.

Hills Episode 3 Recap


LC and Audrina out and about in Toronto!

I don't love the dresses!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Spencer - Enjoy the 15, its almost OVER!

One day after his girlfriend Heidi Montag's "first single" premiered on L.A.'s KIIS-FM, The Hills' Spencer Pratt is speaking out about how his "white rapper-boy" antics were never meant for air.
In an interview this morning with Ryan Seacrest, Pratt, who manages Montag's music career, admitted that he was initially shocked and angered that the track was leaked, but Montag, on the other hand, is just happy it's being played on the radio - and getting some positive feedback!
"I was beyond thrilled," she told Seacrest. "Then I heard the song and was like 'Oh, no! That's not the right song.' I'm thrilled everybody's liking it and it's out there, but Spencer and I were just messing around in the studio and that wasn't the first single I wanted."
Pratt, however, is singing a different tune. "As her manager, I never would - over my dead body - release her single with my white rapper-boy flow on it. That was just me doing a joke in the studio - I never thought anyone would ever hear that, let alone on the radio! I was like 'Oh, I am K-Fed. I am K-Fed!'
We don't think that's so bad, as long as Montag doesn't become the new Britney Spears

Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, apparantly I am in the minority!

Do You Like the Heidi and Spencer Song?-->
25% (1369 votes)
75% (4010 votes)
Total votes: 5379

From US Magazine


The Hills are alive with the sound of music as Heidi Montag's song "Body Language" (featuring Spencer Pratt rapping!) premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show-but don't expect Heidi's archnemesis Lauren Conrad to record a response track anytime soon. "I promise you: I'll never release an album!" Lauren tells In Touch. "I don't really have very many talents! I'm OK with it, though. I think as far the entertainment industry is concerned, the abilities to act and sing are something you are born with or have to work very hard at, and I don't have either talent, so I'm not going to pretend like I do!"
Posted: August 17, 2007

Part 2 of Seacrest

MTV very excited about numbers of the show according to Heidi. Heidi and Spence at his parents for the weekend. Caller calls in to say she loves the song. Spence says season 3 gets better and better. Spence says they sleep in the same bed at his parents, Heidi trys to say that is not true and Ellen calls her out. Does Heidi ever not lie? She is a chronic liar!

Heidi and Spence on Seacrest this morning 8/17

Heidi now says she was thrilled Ryan played her song. Does she ever tell the truth? Spence now says he is thrilled too. What a couple of little bitches! They blame the label for releasing this song. Heidi now just excited to be on the radio period. Heidi wanted to come out with a different sound. So she is already fighting with her label? Bitch take a lesson from Kelly Clarkson! You can't do anything without the label! Heidi now tells Ryan play the song as much as he wants. Spence makes it clear he is Heidi's manager. Spencer also says there is no gag order from MTV. Heidi says look for the first song in the next two weeks and also a video in the near future!

Hear Heidi's song - I have to admit I expected a lot worse!

I don't know if my expectations were just so low that anything would have been better, but its not worse than Britney or Paris.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey sweet thang!

Krisitin is always working out, LC you might want to try that sometime!