Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Audrina PATRIDGE goofs around with the latest workout equipment from REEBOK!

Seriously, another workout gizmo? Seriously, you want to get in shape, get on the treadmill, raise the incline as much as you can for yourself and raise the speed and run or walk for 20 to 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week and throw in weightlifting and you'll look great.

The CITY must be back filming for Whitney to be in NYC and be pretending to hang with JAY again!

The more I see them the more I think they can't even stand each other!

Hayden Panettiere and her MOM at the AIRPORT!

Her mom is the latest example of just too much plastic surgery particularly on the face! JEEZ! STOP WITH THE SURGERY LADIES! If you want a little botox, ok, if you want to get your teeth white, ok, if your nose is horrendous and you get a little work on it, maybe ok. But STOP with all the lip work and the botox where your face does not move at all, stop it, you look ridiculous! Aging is part of life, get over it, If your 60, you can't look 20!

Amanda BYNES at Perez Hilton's BIRTHDAY BASH!

Her face freaks me out, it is just jacked up, I wish she would Twitter what she did to it so that all of us can avoid it!

Kristin Cavallari at the 2009 Winter Music Festival!

I don't really love Kristin's outfit at all and Nicky is every bit as unremarkable looking as Paris!

Why doesn't Lauren CONRAD twitter?

If Ryan Seacrest can, they why the hell can't Lauren?

Is there anyone creepier than Simon van KEMPEN of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC?

Watch this video

Who does this in public? Creepy much perv boy?

Alex MCCORD of the Real Housewives of New York City gets the boot from her JOB!

Count Alex McCord as one of the millions of Americans being hit by the bad economy.
The Real Housewives of New York City star, known for going on extravagant shopping trips with her husband Simon Van Kempen, was just laid off from her visual merchandising job at Victoria’s Secret.
“Now I’m more a Real Housewife than I ever have been before!” McCord tells PEOPLE. “The whole time this show’s been on people have said ‘Define this term housewife,’ ‘Are you a real housewife?’ And I always said, ‘Well, I own a house and I am a wife! But now I’m a real housewife.”
The layoff was not related to McCord’s being on the Bravo reality show. The loss of her full-time job was one of 90 positions cut at the company’s New York headquarters — part of a 10-percent reduction in the brand’s workforce.
McCord had been at the job for two years. She started after a period of freelancing when her sons, Francois and Johan — with Van Kempen — were young. “I had a great time, and even up until the last week I was there, I was gaining new skills,” she says. “My job was my green zone — when I was not Alex from Real Housewives but Alex who’s in beauty.”
What’s next? “The challenge will be to find something meaningful to do, where I am the real
Alex McCord and not just a Real Housewife,” she says. Of course, that will depend a lot on employers, and whether they look at her resumé and skills as a graphic artist, “or if they’ll expect me to come into the interview wearing a leopard-print dress, looking for connections,” she says with a laugh.
Personal Finances
The McCord-VanKempens have a plan to manage the financial storm. “Alex has got until the end of April [when her severance package runs out] to replace her income,” VanKempen tells PEOPLE, “otherwise we’ll have to start cutting back on discretionary income.”
Since VanKempen still has his job as a hotel manager, McCord says the family shouldn’t have trouble paying their monthly bills. But her salary was the one that tended to pay for their infamous shopping sprees, not to mention the cost of their full-time nanny.
“If we need to make cutbacks, that’s easy: don’t go shopping!” McCord notes. As for their annual trips to St. Barth’s, “That’s still happening. But if it comes to needing to make cutbacks, I would rather not shop than have to add to the unemployment by laying off our nanny. And that has nothing to do with not wanting to take care of our children … She has a family as well, and that would be terrible for her.”
But won’t they miss the shopping? She reveals: “Those shopping sprees that you see on the show? That’s only once or twice a year. We don’t have time to shop like that. We do killer kamikaze shopping sprees for like two hours and then don’t shop for six months.” – Mark Dagostino
Those two are such wannabe - pretenders! Bitch loses her job and immediately they are dire straights - too funny! Live within your means - losers!

Lauren Conrad's BOYTOY, Kyle HOWARD, and his show, MY BOYS, returns to TBS tonight at 10:30 EST!

Are you going to watch?

Lauren Conrad visits MTV Canada to promote Season 5 of 'The Hills' at the Masonic Temple on March, 30, 2009!!

Simple and cute.

Lauren Conrad was mobbed by fans outside MTV Canada in Toronto after appearing on a live show to promote the new season of "The Hills"!!

Thats a beautiful coat! One thing we know about Lauren, she can't handle the cold at all, she is dressed liked its -70!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I talked about ZAC EFRON and Vanessa needing to wash their hair earlier but ZAC, this is just DISGUSTING!

I know your not that old, you have millions, its cool to be dirty in LA but dude, clean your ears, I mean that looks like it hasn't had a swab in a year!

Paris HILTON gave her sexy boy a gift like only she can - HERPES!

Ewwwww or as Paris would say "That's hot bitches"!

Lauren CONRAD on the COVER of CLEO for April 2009!

Cleo Indonesia (April 2009): Lauren Conrad

Vanessa HUDGENS hits BESO!

Where do I start? That outfit makes her look like a street hooker! And Zac and Vanessa, washing your hair is a GOOD THING!

Paris HILTON writes about SEXY BOY Dougie getting his ASS kicked!

From Paris Hilton:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Clearing a few things up

Just checking in to say hello and clear a few things up. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding these subjects I’m about to discuss. First of all, last night at a club my boyfriend and I were assaulted for no reason at all. The DJ (I don’t even know his name cause he sucks so bad) was playing the worst music ever! I like certain techno music, but this was not even danceable and was frankly giving me a migraine. I asked one of my friends who runs the hotel if he could change the music and he said ” I’ll lead you up to the DJ booth tell him and he’ll play whatever you want.” So he walked Doug and I over there. I asked the DJ if he could please play Daft Punk or Bob Sinclair and he rudely snapped at me and was like ‘I only play this kind of music.” I think he was jealous cause Bob Sinclair is a far better DJ then this guy by about a million times. He was so unbelievably rude and all because I asked to play one good song. Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don’t ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that’s when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off of me. Then all hell broke loose, it was like something out of a fight movie, it was so frightening. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Doug was fighting off like 6 guys. But he was of course stronger then them all but one of the idiots punched him in the face and busted open his lip. There was blood all over, I cried I was so upset and scared. It was ridiculous and for such a stupid reason, I cannot believe people behave this way, like ainmals! FYI this is not in my nature to be in club brawls, I;ve never been around anything like that. It was totally unprovoked and thank God Doug was there to rescue me. A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman in that manner.Another thing I keep getting are emails from you guys, calls from family, flowers from friends congratulating me on my engagement. They said they read some story the other day saying that when Doug and I went to dinner with my parents the other night that he proposed and I declined. This never happend, I dont know where they come up with these stories sometimes. All we did was have a lovely dinner at my mom’s favorite restaurant. We had all been together on My BFF Show set all day shooting scenes for this upcoming season. It was histerical and a lot of fun. But I will tell you this, Doug is an amazing guy and I feel very lucky that we found each other. We’ve been friends the past year now and have became very close. He’s my best friend, we are so much alike, we love to travel and we have the most incredible time together no matter where we are. I’ve never been happier. He truly treats me like his princess and that’s how every girl should always be treated, Never forget that ladies. My parents love him too, so I’m really happy about that. I love his parents as well, they are such a lovely family. His mother is stunning, so beautiful, sweet, funny and smart. We all had such an amazing time in Maui together, so I’m glad Doug’s getting to know my family as well.I flew into New York this morning, I’m about to go to the Eye Wear Convention. I’m launching my new sunglass line. I’m so excited! I love wearing sunglasses and now I have my very own line! Loves it! So, I have to run, but hope everyones doing wonderfully and love you all.

Love always Paris xoxo
March 27, 2009.

How SAD, Doug is her best friend now! AHHAHAHAHAHHA! Bitch, face it, you have no friends!

Who in the HELL would throw a TIRADE over Audrina Patridge leaving their STUPID reality show? I guess ADAM DIVELLO!

“A source tells Page Six that at a recent cast photo shoot for the MTV show, DiVello “completely lost his cool and was anything but professional” over star Audrina Patridge, who the day before had announced a development deal with “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett. As soon as Patridge left the shoot, says our source, “DiVello went on a tirade, cursing her in front of other cast and crew.” An MTV rep declined to comment.

It's Audrina dude, take a chill pill, you aren't losing Reese Witherspoon, and by the way, the Hills without Lauren - WILL SUCK!


Paris Hilton feels she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were “assaulted for no reason at all” by DJ Steve Angello’s security in Miami Beach early Friday morning. The Swedish spinner, for his part, feels the starlet should “get over” herself.

In what has blown up into a battle of he-said, she-said, he-said, the celebutante and her boy-toy visited the Fontainebleau, where the DJ was showcasing his skills during the 1OAK party at the Winter Music Conference.

Angello’s techno tracks were giving Hilton a migraine, she says in her MySpace blog, so she approached the DJ booth to request a more danceable tune by Daft Punk or Bob Sinclair. That’s when things got ugly.

“[The DJ] was so unbelieveably rude and all because I asked to play one good song,” the BFF-seeker writes. “Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don’t ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that’s when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off me.”

“I was just protecting my girlfriend,” Reinhardt tells E! News. “The DJ’s bodyguard pushed Paris. I stepped in. He tried to push me and manhandle me.”

“For someone who claims to make records…don’t come into a booth and ask me to play hip hop and then have your doorman slap me,” Angello writes of the incident on his Twitter account.

First, pushing Paris really hard, is probably touching her with your pinkie, she probably weighs 75 pounds! Second, you don't tell a DJ in a club what to play, if you don't like the music - LEAVE BITCH!

Olivia PALERMO gets it on with JOHANNES HUBEL PDA Style!

All of these PDA's lately are so desperate! Olivia is definatly one of the better looking people on the Hills or the City.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kathy Hilton: Paris "Not Planning" a Wedding to Doug Reinhardt!!

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt aren't walking down the aisle any time soon.
"People ask me these questions all the time," Paris' mom, Kathy, told Usmagazine.com at Melanie Segal's Kids Choice Awards Lounge Presented by Stouffer's in Hollywood Thursday. "I'm not planning any weddings anytime soon for either of them!"
See Paris' worst outfits ever!
The heiress has recently spoken out about wanting kinds with her new beau, but Kathy laughed,"Well, she has only known him for a few weeks, so I don't know."
But Paris is smitten.
See photos of couples who can't get enough of each other.
"I think she is very happy," Kathy tells us.
Reinhardt, a minor league baseball player who has also dated Lauren Conrad and Amanda Bynes, also has Kathy's seal of approval.
See what Paris and other stars look like in glasses.
"I just met him. We had dinner the other night," Kathy tells Us "We have only met twice, but he seems nice."
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I do see them possibly getting married, his family is rich, her's is rich, and they both are both lazy bums! Perfect!

ASHLEY TISDALE hits LAX and her outfit is, well, interesting?

That looks a wreck!

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were spotted in Miami, FL getting in a round of retail therapy yesterday (March 26, 2009)!!

Why is sexy boy wearing his swim trunks out to shop? BOUCHEDAG! Doug also looks like hes getting himself a pair of man boobs!

Audrina PATRIDGE was spotted arriving backstage at the venue for rehearsals, looking casual in a striped top and jeans!!

I think for Audrina she actually looks really good here!

Audrina Patridge looked perfectly comfortable and confident as the red carpet host at tonight’s 2009 MTV Australia Awards!!

I don't love the curly locks on her.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paris HILTON and her SEXY BOY Dougie Reinhardt hit the AIRPORT!

Her hair looks fried and her arms look like an ethopian child! EAT already!