Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lauren Conrad does RedBook April 2013!

Lauren Conrad in Miami

Review: Kristin Cavallari special with Guiliana Rancic

First, Kristin Cavallari revealed next to nothing new.

One interesting thing she did say was she thinks Laguna Beach caused the breakup with Stephen Colletti much earlier than would have otherwise happened. She still seemed all these years later to at least have some regrets about this breakup.

She noted in Season 2 she embraced the role of bad girl which has gone to what I thought all along was that for the most in Season 2 they were acting.

She said when she joined The Hills she viewed it as an “acting job”.

The only other really interesting thing she said without saying was Jay Cutler cheating led to their breakup. She repeatedly said that “Jay needed to change some things”.

I’m not sure how much I believe she wants to have a lot of kids.

She said her and Jay have been offered multiple reality shows but will not do any because she wants her son to have a normal life. Again, not sure I believe this will never happen. Props to her if she sticks to this though as I do think reality tv would destroy the relationship.

Not sure I can imagine her and Jay lasting.

She seems like a lot of reality stars that have found some success not in acting or entertainment but in minor clothing and fragrance lines.

Interesting show for a half hour but know going in, you won
Other thing to me was in Kristin’s private photos while cute she is no great beauty but you can see personality wise how she would be a good time.