Monday, September 14, 2009


I like everything except that over the top, trampy, red lipstick!

Lauren CONRAD hits the SALON!

I like the look, casual and fun!

Lauren CONRAD at the 2009 MTV Music Awards!!

The hair looks awful, like the dress but not on her, it makes her look hippy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lauren Conrad at the Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles - August 15, 2009!!

Lauren's new style seems to be showing off her undergarments! I see she's still with Kyle.

Lauren CONRAD shooting for SHAPE MAGAZINE!

She must have shot these ahwile ago.

Lauren CONRAD out in Hollywood!

First, Lauren is a pretty girl but she's putting on some pounds!

Lauren Conrad Hosts TAO Beach @ the Venetian - August 22, 2009!

Lauren's still pulling off these fashion disasters I see! She looks preg. Looks like something Stevie Nicks would wear. And she's showin all her business!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heidi PRATT takes HO advice from KIM KARDASHIAN, who else!

While Heidi Pratt has yet to confirm officially she'll pose for Playboy, Kim Kardashian - who was featured in the magazine's December 2007 issue - says the Hills star called her for advice.
"Actually, I was in Mexico and I got a call from Heidi saying, 'Call me right now,' " Kardashian tells MTV News. "So I called her and she had said to me, 'What do you think? What's your opinion on if I were to do Playboy?'"
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Kardashian's advice? "Go for it."
Can you spot Kim's baby photo in this gallery?
"I think that now's the time," she says. "I think it's a very classy magazine. It's artsy. I talked her through the whole process and helped her make up her mind."
Kardashian also said Spencer Pratt also weighed in.
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"Her and Spencer talked it over," Kardashian tells MTV. "They felt like it was the right thing for her to do and I'm anxious to see it."
How long until Heidi tells everyone Jesus told her to pose nude like a ho!

When in DOUBT blame the HILLS for your LIFE PROBLEMS!

Hills star Stephanie Pratt opens up for the first time in the new issue of Us Weekly about hating her body and her terrifying secret struggle with bulimia -- sparked, she says, by the pressure of appearing alongside her super-thin friends on the hit MTV reality show.
Look back at the Hills' biggest scandals.
The 5-foot-7 23-year-old reveals she began bingeing and purging after watching a scene she shot with Lauren Conrad in 2007 after first joining the cast: "I was horrified. I remember saying, 'I can't believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.'"
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Another time, when filming in Hawaii in bikinis, the size 0-2 Pratt –- in a bikini and cover-up -- asked costar Audrina Patridge, "What looks better, 'shirt on or off?'" Patridge said 'On.'" Says Pratt, "The producers never put pressure on us to lose weight," but adds, "It's embarrassing working with skinny girls."
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Pathetic, bitch own your problems, no one forced you to do the Hills!

She’s always up for a luxurious vacation, and yesterday (June 16) Audrina Patridge was spotted chilling out by the pool in Mexico!!

Whenever I see Audrina, all I can think of is "Dirty" by Christina Aguliera!

Lauren Conrad was spotted signing copies of her book “L.A. Candy” at a Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles yesterday (June 16)!!

Cute. Really cute!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blake Lively is drop dead gorgeous in a strapless Michael Kors pink dress as she walks the carpet at the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards!!

Blake looks ravishing!

Whitney Port is a busy girl. But she found time to check out the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards last night (June 15)!!

Whitney does dressy so well and casual so poorly! Beautiful here.

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Use the comments to let me know. I would like the site to be a little more profitable and I would like to offer more of the content in US and People, etc., so you would get that info without buying the magazines.

No pressure obviously, just gauging what you all want.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heidi MONTAG strips down in COSTA RICA!

Heidi still not cute even with all the surgery!

The SPEIDI/ROKER interview we have been disccussing....

Judge for yourself!


Kristin CAVALLARI out shopping!

The flared jeans are a mess and not flattering at all, this is what they call a fashion disaster!

Is the SANJAYA and Holly MONTAG romance for real?

They are getting close on "I'm a celebrity, get me outta here" - is it real or NBC inspired romance?

I have to say seeing Holly on the show has made her more likeable in my book!

Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard going for dinner at Pizza Al Forno!!

Neither of them are lookin too hot here!

Brody Jenner headed out for an afternoon of paddle surfing in Malibu on Sunday (June 14)!!

That "JENNER" tat is so stupid!