Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whitney PORT recaps Episode 2 of the CITY!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed part one of my recap of the premiere of The City -- now here's the part two!

So my first few days in New York were a huge success! I was thrilled to hear from Alixe about how pleased everyone at Diane Von Furstenberg was with how the show went backstage, and I was so flattered that Olivia invited me to her dinner party. I was a little upset when Jay didn't want to come with me to Olivia's but I understood that it wasn't really his scene. He more than made up for it though by showing up and surprising me!

With everything going so well, I definitely didn't anticipate the drama that was about to ensue! When Alex and I had lunch, I thought it was just so we could catch up -- little did I know that he would hit me with a slew of upsetting facts about Jay and his ex. I truly felt sick to my stomach but I had to compose myself. I noticed that when I get nervous I put my hand on my ear and my face -- just a funny habit!To make matters worse, then came the fight between Jay and Alex -- sooooo much swearing! My mom always taught me never to swear in an argument if you want to be taken seriously. Obviously they were very heated and passionate about the subject so I guess I can't really blame them.

After all the drama, it was so nice to be back at People's Revolution with Kelly -- I felt so at home there. Kelly is such an awesome mother figure in New York; she keeps an eye on me and is so loyal. Thank God for her!!!!So that's my little play-by-play of my thoughts and feelings regarding the premiere.

I hope you all enjoyed the episodes and stay tuned!I would love to hear what you all thought so please leave your feedback in comments!

Whitney Port recaps Episode One of The City!

Hey everyone! So last night was the big night -- I hope all of you were able to watch The City and I would love to hear what you thought of it.Me and my entire family gathered at my house in LA to watch it and I thought it would be fun to give you a little recap with my own take on the episode -- and a little juicy behind the scenes stuff too!

The episode began with an introduction of my transition from LA life to city life and I can't even tell you how sad I was to see the scene of me and Lauren saying goodbye. My eyes got really watery and I almost broke down, but within seconds excitement took over!

So the episode introduced you guys to a lot of new people! First came Olivia, who I met on my first day at Diane Von Furstenberg. I was already so nervous for my first day there, and it became even worse when I met her because she seemed so experienced!

Olivia taught me what a socialite really is -- I mean I sort of knew the parameters of what it takes to be a "social" considering I have grown up in Hollywood, but I found it so interesting that you can be completely self-made in the cutthroat environment that is New York Çity!

Next Erin was introduced. She and I actually met through our ex-boyfriends (they were best friends) at Coachella -- a big music festival. We had all stayed in an RV together there and instantly hit it off! I loved her free spirit and outgoing personality and I knew our friendship would last.And of course, you all already knew Jay from The Hills! It was so crazy/surreal for me to have one of my first dates with Jay filmed! First dates are awkward enough, let alone having four cameras in your face, but our connection was so real that it didn't even phase us! I love the part where Jay does his American accent lol.

I force him to do it ALL the time. It's one of my favorite things he does! My attempt at an Australian accent is something he could do without, i'm sure.After the date, I didn't think the cameras had caught us kissing down the street, but sure enough they did!!!The DVF fashion show was probably one of the most hectic days of my life! My first week of work and I was already working backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg's spring show and meeting her for the first time.

We had an awesome front row that included Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Uma Thurman, Rosario Dawson, Rachel Zoe, Molly Sims, and so many others -- everything turned out absolutely beautifully -- it was a BIG day for DVF!Have to run out for a bit, but I'll post more from last night's episode later this afternoon! Ciao.

I wish Lauren would do this for the Hills. It's cool to have the extra insight.

Lauren Burk

Please consider ending the year or starting the year with a donation to the Lauren A. Burk Scholarship Fund. Lauren was the young Auburn University student murdered last March.
In the comments below the donation amount, please type Lauren Burk Scholarship Fund.
I think education continues to be societies best means of preventing crime and poverty. Please support this worthy cause.

Everyone have a SPECTACULAR New Years EVE 2008! Here's to a GREAT 2009!

It's been fun to see your reactions to what Lauren is wearing and on real topics like gay marriage and Obama, I hope we all have and the country as a whole has an amazing year! And my foreign readers, thank you for reading here, and I hope yourself and your countries prosper in 2009 as well!

Be careful if you go out tonight! BE SAFE!

Eliza Dushku & Brent Bolthouse: New Couple! SERIOUSLY?

Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku is dating
L.A. party promoter Brent Bolthouse, aka The Hills star Heidi Montag’s boss.
According to a spywitness, the couple was spotted grabbing dinner together at a local diner in Eliza’s hometown of Watertown, Mass. Her parents watched on as the coupled canoodled. Brent was even seen taking photos of Eliza!
“They were very cute,” the insider gushes.
And according to Page Six, Eliza, 28, and Brent, 39, made a public appearance last week with Eliza’s family and friends in the VIP section at the Estate club in Boston.
Earlier this month, the couple was also spotted making out on the set of her new show, Dollhouse, which is set to premiere February 13, 2009 on FOX.
Eliza was last romantically linked to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.
I personally don't think she is attractive but I would think she could do better, I guess money trumps looks!

Doug REINHARDT is hangin with the HILTONS in ASPEN! Amanda BYNES to arrive SOON! THIS has been BREAKING NEWS!

The family that goes clubbing together, stays together? That seems to be the motto for the Hiltons at the holidays.
Not only were Paris (along with new BFF Brittany Flickinger) and sis Nicky (with BF David Katzenberg) painting the town in Aspen, but parents Rick and Kathy joined in as well. The entire fam hit the members-only Caribou Club two nights in a row together, where the newly single (and recently robbed) heiress seemed to be doing just fine.
"Paris was dancing to her own songs on the dance floor and looked like she was having so much fun," an eyewitness tells E! News.
So who partied longer, the parents or the kids?
Kathy and Rick called it a night long before their daughters did—making way for all the guys trying to hit on Paris and Nicky.
The Hilton entourage also was spotted hanging with Hills' dude Doug Reinhardt at the Little Nell Hotel. Doug's new girlfriend, Amanda Bynes, is expected to join him in Aspen for New Year's Eve, while Paris and Nicky are already in Australia to host a bash.
Also spending the holidays in Aspen: Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom (reportedly renting a house with Miranda Kerr), Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.
I hate DOUG almost as much as BRODY!

Kristin CAVALLARI arrives in MIAMI for NEW YEARS EVE 2008!!

She looks kinda a hot mess and I'm a fan, I like the glasses but everything else looks like she was headed to a biker bar!

Whitney PORT talks about what she wore in the first episode of "THE CITY"!

A lot of you have been asking me about where I get my clothing and what I was wearing in some of the episodes of The Hills, so I wanted to give you a little info about some of my outfits from the premiere of The City.

In the first scene, I was wearing a yellow vintage dress from a store called Scout in Los Angeles. I absolutely love that dress and I thought it was perfect for my first day at my new job!

When Jay and I had our first date, I was wearing an above the knee, navy Opening Ceremony dress. This dress reminds me of how beautiful the weather was when I first moved there. I truly think New York is the best place to be when its warm.

For the fashion show (one of the CRAZIEST days of my life), I was obviously wearing Diane Von Furstenberg! The headbands were my favorite part of the fashion show, seeing as I wore one to The Hills finale event.

In the scene where I asked Jay to come with me to Olivia's dinner party, I was wearing a Quail tank and Kill City jeans -- a cute, casual outfit to wear during the daytime.

When I had lunch with Alex for that dreaded conversation, I was wearing a Johnson Romper dress, London Sole flats, and I was carrying an H&M bag.

In the last scene when I went to talk to Kelly at People's Revolution, I wore an Alice McCall dress, a Sass and Bide jacket (one of my favorites) and London Sole shoes.I hope that I answered some of your questions -- if there were any outfits I missed, let me know!
Personally, I liked her the short dresses, it flatters her best feature, her legs, the cafe in the first pic, hated that oufit!

Support the ADVERTISERS!!

Atleast give em a look!

I always thought ERIN BURNETT was kind of a DIM BULB!

Pretty funny.

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Barkley drives DRUNK and MORE!

Mariah Carey Puts Pregnancy Rumors to Rest in St. Barts
The singer drinks red wine and eats oysters -- no-nos when expecting

Biggest Loser's Amy, Marty Expecting a Baby!
The season 3 contestants will welcome their first child in July

See Where the Stars Are Partying on New Year's!
Taylor Swift will be with ex Joe Jonas, while Paris Hilton hosts a soiree in Australia

Matt Dillon Arrested for Excessive Speeding
The actor was driving 106 mph in a 65 mph zone6 Comments
American Idol Gina Glocksen to Wed on New Year's Eve
DJ AM Addresses Rumors of Plane Crash Lawsuit
The City, Bromance Debut With Lower Numbers Than Hills
Charles Barkley Arrested for DUI
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt To Host MTV Wedding Event
Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick Victims in Bernie Madoff Scheme
The Obama Family to Move to Washington D.C. This Weekend
Tom Cruise: "I Want 10 Children" With Katie
Jennifer Aniston Arrives in Mexico for New Year's!
Robert Pattinson Defends Heath Ledger
Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf Dodge Explosives in Transformers 2
Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie Top Most Exposed Celeb List
Suspect Charged in Jennifer Hudson Killings Appears in Court
More Celebrity News

Whitney PORT heads outta LAX!

She looks ok for the airport I guess.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Share your New Year's RESOLUTIONS!

What are you trying to change in 2009?


I don't like her as well with the dark locks.

Erin LUCAS from the "CITY"!

Erin Lucas is Whitney Port's friend and co-star on MTV's The City. When Whitney moves to NYC, Erin, who she's known for years, is the only person Whitney can call a friend.
From what we've heard, Erin Lucas is a downtown party girl who loves life and confesses to dating three guys at once. Hey, why settle for one if you can get away with three?
She was cute on the show last night, in this pic, she looks a little over baked in tanning bed.

Olivia PALERMO makes $12,000 per episode of the CITY!

September 24, 2008 --
"SOCIALITE" Olivia Palermo finally found a job. The party-hopper, who had been looking for modeling or acting gigs to supplement Daddy's rent checks, is slated to be part of Whitney Port's new MTV show, "The City" - a New York spinoff of "The Hills." Though Palermo has previously denied rumors that she'll be part of the project, one source told us, "Olivia has been filming all over town. She's earning $12,000 per episode." Another insider said, "There will be breakout stars and lots of good-looking guys" on the series, which "follows Whitney's new life in Manhattan as part of the fashion community." It looks like the drama for Port has already begun. The blond fashionista was recently spotted at Rose Bar with a former fling, E!'s Ben Lyons, complaining to Social Life editor Devorah Rose that she "hated" her cover photo for the magazine.
$12,000 - thats low.
She looks really good in that pic too, with hair and makeup she is very pretty.


Olivia Palermo wearing J. Mendel @ The Frick Collection and Museum of the City of New York


Age: 21

Who's the daddy? Olivia's mother is an interior decorator and her father is a real-estate developer.

Where's the money? Family money meant that Olivia was a shoo-in to the mercenary world of Manhattan society.

Interesting fabulousness: Short-lived reign as New York's new It-girl, now gets the sympathy vote for having been the subject of so much bitching.

Key look: Italian-American princess.

Olivia PALERMO out shopping and with her BF!

Thats her bf, Brad, in the bottom pic. She is cute, nothing super special.


She is still just not that attractive!

Be like the CITY, shop Diane von FURSTENBERG!

Shop HERE!

Hills ratings fall off a CLIFF!

The holidays weren't so good for The Hills.
The Season 4 finale of the MTV reality show, which aired Dec. 22 -- during Hanukkah and three days before Christmas -- didn't pull in the numbers of the show's third-season closer.
According to Hollywood Reporter, the latest finale averaged 2.6 million total viewers, down from 3.8 million for the Season 3 finale, which aired in May.
The show's Season 4 total-viewer's average was down 25 percent from its Season 3 average.
Revisit all the drama of The Hills.
Meanwhile, two show spin-offs are hitting the airwaves Monday. Lauren Conrad ex Brody Jenner debuts his reality show, Bromance, at 9 p.m. EST on MTV. Conrad's pal Whitney Port stars in The City -- which follows her move from L.A. to NYC -- at 10 p.m.
See what Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado had to say about their new MTV show.

Dear MTV,

Show Lauren's real life and not this made up bs that she works for Peoples Republic and pines over Brody Jenner when she has her own line and dates Kyle Howard. Get rid of Speidi(We are all sick of them). Show reality or call it a fictional, scripted show.

Danica SPEEDS, Bristol Palin gives birth, Obama golfs and MORE!

Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie Top Most Exposed Celeb List
Jolie beats out Jennifer Aniston -- who came in third place

Barack Obama Goes Golfing in Hawaii
Fans gather to watch the President-elect hit the links

Race Car Driver Danica Patrick Busted for...Speeding!
She's expected in court in January

Bristol Palin Gives Birth to Baby Boy!
Sarah Palin's daughter and fiance Levi Johnston welcome Tripp Easton Mitchell
Woody Harrelson Gets Married in Hawaii
Report: Balthazar Getty's Brothers & Sisters Role Shrunk
Diddy Giving Away Taxi Rides on New Year's Eve
You Voted: Favorite Star Looks!
Eva Longoria Parker: I Always Have to Work at My Marriage
Scarlett Johansson "Happy With Results" of September Wedding
EXCLUSIVE: Zooey Deschanel Engaged to Death Cab for Cutie Rocker
Cate Blanchett: My Husband Would Divorce Me if I Had Plastic Surgery
Hills Season 4 Ratings Down 25 Percent
Michael Lohan: Lindsay and I Have a Truce
Grey's Anatomy Star Chyler Leigh Pregnant!
Ed Westwick Too Nervous to Greet David Beckham
Drew Barrymore and Jason Segel Go on Karaoke Date
More Celebrity News

Do you prefer the City to the Hills?

US asked:

Do you prefer The City to The Hills?

2015 votes

4301 votes

I actually voted for the City, I like Lauren but I am just over the made up Hills bs.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lauren CONRAD to be on 90210?

It is rumoured:

Reality star Lauren Conrad as Kayla Andress an aspiring actress friend of Adrianna on an upcoming episode of 90210.

MTV'S "THE CITY" debuts tonight!! Are you watching?

I have to admit, I will watch. Hopefully it will be good.

Brody JENNER, seriously, homie, GET OVER YOURSELF!

Your in a cvs, NO ONE GIVES A F**K YOUR BRODY JENNER! They think your about to rob the store you dumb a-hole!

Lauren CONRAD loves the ANTIGUA bag!

The bag is soooo big! Lauren looks cute in that pic.

Lauren CONRAD out partying with that GUY and Shenae GRIMES!


Is Lauren CONRAD'S husky voice from SMOKING?

From Parade Magazine:

Q Does The Hills’ Lauren Conrad have a husky voice from smoking? —Courtney Scott, Corpus Christi, Tex.

A “I’ve never been a smoker,” Lauren, 22, tells us. “Most of us on The Hills hate smoking.” What she loves is writing and designing. “I’m working on my first novel,” says the TV star, who has a three-book deal. “And I’ve designed a heart necklace whose sales help teen victims of partner violence.”

I don't know if Lauren has ever been a cigarette smoker but I think for sure she is pot smoker!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under Armour now has RUNNING SHOES!

Check them out

What an incredible story of mistaken identity!

A twist of fate
After a college trip ended in tragedy, a young survivor was cared for by a family that began to suspect something wasn't right....
I saw this story last night on Dateline and it was an amazing show. I felt so sorry for both families and at the same time, I felt so good because they were all such good people.
It is long, but it is a great read.

ISRAEL air strikes on GAZA!

Arab world slams Israel...
100 targets hit....

Keep an eye on this, this is serious business.

Are TOM and GISELE engaged? And MORE entertainment!

Report: Gisele & Tom Brady Not Engaged
"It's a rumor, rumor, rumor," the NFL star's father says

Eva Longoria: "We Can't Wait to Start a Family"
"I'm very domestic, and Tony is the same way," she says

Jennifer Aniston Beats Brad Pitt at the Box Office on Christmas
Marley & Me has the best opening ever for December 25

Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox Spend Christmas Eve Together
The Marley & Me star joined the Arquette clan for the sixth year
Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Debut First Photo of Bronx Mowgli!
Kendra Wilkinson Sets Wedding Date!
How the Stars Are Spending Christmas
Sopranos Actor Dead in Apparent Suicide
EXCLUSIVE: Lady Antebellum Singer Charles Kelley Engaged!
Kim Kardashian Defends Her Brother Against Courtney Love
Singer Eartha Kitt Dies
Jennifer Aniston Admits GQ Cover was "Photoshopped"
Lindsay Lohan: "My Father... Had Another Child" and "Cheated on my Mother"
VIDEO: Watch Jessica Biel Hike up Her Skirt
Mad Men Star Anne Dudek Welcomes Son!
EXCLUSIVE: Lance Armstrong to be a Dad for the Fourth Time!
Obama Attends Memorial Service for Grandmother
More Celebrity News


From Perez Hilton:
Lo Bosworth attended The Hills Finale celebration at Tavern on the Green in New York in a look straight off the Forever21 website.
Now, there's no shame in shopping at the F21, but couldn't "fashionista" Lauren Conrad have given her something from her own line?
Oh wait, that shiz is probably cheap now too.
Oh well! Must suck being the lowest paid member of the cast!

Whitney PORT boozes it up back in LA and Stephanie PRATT has a nojito!

Whitney Port, back on her home coast, hanging with some pals at L.A.'s posh steakery STK. Whit and chums sipped martinis in lieu of some prime rib, guess she's letting Heidi have all the grade-Z beef these days. W.P., clearly over freezing in New York already, was dressed head to toe in '20s flapper-type attire, wearing a white peasant dress and black headband. This from an aspiring fashion designer? Another Hills regular frequenting the fancy steakhouse a few days earlier was...

Stephanie Pratt, out on the town with BF Cameron Huston. Stephie was the belle of the bar as Hills fans asked her to sit down at their tables. S.P. kept it sober by only drinking a nojito—that's a mojito sans rum. Steph's big bro, Spencer, and his sorta-wife, Heidi, rested at their hotel for the night, too tired to go out. What bizarro world is this when Spiedi is too exhausted to stage a photo op?

Heidi MONTAG and Spencer PRATT not wanted at the HILLS wrap party!

Los Angeles got a break from the cast of "The Hills" when the MTV show had its season wrap party in New York the other night. After Whitney Port (who obviously has never traveled much) declared she loved the "fresh air" of Manhattan, and Lauren Conrad promised the series would be back for another season of semi- scripted reality, the whole crew headed to Butter. But when "Hills" villain Heidi Montag and her svengali, Spencer Pratt, arrived, "they were not allowed in," a source told us. "Heidi starting crying and making a scene at the rope and eventually gets let in. Butter didn't even want them there. They are such jokes." The duo spent less than an hour at the club and left.

Even when they do CHARITY work I still hate them!

Just do the work, don't call the papparazzi and get your picture taken!

Whitney PORT'S holiday wishes!

From Whitney Port:
As times are really tough for everyone right now, I think this is the perfect time to reflect on what is truly important. Instead of focusing our attention on what we want or what we need, I think right now is the time to appreciate what we have, no matter what that entails. I have been lucky enough to come home this week and be with my fam!!! As we speak I am sitting on the couch in the home I grew up in watching tv with my sisters, Jade and Paige, and there is no place I'd rather be -- I could seriously be lazy and do this alllllll week! So my wish for all of you is just to sit back, relax and enjoy your company, whoever they may be.Happy holidays everyone!!!I would love to hear how all of you spent your holiday so please keep me updated in comments!
xoxo, Whitney

Audrina Patridge keeps a FILTHY closet!

From Audrina Patridge:
So here is a picture of one of my closets ~ I know it looks like a complete train wreck but I tore it apart for a good cause haha. I actually went through all of my closets and gathered tons of clothes, shoes, hats, scarves etc. and gave all of it to charity. I really hope that they make someone's christmas =)!
That is just how I pictured her closet, a big ole mess just like her life!

Brody JENNER talks "BROMANCE"!

Now, it'll be Brody Jenner to the max
Friday, December 26th 2008, 4:00 AM

TV personality Brody Jenner attends the season 4 finale of MTV's "The Hills" at Tavern on the Green.
Brody Jenner, star of MTV's "Bromance," wants audiences to know his show is nothing like Paris Hilton's "BFF" search.
He may be looking for a new "bro" to pal around with, but this contest isn't going to be all tiaras and mansions and puppies.
"Paris' show was very set up, like a regular dating show, only with friendship, with set eliminations," Jenner told the Daily News. "We have eliminations, too, but we wanted to make them as fun and as crazy as possible. And these guys are not living in some nice mansion. Wait 'til you see where we had them stay."
"Bromance," premiering Monday at 9 on MTV, features Jenner, who previously appeared on MTV's "The Hills" and Fox's "The Prince of Malibu," with his friends Frankie Delgado and Sleazy T, trying to find a new guy to join their group to essentially replace former friend, "The Hills'" Spencer Pratt. Jenner and Co., with a possible guest appearance by Jenner's ex, Lauren Conrad, will weed through a group of nine guys to find the best "bro."
According to Jenner, a true "bro" is someone "you can trust with your girlfriend when she's drunk."
Also, he's someone who's loyal, honest and fun to be around.
In order to narrow down the field of potential "bros," Jenner put the wanna-bes through a series of friendship challenges.
"The things I put these guys through are just the ultimate test of a friend," said Jenner. "I keep the guys on their toes. A lot of the time, something may seem like a challenge and it's not, and other times something will be a challenge, but it doesn't seem like it. You never know what to expect!"
Jenner says when he was first approached by MTV with the "Bromance" show concept, created by Ryan Seacrest Productions, he thought it was hilarious but wasn't sure it was the right fit for him. But then he decided to not take himself so seriously.
"I love being able to laugh at myself," Jenner said. "The moment you start to take yourself too seriously, other people don't."
Jenner says he did find a great "bro" on the show and that he's already started thinking about Season 2.
"You can never have too many friends!" said Jenner. "To be honest, I was thinking about a second season with girls because you always have to have a girl in the group. But I'd have to eliminate the ones that are too hot because I can't be having all my friends trying to mack on her."

Kristin CAVALLARI will bring in 2009 in MIAMI!

The Shore Club features a familiar list of celeb hosts, including Kristin Cavallari and Robert Iler, whom we think has done nothing but host parties since The Sopranos got whacked. Ron Browz will perform his single Pop Champagne. Tickets are $250 and include open bar from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. And finally, at Grass Restaurant and Lounge, a $200 per person, tax and gratuity included, four-course dinner with one bottle of champagne and one bottle of wine as well as free cocktail service at bar only. At the King Is Dead: a party from 8 p.m.-midnight for $100 per person with full open bar until midnight. After midnight, it's $50 per person and a cash bar. Call 305-573-3355 for information.

Lauren and WHITNEY at the Justin TImberlake concert in the NYC!

I would rather see them doing stuff like this on the Hills than fakin it all the time with some bs club scene!


Any Christmas miracles? What was your favorite gift or moment?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lauren CONRAD, WHITNEY Port, and AUDRINA Patridge at the HILLS finale!

I hate to say it but I think Audrina pulled it together the best last night!

Lots of HILLS from US today!

Spencer Had Visions Of Heidi's Mom "Killing Me in my Sleep"
Pratt reveals why he decided to wait to officially marry Montag

Barack Obama: My Golf Game is "Terrible"
The President-elect plays 18 holes during a family vacation to Oahu

Michael Jackson is in "Fine Health"
His spokesperson denies reports that he needs a lung transplant

Whitney Port Learns Her Boyfriend May Be Cheating on Her
On Monday's premiere of The City, she learns from her ex that her current beau might be dating someone else 4 Comments
Pete Wentz: "I've Tasted" Ashlee's Breast Milk
Sopranos Actor Acquitted on Murder Charges
Spencer Pratt: "We Need a Kid ASAP"
Spencer Pratt Refuses to Legalize Wedding
Paris Source: Door Not Unlocked Pre-Robbery
VIDEO: Watch Heidi Montag's Mom Tearfully Confront Her Daughter About Elopement
Samantha Ronson "Home and Good" After Weekend Trip to Hospital
Holly Madison: "I Will Propose" to Criss Angel
Courteney Cox: "Divorce is Not an Option"
US POLL: Do you like Robert Pattinson's hair long or short?
Matthew McConaughey Blogs About His Family Road Trip
CITIZEN'S ARREST: Write a Fashion Police Caption for Rihanna
Jake Gyllenhaal Celebrates his 28th Birthday with Reese Witherspoon
More Celebrity News

Lauren CONRAD's dress from LAST NIGHT!

The dress she wore to the Hills finale is the 3.1 Philip Lim Multicolored Sequin dress ($925)
I liked it on tv last night and like it even better now seeing the details up close.

Closeup of Lauren CONRAD'S makeup at the HILLS finale!

I don't love the deep red lipstick, a more natural color would have been better, eye makeup is fine and I still hate the hair!

Lauren CONRAD and WHITNEY Port on the HILLS aftershow!

What was Whitney going for, greek goddess? Lauren's dress is ok but I really did NOT like her hair last night!

Like Lauren CONRAD's HOODIE at the Airport?

Her hoodie is from Urban Outfitters - the Character Hero Quick Strike Hoodie

Lauren CONRAD at JFK leaving the NYC!

She looks a little rough after last nights festivities!