Friday, January 30, 2009

Video of WHITNEY PORT on the VIEW on January 20, 2009!

Click the pic to get the video, enjoy! Its about 7 minutes.


She looks ok.


“The Wilshire House was built in 1982 but its unadorned contoured balconies, strong horizontal lines, and angled setbacks make its design as attractive and contemporary today as it was when it was new. One of a small handful of buildings on the Wilshire Corridor with a tennis court, The Wilshire House is a refined and gracious residence where the emphasis is on generous proportions and abundant comfort. Amenities include valet parking, doorman, concierge services, banquet facilities, fitness center, and a swimming pool with a comfortable sundeck.
Located on the north side of Wilshire Boulevard at the corner of Westholme, The Wilshire House commands spectacular views in every direction. Westwood Village and the expansive campus of UCLA are just a few blocks away, and Beverly Hills is just over a mile to the east, with West Hollywood, the Beverly Center and the Sunset Strip beyond that.”
You can see the beautiful Wilshire House here
Looks good, a condo is a perfect spot for someone young like Lauren.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Olivia PALERMO desperate to be a REAL ACTRESS!

January 28, 2009 --
OLIVIA Palermo (above) is using MTV's "The City" to learn how to be a "serious actress." The fauxcialite was at the opening of the new W Hotel in Atlanta, where, according to our spy, "Olivia was talking about how she wants to be a serious actress but that acting is so much harder than she thought it would be." Palermo also confessed, "I'm shooting 'The City' to get used to being in front of the camera." We hear she'll have one more year of practice - the low-rated show has inexplicably been picked up by MTV for a second season.
Olivia, reality is your calling, you are too much and too funny on the City!

Audrina PATRIDGE hits up BAJA FRESH!!

That top is pretty sheer for grabbing some baja fresh!

Heidi and SPENCER party with someone named YA BOY! Good for them.

Where's that reader who loves Obamie, they probably know who YA BOY is. Based on the cd cover with weed on it, Ya Boy is another great influence within the black community because everyone knows smoking weed is the way to success.


Beautiful pictures.

Lauren CONRAD packed up LO Bosworth and brought her to the new condo too!

Lo has unusually large nostrils, probably from all the coke.

Lauren CONRAD makes faces arriving at her new CONDO in WESTWOOD!

Those are the same faces I made when I saw this outfit, the beanie, the tights, not good!

Barack OBAMA made empty promises and LIED, what a shock!

So yesterday the House passed a "stimulus" bill with not one republican vote and with 11 democrats siding with the republicans. But the real news is the considerable earmarks and pork in the bill. During the campaign, Barack repeatedly said he would not allow earmarks to be added to bills. LIE! Approximatly 30% of this bill on the low end is earmark pork. Things like birthcontrol funding that have NOTHING to do with stimulating the economy.

He also promised compromise and bipartisanship with the republicans. LIE. There is hardly anything in the bill from the republicans hence none of them voted for it.

How many more lies can we expect from Obama the Great?

Whitney PORT to do the "THE VIEW" tommorow morning 1/30/2009!

Be sure to catch Whitney Port on The View Friday morning. Whitney will be discussing her show The City, (which has been renewed for a second season) with the ladies of The View.

Audrina PATRIDGE calls it QUITS with JUSTIN BOBBY again and HOPEFULLY for GOOD this TIME!

Audrina Patridge spoke to Us Weekly to clear the air on her relationship status. After reports of her being seen around town with another man, Audrina got tired of rumors that she was cheating on Justin Bobby. In actuality, Audrina claims they’re done…for good this time it seems.
“I keep reading on blogs that I’m cheating on Justin, and we’re not even together anymore!” Audrina tells Us Weekly. “The last time I saw him was at The Hills finale in New York in December.” Audrina says the reason for the split is because “he doesn’t want to give 110 percent.” It took her a long time to figure this one out, but we’re glad she finally seems to get it.
She also says she thinks the extended version of season 4 of The Hills will be the last, which would pretty much confirm recent reports. “At this point, we’ve all matured so much, and everyone kind of wants to break off and do their own thing.”
I think Lauren living in a condo suggests it will not be the last season, if it were the last I think she would just tell the homeowners association she is doing one last season. Then again, I have not heard her house is on the market so maybe this is just very short term temporary to get the last season complete.

Audrina PATRIDGE makes a COFFEE run!

Jeez, it looks like she got those damn lip injections! She has that stung by a bee look! And I guess it was too much to ask that she put her boobs away for two days in a row!

If you want to suggest a BOOK or another product.....

Post it once in the comments under one heading not 22 times or leave a note in the comments and I will consider doing a full post for you.

Lauren CONRAD and Lo BOSWORTH choose CONDO living!

Lauren Conrad and her BFF roomie Lo Bosworth are leaving their Hollywood Hills home for a high-rise complex in the Westwood area. A source tells E! News that “she wanted more security, and being in a building with a doorman will allow her that.”
The Hills fans will probably see it all go down on the upcoming series of episodes. Just yesterday, Lauren and Lo had a barbecue at their house with MTV cameras in tow. No word on whether it was an official moving out party, but Stephanie Pratt, Brody Jenner and his girlfriend
Jayde Nicole were in attendance.
LC’s Hollywood neighbors notoriously voiced their anger at the attention the reality starlet drew to their otherwise quiet neighborhood.
This will surely be good news for them.
Check out Lauren & Lo moving out in this video.
I think condo living is great when your young, its a great way to meet people.

Get all the LATEST Kim KARDASHIAN and KARDASHIAN family news!

I know some of you are more Kim fan than Kristin Cavallari fan!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My RANT on Chipotle Mexican Grill!

So i'm sure most of you have a Chipotle around you, its mexican fast food really. A good spot for lunch they basically serve simple burritos and tacos. Well, I went the other day having not been in awhile and two things bugged me, first, the prices went up and two, the portions got smaller.

How do prices go up in a deflationary environment, prices on everything are coming down?

And then you used to get four crispy tacos and now you only get three.

Its still good but for the money its not the great value it was. I mean $6 plus bucks for three little tacos is no great bargain.

I hope Chipotle stops looking just at the bottom line and margins and works to keep value and keep its customers.

Whitney PORT at LAX early this morning!

Even her beautiful face can't hide the disaster that is that outfit!

Audrina PATRIDGE leaves the PACIFIC DINER!

She looks so much when her rack isn't front and center every day.

Whitney PORT out in LA on 1/26/2009!

Whitney's strengths are a beautiful face and long legs but her style is just not flattering.

Kristin CAVALLARI and ADAM from the CITY did a hot photo shoot awhile back!


The TALE of Joe the Plumber and Obama.........

One morning Obama was brushing his teeth and the water was running and Obama reached under the sink to grab a hand towel and the pipe under the sink was leaking so Obama grabbed the yellow pages and called Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber pulled up to the mansion Obama lived in and came inside, after evaluating the problem he informed Obama it was an easy fix and would take two minutes to fix.

Obama asked how much it would cost and Joe the Plumber replied $9,500.00.

Obama, shocked, asked why it cost so much. The plumber replied due to the Plumbing Act of 2009 any customer making over $250,000.00 paid an increased rate so that Plumbers could do jobs at cost plus 10% for the general public making less than that.

Obama said he would not pay that.

A week later the leak was worse and Obama had to begin to put a trash can under the sink.

He called other plumbers and the other plumbers told him if he did not get it fixed the problem would get worse and possibly flood the house at some point. Obama also asked for more quotes and the quotes came back in the same neighborhood due to the Plumbing Act of 2009 they could not do the work for less.

So Obama brought Joe the Plumber back to do the work and at this point asked what the final quote would be, Joe the Plumber said $21,000.00. Obama said but you told me $9,500.00 just two weeks ago.

Joe said that because of the new law, people were learning to do their own plumbing repairs and because there were less repairs there was less work and due to the decrease in work, prices had risen.

This is what happens when you raise taxes on the rich, less of them work, they choose to go to other countries to run their businesses or not work at all and what happens, ultimatly, government tax revenues actually fall not rise.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks OBAMA supporters for leaving THE MALL a big, crappy mess!

Here's a change for you, throw your damn trash in a trash can or if you can't find a can carry it with you and throw it out later! What a disgrace.


This is back from 2006:

If you're a fan of "Laguna Beach" on MTV, here's a few tidbits that may be interesting to you.


The main cast from season one & two were paid $2,000 for each season. This only applied to the people that appeared in the opening credits. Other cast members were paid half for each season. The third season cast will be paid $4,000 a season if they are a "main" person. Other cast members are paid half ($2,000 a season).


According to a cast member from Season 3, Talan is now dating LaLaine (Miranda Sanchez from Lizzie McGuire) and Jessica's friend, Nikki, says "the way the convo went, I'm convinced it's accurate.."


Nikki (who used to be good friends with Kristin) says that Kristin was not faithful to Stephen during their relationship. A post she made on the message board reads "She did do something to me that was a bit whorish -- hooking up with my ex bf at prom, when she went with Stephen."


Kristin lived with her Laguna friends when she moved to L.A. Kristin moved out shortly after & does not keep in touch with any of friends from high school. "They've said that she's gotten too big of a head" was posted @ the forum.


MTV bought Kristin's old car (the isuzu) and the money may have went towards her BMW SUV. The car was not a graduation present but was given to her before spring break.


Filming for the show is done on certain days. The MTV crew will call the cast members and have them meet at a certain place (MTV must have permission from public places like restaurants & stores to film there). Each season is filmed over an 8 month period. Although the script is not physically written out, the cast members are to be at a certain place and talk about certain things as told & directed by MTV.


From someone who hung out with the cast members, he saw many occasions where Kristin had to rip LC off of Stephen every time they were together. The fighting between Kristin & LC was much worse off camera. Stephen "hooked up" with LC numerous times, while dating Kristin.


Lauren was anorexic her freshman year, part of her sophmore year, and part of her junoir year in high school.


A majority of students at Laguna Beach High weren't too fond of LC. She was viewed as a "not so generally nice person". From someone who had known her for many years--> "If you hardly know her, she will be semi-polite. If you get to know her, she can be really boring because all she likes to talk about is her, money, and her money." Others defend LC by saying she's just an overall quiet person and that can throw her off as being "bitchy".


During a Season Two episode, there was a tiny fight between Casey & Alex M. Casey had spread a rumor about Alex M having a hygeine problem and coming from someone who had heard the rumour herself, "Casey said that Alex had an STD, herpes, ghonorrhea, something like that."


Lo began doing coke at the end of her junoir year and throughout her senoir year. You can see she was skinnier on the show but then porked up. She was not hooked on it but she was more the "jump on a bandwagon" type where if her friends did it, she would. From Nikki "She gave my now boyfriend's friend Eric (who's now 24) oral for a ride home."


Jason checked into rehab mostly for alcoholism the first and last time, but the second time it was for drugs (most likely coke).


from Nikki, who works with Candance "one day at work candace came in and told me that breanna conrad was telling people to call her "BC"---ejhrfgiovbgjknfrebnkl!!!??!?!?"


-Nikki says that smoking was considered "cool" amongst the Laguna kids for a while. Lo, Christina (when she was drunk), Talan, Stephen, and Dieter.. just to name a few. None of them were real addicted smokers (like Jason). It was more of a social thing.-Most of the Laguna kids who go to private clubs in LA now are most likely doing coke.-Everytime there was a red cup, plastic cup, or waterbottle filled with something that wasn't CLEAR.. they were drinking (which was pretty much at least once an episode since filming was done between Thursday and Sunday)-LC's parents may have had something to do with MTV setting up her own tv show.- Not a lot of people referred to her as LC, until Laguna Beach.-Kristin and Taylor were actually friends. MTV edited footage to make it look like they didn't interact with each other at all.-Talan dropped out of Laguna Beach High School before Season Two started. He moved to L.A., in an apartment to start his singing & acting career.-Lo turned flaky and fake. She was known as a "fairweathered friend", where she's only your friend if the mood strikes.-An MTV camera van ran over a homeless woman in Laguna Beach. She was injured and recieved money from MTV.

Lauren CONRAD'S favorite songs!

Brand new me
Colbie Caillat

Bottle it up
Sara Bareilles

Love Story
Taylor Swift

Miss Hollywood
It Boys

Wait for me
Max Morgan

The time of my life
David Cook

David Archulleta



Listen to them at

Lauren CONRAD'S mark cosmetics AD!

Does anyone use mark?

Buy a TIARA that Lauren CONRAD designed for charity! Auction ends 1/31/2009!

Tiara Auction for Charity
You are cordially invited to attend...a Royal Tiara Auction!
I had so much fun decorating this tiara for the auction.

From January 1-31, 2009, tiaras decorated by celebrities, authors, and designers such as Julie Andrews, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Lauren Conrad, Julianne Moore, Bobbi Brown, Austin Scarlett, Nicole Miller, R.L. Stine, Chris Van Allsburg and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, just to name a few, will be auctioned off to celebrate the publication of FOREVER PRINCESS, the tenth and final book in the Princess Diaries series by best-selling author Meg Cabot.All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit essential teen programs at The New York Public Library's 87 branches. Don't miss your chance to play a part in helping a very worthy cause!The tiara is the iconic symbol of the Princess Diaries books. These tiaras are one-of-a-kind collectors' items that were hand decorated by the celebrities! These tiaras are fragile, which means they're better off being proudly displayed on a shelf, never worn (they'll last longer that way)! As a bonus, each tiara comes with a tag signed by the decorator!

SUPER BOWL is this SUNDAY! What are your favorite wings?

What are you favorite wings? What snacks are you serving?

MTV renews "The CITY" for SEASON 2!! I love the CITY!

MTV has renewed freshman reality shows "The City" and "Daddy's Girls," and given a series order to the recent special "Teen Cribs."The network will bring back Whitney Port's "Hills" spinoff for a second season, as well as additional episodes of Vanessa and Angela Simmons' "Daddy's Girls." MTV has also ordered 20 episodes of spinoff "Teen Cribs" (which debuted as a special on Jan. 17).Still undecided: The fate of Brody Jenner’s freshman series "Bromance."

In all honesty as a show i like the City now more than the Hills, good drama last night and pretty people equals a winner in my book.

Casey Reinhardt and MOMMY!

Casey still looks as dumb as a rock but god bless her for one of the best Laguna episodes ever when she outed Alex for having gonnohrea!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The SUN says the Hills will end after the upcoming season!

Lauren Conrad's hit reality TV show, the Hills, is reportedly set to end after the next series.

The real-life drama, which documents the lives of Conrad and her friends in Los Angeles, is currently in its fifth season - but will come to end after series six, according to British newspaper The Sun.

I think it goes on as long as it gets decent ratings and Lauren is a part of the show.

Peek-A-Boo, I see you Lauren CONRAD!

Lauren played hide and seek yesterday with the photogs! Lauren looks kind of sloppy. Lo, was she expecting a flood?

Olivia PALERMO helped open the W Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta last week!

Hat tip to Zee from LagunaHookup. Olivia looks beautiful. What the hell is Sophia Bush wearing? And look who else popped in the picture, that reality mess, cancer faking, Kim, from Real Housewives of Atlanta, that bitch is a mess!