Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lauren CONRAD thinks we DON'T want REAL but we DO!

Not an episode of The Hills goes by when Lauren Conrad doesn't shed a tear or get into a fight.
"I know I look tortured," she admits in the September issue of CosmoGIRL! (out August 5). "But it's a TV show and you don't see all sides of people.
"The Hills is meant to be a dramatic show about relationships," she goes on. "It's not about me being a designer. No one wants to see me working at the factory on my collection, or me and Lo [Bosworth] having a dance party in our pajamas."
See Lauren Conrad's many BFFs.
(The drama ensues: Brody Jenner recently told that Stephanie Pratt went on a date with Conrad's guy, Doug Reinhardt.)
See Lauren Conrad's 22 years of drama.
Conrad tells CosmoGIRL! there are some downfalls to living a public life.
"Can you imagine being 22 and having your parents know everything about you?" she asks. "Literally, my mom can go on the Internet and find out where I went last night, who I was with. I mean, there are no secrets!"
Conrad — who recently denied claims that she is not actively involved in her clothing line — is currently plotting out her fall wardrobe.
On her list? "Really rich colors like plum, dark green and black."

Actually I would find the show far more interesting watching real talk between Lo and Lauren or seeing her real in a factory rather than see Heidi pretend to have a job and her pretend to be friends with Stephanie or pretend to date someone. Its ridiculous.


Not cute!

BLAKE LIVELY at Premiere Of "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2" !!

I didn't really know who she was but some of you asked for updates on her, she is really cute.


Schleppy, defiantly not preppy!


Do you like the Hervé Leger dress?

Lauren CONRAD EW article!

Read it here

DOUG Reinhardt kisses and TELLS to get ATTENTION because his baseball career is all but OVER!

Doug Reinhardt, Lauren Conrad's ex-boy-toy from the upcoming season of The Hills, is kissing and telling."She a good kisser," he tells E! News of L.C.'s smooching style.Turns out, these two actually go way back. They both lived in Laguna Beach and actually dated during high school after being introduced by Lo Bosworth.As for Stephanie Pratt's claims on the show last week that he and L.C. only dated about "two weeks," Doug disagrees, calling their relationship "fairly serious."So whose idea was that so-called date between he and Steph, shown in the trailer?"Let's just say it wasn't mine," Doug tells me and my Party Girl Radio cohost Whitney English.As for his love life now, he's currently "single and ready to mingle."Looks like Lauren feels the same way: She's been spotted spending quality time with My Boys actor Kyle Howard.

BRODY JENNER denies being a DRUNK, later, he went to the CLUB and got DRUNK!

Most of the time, Brody Jenner is happy just to laugh off tabloid fodder, but when one tabloid recently released an article that said his father Bruce Jenner paid his bills and that he had an alcohol addiction, "The Hills" hottie was fuming.After giving his two cents worth to the magazine’s reporter at Ryan Sheckler’s Celebrity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, Jenner came to Pop Tarts to set the record straight."One of the biggest misconceptions people have of me is that I am supported by my parents. I want to say that I totally make all my own money and pay all my own bills and have done so for the past six years," the 24-year-old insisted, adding that he’s more than just a boy who likes benders and lots of booze."Some people think all I do is party and that’s how I get paid. Well, no — I’m 24, and of course I like to have a good time, but I have a life and a work schedule. I do happen to work hard during the day, but people don’t see that."

Lauren CONRAD'S EW photo shoot!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kristin CAVALLARI tries to keep BARRON HILTON on the STRAIGHT and NARROW!

BARRON Hilton was arrested for drinking and driving in February - but it’s not stopping Paris Hilton’s 19-year-old brother from having a good time. He showed up at Dune in Southampton the other day sporting a fake ID and was at first turned away - by Kristin Cavallari. The former “Laguna Beach” reality mess was “working the door just for fun,” said our spy. “When Barron came up she said, ‘You can’t come in here, you’re 19.’ But then a security guard let him in.” A rep for Dune said, “We don’t condone underage drinking and strictly enforce the rules.”

Kristin CAVALLARI has a NEW job!!


Kristin Cavallari, playing doorman for the night at Dune, a nightclub in Southampton, N.Y., that hosted a bash both for Ace of Spades' new champagne and also for Dune owner Matt Shendell's birthday. The Laguna Beach star took her job seriously, asking patrons, "Is your name on the list?"

Brody JENNER in another BAR fiasco! HERE's a crazy idea, DUMBASS, stay out of the CLUBS!

The woman left the club early this morning, claiming Bro-sault. But Jenner tells a very different story. "Me and my friends were at a table and she came up," he says. He claims she started acting crazy and he and others asked her to leave. Brody says security pulled her away but she broke loose and "charged the table and knocked a girl down." Brody says she started hitting him and tried to punch him in the face, adding, "she was out of her mind." Brody says his friends began spraying champagne on her trying to get her away. Jenner claims he never laid a finger on her. Ultimately, Brody says, she was carried out of the club.Sources at the club tell us, "She was just a stupid little girl who wanted to be near his table." And a TMZ staffer who was there but on vacation just called and backed up Brody's story.
The woman probably is a nut as even her friend just wants her to shut up but Brody has money, go party at your house moron and you avoid all the drama.

If you ever see AUDRINA PATRIDGE in public, feel free to give her ADVICE!

Audrina Patridge says she wasn't recognized in public until the second season of The Hills.
"It was a lot of little girls. Some of them cried," she tells the Los Angeles Times in a new interview. "I kept telling them, 'I'm normal, I promise.'"
See photos of Audrina Patridge in a bikini.
Younger crowds aren't the only ones enamored by the 23-year-old budding actress.
"There was also one time when this older woman at a make-up counter just started giving me advice about Justin Bobby and the girls and living in L.A. It was weird," she says.
"But when people meet me they feel like they know me," Patridge adds. "I was at the beach just yesterday and this lady from Minnesota sat down and just started talking to me. They just feel very comfortable. It's very flattering."
She may soon get recognized even more after appearing in the upcoming movie Into the Blue 2 (due in 2010).
"It's so different from a reality show because I have lines to memorize," she says. "The Hills definitely helped just in terms of being in front of the cameras and being used to crews watching me."
See baby photos of The Hills cast.
Still, she says there are some downfalls to stardom.
"If I want privacy, I wish I could have it," Patridge laments. "We have paparazzi sit outside the house, and I don't mind if they follow me in Los Angeles, but I wish I could have privacy when I drive out to see my parents and family."

BRODY JENNER talks shizz about Stephanie PRATT to promote the NEW season of the HILLS!

Think Spencer Pratt is bad?
He's nothing compared to his sister Stephanie.
So says Brody Jenner.
"She's a million times worse!" Jenner, 24, told at Ryan Sheckler's X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday.
All along, Jenner has warned Lauren Conrad not to trust Stephanie, 22.
And in a new trailer for season four of The Hills, Stephanie is seen having a candlelit dinner with Conrad's man, baseball player Doug Reinhardt.
Look back at Lauren Conrad's 22 years of drama.
Stephanie has denied it was a date ("he was giving me boy advice," she recently told E!).
But Jenner said he doesn't buy it.
"He might not have known that it was a date, but she had candles, and they were alone!" Jenner said. "It was a date."
Check out Lauren Conrad's many BFFs.

Audrina PATRIDGE leaves the NAIL SALON!

Audrina PATRIDGE and her FREAKY sister hangin at a CLUB in SAN DIEGO!

Their parents must be so proud!

Hayden Panettiere AT COMIC CON 2008!

Does she smoke? She's always chewing gum!

New PICS from LAUREN CONRAD's myspace PAGE!

Lo is such a hanger on!

Pics of LAUREN CONRAD all DRUNK leaving KEY CLUB the other NIGHT!

I hate those leggings!!! Is she BATMAN? I think she wears those to the club because they are easy to clean if someone or herself spills a drink on them or she pees herself!

Lauren CONRAD shops and GRABS some LUNCH! Lo-BO was there too!

In pic 4 Lauren looks like she's crying. Or is it just me? Why the black bra with the white?

Any other CELEBS ya'll want to KNOW about on slow LAUREN days?

On slow Lauren days, anyone else you want to be kept up on?

Marriage - Do we CELEBRATE the wrong thing?

So as a society we put a huge emphasis on weddings. Billions of dollars and possibly even trillions are spent annually on weddings. But stop and ask yourself what exactly your celebrating? The people getting married are NOT married and have likely not accomplished anything yet as a couple. So why are we celebrating possibly two immature kids getting married? I think we celebrate the wrong thing, shouldn't we really be celebrating and spending thousands of dollars on the couple that have been married 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 , even 50 years? Isn't that really something to celebrate? Over that time period they have most likely endured challenges in their married life and yet still overcame those obstacles and stayed married even while the other couple that got married the same day is now divorced. I think we as society contribute to the disgraceful divorce rate by having these lavish weddings and huge celebrations and not focusing on celebrating the anniversary which is the REAL accomplishment.

If your married and have an upcoming anniversary, it is you we should celebrate, congratulations on your accomplishment and overcoming the obstacles.

If your fixing to get married, realize you have not accomplished a DAMN thing. Walking down the aisle is just the beginning. Your marriage could be your greastest accomplishment in life so put the time into every day to make it a success. It will sometimes be a tough road but that should be embraced and you should work through the tough times and celebrate even more the good times.

If your son or daughter is getting married, it's wonderful, but take the time with your son or daughter and future son/daughter in law to sit down and discuss that the real celebration is not the party itself but becoming life partners in good times and bad, and in sickness and in health. Marriage is not about the I, it is about the we. Embrace that.

I feel the same way about graduation celebrations. We should celebrate not at graduation but after they have taken what they learned in college or in high school or in grad school and have applied that work and knowledge in getting a job and more importantly in keeping that job.

It's time we reevaluate what we celebrate and when.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audrina PATRIDGE admits she is just one big GROUPIE!

The Hills star Audrina Patrdige sat down with the LA Times to talk about her “secret life.”

Here’s what the 23-year-old aspiring actress had to say:

What’s the biggest misconception about you? I don’t feel like they show me on “The Hills” sticking up for myself. They edit that out. I’m generally happy with how I look when it comes out. In real life, though, I’m bubbly and fun and talkative and when you see me on the show I’m always sitting there and sad. But I’m fine with it because it’s not my show. I’m there because of Lauren.

Tell us about the first time you got recognized in public? I think it was during the second season. It was a lot of little girls. Some of them cried. I kept telling them, ‘I’m normal, I promise.’ There was also one time when this older woman at a make-up counter just started giving me advice about Justin Bobby and the girls and living in L.A. It was weird, but when people meet me they feel like they know me. I was at the beach just yesterday and this lady from Minnesota sat down and just started talking to me. They just feel very comfortable. It’s very flattering.

What’s the best thing about being a star? The best part is getting opportunities to go to huge awards shows. We got to present at the MTV VMAs last year and you’re surrounded by these amazing artists. It’s just so exciting.

What is your favorite thing to do alone? Go on my laptop and answer e-mails. There’s a lot of them. I like to respond to people who message me on my Myspace. The real me is “Audrina XO,” not all the other Audrinas listed.

Read Audrina’s full interview at

Kristin CAVALLARI does a SEMI-NUDE scene in the movie FINGERPRINTS!

Video embedded in pic.

Lauren CONRAD at the BIG MAC party!

Nice to see Lauren not all drunk and falling down for a change!


In her new interview for the mag, the 22-year-old reality TV vixen reveals that what you see on the tube is not necessarily the full story in real life.
"I know I look tortured, but it's a TV show and you don't see all sides of people," she explains."
'The Hills' is meant to be a dramatic show about relationships."
The Orange County native and budding clothing designer also talks about becoming more Hollywood savvy, now that she's in the spotlight; where to see and be seen -- and alternately how to dodge the paparazzi; and the pitfalls of dating when everyone knows who you are!
"I'm at a point in my life where I'd need to be with someone who could understand [that I have to put my career first right now] and is willing to be part of the show," she says, "But I don't want to end up with a person who'd want to be on the show."

LAUREN CONRAD drunk as HELL leaving KEY CLUB last night!

Put the bottle down boozy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Audrina PATRIDGE to hit CELEBRITY golf circuit!

Kevin Federline, Brody Jenner and Audrina Partridge are among those expected to attend MTV host Ryan Sheckler’s first annual celebrity golf tournament tomorrow at Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes, Calif.