Thursday, January 31, 2008

Does WHIT WHIT have a new MAN?

Thoughts? He doesn't have great style. And we all know Whitney checks out the shoes and his aren't that great!

The BRITNEY drama!!

SPIRAL: Britney Spears Taken From Home in Ambulance......
Faces two weeks in psychiatric unit...
'Hadn't Slept Since Saturday'...

I've reached the point with it where I actually just feel sorry for her, that said, someone in her family need to ascert themselves and take her back to Louisiana. Her career for better or worse is over. Time to just go home, get well, and live a normal life. In a year, no one would even talk about her anymore.


The top picture looks like the face of a smoker and I can't see her other hand, she is hiding the ciggy I bet!! Why in the world would anyone smoke, sheeshh, the cig companies have told you it will kill you!


Whitney heads out after LC's b-day at S bar. Atleast, she's not falling down drunk! How sad, was LC drinking by herself?


TOMORROW, FEBUARY 1st!! She'll be 22.



LC and LO at LC's B-DAY DINNER!!

LC is SLOOOOPPPPPY DRUNK!!! Look at her, what a mess!! She's fallin outta the car, fallin outta her dress, jeez!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Patrick Scott, he played soccer at UCSB where Lo originally went to school before the transfer to UCLA.


Did she SNEAK in for a little WORK we don't know about?

How DARE they put K CAV on the spot!!

The razzi are ridiculous!!
**THE link is not bad, must be a temporary problem at TMZ, keep tryin!!


Super Tuesday, next week. GET OUT and VOTE!! Have your voice heard!! Whether your a Hillary, a Barack, a McCAIN, a Romney, just VOTE!!

LC's NY Photo SHOOT!


Stephen talks about DATING LC!

Video is in the pic.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OFF SUBJECT, Can ANYONE tell me WHY Chick-Fil-A does not have WINGS?

I mean their who franchise is centered around the chicken! Just kind of a rambling!

Perez HILTON predicts!! Spencer and HEIDI, an APOLOGY to LC?

Clip embedded in pic. If you don't want to watch it all, stuff about the hills and LC starts at about the 1:00 minute mark and ends about 1:30.

WHAT's LC listenin to?

"When I'm on the treadmill I like either really girly music or '80s rock." - Lauren Conrad
By the way, we should all be airbrushed like LC is in that pic!!


Though they've been spotted making out and clubbing, Laguna Beach alumni Lauren Conrad insists she and her ex Stephen Colletti are not back on.
"We're just friends," Conrad told at the grand opening of the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday.
The duo were spotted getting cozy at the L.A. Kings versus Anaheim Ducks hockey game in L.A. Thursday night, but Conrad said, "I was there with a big group of friends. I'm dating but no specifc person."
The unattached Conrad told Us she's undecided on Valentine's Day plans. "Will you be my Valentine?" she asked fellow single Hills costar Audrina Patridge at the opening.
"I think every single girl dreads Valentine's Day. We'll probably make it fun and come out to Vegas."
Conrad has also moved on from her internship at Teen Vogue. She told Us, "I actually just got a new job but can't talk about it right now. I'm really excited about it."
(See Conrad's baby picture here.)
In other Hills romance news, Brody Jenner, Conrad's ex, is denying reports that he hooked up with Lindsay Lohan this weekend in New York City.
"We were hanging out as friends and nothing happened," Jenner tells E! News. "We weren't 'all over' each other, and we definitely weren't making out. I am dating and really happy with [girlfriend] Cora [Skinner]."

WORKOUT just like your HERO, LC!!

In the seven months that celeb trainer Jarett Del Bene has been working with Lauren Conrad, she's dropped body fat, firmed up, and discovered just how energizing it is to finish a challenging routine. "In my opinion, if you're not sweating, you're not really working out," says Del Bene, whose exercise DVD, Look Like a 10, Feel Like a 10, comes out this month (a portion of the proceeds will benefit the TUFF Foundation, Teaching Underprivileged Families Fitness, the charity he co-founded). He gets Lauren "glistening" with 30- to 60-minute circuit training sessions that use free weights or bands. "We do something different every time," he says. Achieve your own firming results with these six moves from Del Bene. They'll target every major muscle in just 20 minutes.
The plan

See the complete workout here


From Perez HILTON:

"We're just friends," Lauren Conrad is saying about ex-boyfriend Stephen Colleti, whom she's been photographed with a lot lately.

What she's thinking: "We're totally fucking, but if I say we're 'just friends' then I can drag this story out longer!"

What she wants us to think: "Heidi is a whore!"

What Stephen's thinking: "I NEED this chick for publicity! I got fired from my job as a VJ on

MTV and from One Tree Hill. I need work!"

What he wants us to think: "I'm not gay."

What we're really thinking: "Who cares about these two? The Hills is fake anyways!"

So i'm guessin LC is gonna milk this fake relationship for the next year so the Hills pulls decent ratings?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cora SKINNER, Brody's real, REAL-LIFE, girlfriend!

Ok, let me point out a couple things, first, this is an old pic, Brody has had that scalped cut since atleast Halloween. So, obviously, the whole LC/BRODY deal was TOTAL and complete fabrication for the HILLS. Which also leads me to believe the whole LC/HEIDI/SPENCER?BRODY fued is also just total BS!
The HILLS is no more real than NCIS. WHAT the HELL, Mark Harmon isn't really NCIS?

LO, you MUST, MUST, walk 10 steps behind LC!! SHE is the STAR!!

LC, with color, again, what the h - e - double hockey sticks is going on? Again, she actually looks decent! I'm guessing this dress is from LC's line since Lo is wearing the same thing in a different color?

A little BACKGROUND on LC's new ROOMIE, Lauren BOSWORTH!

1. Lo has one brother and one sister.
2. During the first season of Laguna Beach, Lo was a senior.
3. She made periodic appearances on The Hills in its third season.
4. In high school, she had more strict parents and was relatively more conservative than some of her fellow cast members.
5. She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. However, Lauren transferred to UCLA for her junior year. She is, or was, majoring in communications and art history.
6. Lauren Bosworth has stated that she does not have any online profile of any sort and that any baring her name are all fake.
7. She is rumoured to have enjoyed the old gray lady.
8. She is rumoured to have given oral pleasure for a ride home while in high school.


The more I see Audrina the more she annoys me. I was really off when I thought she would take over the HILLS and be POPULAR.

BRODY had to leave straight from SEX with LOHAN for a DRIVE-BY SHOOTING! I wonder if BRODY is a CRIP or a BLOOD?

Brody Jenner (left) and Lindsay Lohan (right)
Photo by: Pacific Coast News

Lindsay Lohan and Brody Jenner avoided being photographed together Friday night as the two hit night clubs in New York, but while inside they got pretty cozy, sources tell PEOPLE. The pair were spotted "all over each other" at Beatrice Inn. They stayed about 30 minutes and then headed to another celebrity hot spot, The Box, along with buddy Frankie Delgado. Reportedly, they both lingered until 3:30 a.m. "She likes him. It's early, but they are more than friends," a source says of Lohan. "He seems to like her back. They're actually sweet together, it would be nice if she kept him around." On the other hand, Brody recently told PEOPLE that his "new girlfriend" Cora Skinner had "met the parents" and "She's part of the family." It's getting hard to keep up! A rep for Jenner did not return calls for comment.
Brody is such a wannabe gangster with the public enemy shirt and the plaid!


Atleast LC isn't wearing BLACK! Later they tried for the threesome with E.

HEIDI continues to be the BIGGER person!

"I pray for her. Life is too short and you can't hold grudges. We've parted our ways and I wish her the best."

- Heidi Montag told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night about her The Hills frienemy Lauren Conrad

How LONG will STEPHEN tolerate LC this time?


We have a feeling we're gonna be seeing a lot more of him on the upcoming season of The Hills!
Lauren Conrad and her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, have been rekindling their romance lately.
Thursday night, the O.C. couple hit up the LA Kings vs the Anaheim Ducks hockey game at the Staples Center.
What do U think about LC and Stephen, Hayden Panettiere's ex, giving love a second shot????

My take is BRODY can't even pretend to like LC anymore, so, enter Stephen who needs work after One Tree Hill.

Friday, January 25, 2008


BUYER: Lauren ConradLOCATION: N. Orange Grove Avenue, Los Angeles, CAPRICE: $2,495,000 (list)SIZE: 3,009 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (main house)

DESCRIPTION: Stunning renovation of a 1020s character Spanish. Gated w/ courtyard entry. 3+2.5+den_pvt detached gsthse w/ bath. Refinished hrdwd flrs, custom kit w/ Lagos Azul counters & high-end s/s appl. Tastefully appointed baths w/ Carrara marble. Original charm such as gorgeous wrought iron work, original moldings, antique light fixtures, & a beautiful den w/ traditional Spanish floor tiles. Great outdoor space includes a sun-filled yard, pool & fp.

Well, almost immediately after putting up our little screed about Lauren Conrad, Your Mama heard from Junebug and Sweet Thing, both of whom have been in this house and who both gave us all the 411 about Little Miss Conrad's new home. We thought the children who care might like a little look see at what rich parents and reality T.V. paychecks can buy.Well, in truth kids, Your Mama does not know if Little Miss Conrad is purchasing this property with her own money earned from posing for party candids at Roosevelts and Hyde, or if it's being leased for her television show by the production company. We suspect she's purchasing, but we've been wrong before. The house ws last listed at $2,495,000. No word on what Little Miss LC is paying, but Junebug thinks 2.2 million clams would have been a better asking price.

At any rate, the freshly renovated house measures 3,009 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. There is also a guest house out back with additional an bedroom and bathroom which will make perfect digs for a bodyguard or one of her less fortunate female friends who can't afford her own multi-million dollar house.We confess to liking this house quite a bit. Of course, it is not blazing any new interior design trails, but it's a modestly sized, well appointed house.

THE site of HEIDI even in PRINT makes PEOPLE do CRAZY THINGS!!

Heidi Montag is getting one guy in deep doo-doo, and it's not Spencer. During court proceedings in Rowan County, N.C., Judge Kevin Eddinger caught lawyer Todd Paris checking out a Maxim magazine with the topless Heidi on its cover. The judge was so steamed about it, he threw the book (not the mag) at the attorney. According to the Salisbury Post, the judge fined Todd $300, gave him a 15-day suspended jail sentence and put him on unsupervised probation. Who knew Heidi could cause such a stir?The judge showed the cover to the courtroom, and no surprise -- the crowd erupted in laughter.

When did KRISTIN move out of LA and move to SCHLEP CITY?

I'm all for being comfortable but Kristin is taking schleping to whole new level lately!! And this is from someone who in general loves Kristin.


Why does she have wallet in her back pocket? Is she a guy? Those pants - ugggghhhh! I mean when she got dressed did she just throw darts and wear whatever the dart hit?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who will the THIRD mystery roommate be?

Spoiler alert!
In an exclusive interview with, The Hills’ Audrina Patridge reveals that not only are she and Lauren Conrad moving to the Hollywood Hills, but they’re also bringing chum Lauren “Lo” Bosworth along with them.
“New year, new house, new jobs, new boys, new everything,” Patridge, 22, tells Us. “It’s gonna be fun!”

See what the cast looked like as kids here.

Watch an exclusive video announcement, taken at the Sundance Film Festival, below.

Video HERE

Biatch needs to rent as many rooms as possible to pay that MORTGAGE!!


Clips are imbedded in pics, Kristin guest starred as a Lindsey Lohan type on Cane a couple months back.

WHAT LC did while in ATLANTA!

Lauren, a.k.a., ‘L.C.’ brought her trusty assistant “Christie” with her for their overnight night appearance in Atlanta. The girls visited MF Sushi after shopping a bit at Lenox Square Mall. A huge crowd of well over 1,000 guests greeted Lauren at the venue where she partied until closing. Tucker Kroll, of Tucker K Entertainment added, “Lauren’s appearance caused a road block of fans to line up very early outside despite the freezing cold weather–just to get inside for a pictures or autograph from her.”

Lenox is the Beverly Hills equivalent of Rodeo Drive. MF Sushi is arguably the best spot for sushi in Atlanta.

Kristin GETS her GROOVE on AT LAX in VEGAS with WILMER!!

Wilmer? Wilmer? Are you SERIOUS?

I KEEP saying DO NOT get TATS!!

Love. It's so temporary in Tinseltown—unless you get a tattoo. Then it's so long, closure, and hello, plastic surgeon.
That's the route Kristin Cavallari is taking, essentially putting the kibosh on any possibility of reconciliation with Nick Zano (they dated from 2006 until December 2007) by erasing his initials from her left wrist.
K.Cav is at Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan's office today, a source tells E!, undergoing a treatment to remove the ink. "It is kind of painful," says the insider, "but she wants that thing off."
Treatment is said to take several visits before the tattoo is sufficiently removed. (Until then, we suggest Kristin tell folks she's rooting for New Zealand in the '08 Olympics.)
And in an almost too good to be true twist, Kristin's seeing the same doctor who did Heidi Montag's boob and nose jobs.
So, in case you've been wondering how Hills producers are gonna introduce K.C. into their show, may we suggest a girlie bonding session between Lauren Conrad's two sworn enemies powwowing on beauty doctors? That sure would make for some good drama.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Britney arrives at COURT to get her kids back! UPDATE, And then she left, without going in, AGAIN! What a MESS she is!!


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse for a hearing in their ongoing custody battle.
“She is in the building and will be brought in when the case is called,” the Court's public information officer says. “All lawyers for both parties are inside."
Federline was wearing a light gray suit and his hair was in a mohawk.
Spears adviser Sam Lutfi drove the singer in a black Lincoln Navigator from the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Spears' paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib left separately.
On Monday, Spears spent over two hours at the offices of Kevin Federline's attorney. She left looking upset.
Federline has had sole physical custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James since the singer's hospital trip earlier this month.
Last night, Spears and Ghalib were involved in a minor car accident. Spears' response was to curse in a southern drawl.
Last week, Spears arrived at the L.A. Superior Court for a scheduled hearing only to leave the premises without entering the building.
"Move back, I'm scared!" she was overheard crying before she left. "Stop it! Let me get back in the car!"

Here's a piece of advice to Britney, get yourself cleaned up, get in some therapy, move back to Lousiana, and then get your kids back, they don't need their MAMA all crazy!!

Heath Ledger Passes Away

I only really saw Heath in the "Patriot" and he was quite good and obviously a talented actor. The sad part moreso is he has a young child. I take a lot of flack for the title of this site and some of my comments about LC, but what should really disturb all of us is the pace of media today, the inaccuracy in reporting, and the reporting itself. If you have followed the death of Mr. Ledger, the talk of drugs which is really no one's business, the inaccuracy that pills were strewn all over the room, and the fact the MEDIA informed Heath's family are all really DISGUSTING.

Heath's IMDB




Regards to his family and friends for their profound loss.

Stephanie PRATT will be a KEY player on NEXT season of the HILLS! YAH, that will SAVE the SHOW!!

Shepratt is back!

Sources tell us that Spencer Pratt's sister, Stephanie, will be featured a lot in the upcoming season of The Hills.

Shepratt, who has a criminal past, will be "one of Lauren [Conrad]'s rivals."

In fact, Methface Stephanie has signed up for the same design school, FIDM, that Lauren "attends."

They've been filming the "realness" on campus, and all of that will be played out on these last 8 episodes of the season.

LC's MOM just like LC has QUESTIONABLE style!!

Mama Conrad is starting to age a little, she looked GOOD on Laguna.