Friday, November 30, 2007

Heidi and Spencer get another cover!

Recently, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag had fans of The Hills wondering if the reality-TV couple were headed for a split. He wanted to elope in Vegas, but the bride-to-be hoped for an elaborate church wedding and neither was willing to budge. But now it looks like the duo has learned the first rule of marriage: compromise!“I kind of want an intimate wedding. I want our friends and family to be there, but that’s pretty much it,” Heidi, 21, tells Life & Style. "We may do it somewhere else -- maybe Tahiti." Spencer tells Life & Style, "It's a constant debate -- but it's our lives, so I have to be involved."Read all the wedding details, including who’s invited and who’s not, in the latest issue of Life & Style—on newsstands now!

Is that BIATCH LC wearing fur?

If she is, I hope PETA kicks her ass! And for god sake, enough with the tights!

ALERT LC!!!!! Kristin and Nick are OVER - time to swoop in for the sloopy seconds for the 100th time!

There will be no kissing under the mistletoe for Kristin Cavallari and Nick Zano this Christmas. "They broke up," a friend of Kristin's reveals exclusively to Life & Style. "She moved out of their house. They're going in separate directions." Kristin, 20, just moved in with Nick, 29, this summer. So what happened? "It wasn’t working out," explains the friend. "She was bored, and I think she realized she was better off keeping her options open." In other words, Kristin missed the single life. "She used to be the It girl, and now she sees all of these other girls who would normally be in her shadow stealing the spotlight," says the friend. "I think she wants back in on the scene. So get ready, Hollywood — here comes Kristin Cavallari again! Living together put a real damper on things," says a friend.

James Franco and Mila Kunis spoof the Hills! What, someone other than "Ihatelc" makes fun of the Hills?

Video here!
Pretty funny!

Here's you BIG chance to meet LC some of you LC fanatics that have been posting the last couple of days!

Lauren will be hosting a fundraiser called “Holiday for Hope” for the Dreams for Kids organization. On December 14th, 2007 at Crobar Chicago, you and nine guests have the opportunity to join this rising star at an exclusive table located directly next to hers. You will get to privately meet and take a photo with Lauren. Even better is the fact that the money will go directly to the Dreams for Kids organization.This table gives you exclusive access to the VIP stage where Lauren Conrad will be, your choice of three premium bottles of liquor, and unlimited mixers. There will only be three tables in this area and one could be yours! Come join us on the 14th and help support this incredible charity! You must be 21 to enter.Dreams for Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for children. Supporters of this amazing charity use hands-on community service, mentoring, and fundraising to ensure that children have the tools they need to create a better future. For the past 19 years Dreams for Kids has implemented the “Holiday for Hope” event which raises thousands of toys for homeless and underprivileged children. This year the party will be at Crobar and you can help raise money and toys for the organization by bidding on this once in a lifetime chance to party with the host, Lauren Conrad.Dreams for Kids is looking for unwrapped new toys or games focused on the ages between 8-12 years old. The United States Marine Corp will be in attendance along with a 7 ton rig where the toys will be collected. This means, we need your help to collect 7 TONS OF TOYS! Cash donations will also help and they are tax deductible, as Dreams for Kids is a non-profit 501 (c) organization.

What's the BIG announcement going to be?

The half-hour, third-season finale of The Hills on Dec. 10 will be only a small part of a big two-day season-ending telecast that MTV is planning for its popular reality TV series.On the big night, MTV and the cast will present The Hills Finale: Live in Hollywood, broadcast live from L.A. hot spot Area, beginning at 8 p.m. ET. The finale itself airs at 10 p.m. ET, followed by a live after-show, during which the ladies will answer questions from viewers and then make “an announcement that will leave fans wanting more,” according to MTV.The audience at the live show will include up to 40 winners of “The Hills Biggest Fan Contest,” which is accepting video submissions through Dec. 3 from fans explaining why they love the series.The season finale celebration will actually begin the day before, on Dec. 9, when MTV airs The Hills: Lauren Looks Back, beginning at 12 p.m. ET. Described as a “video scrapbook” of Conrad’s life from her senior year at Laguna Beach High to her life today, it will feature Conrad talking about her friendships and loves through the years, from Stephen Colletti to Jason Wahler to Brody Jenner.

-I think it has to be the show will follow another Laguna person in addition to LC next year.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanks for more posed photos!! This should help you pay the rent this month!

Christmas Tree shopping with Spence and Heidi, does it really get any better than this?

Audrina likes tranny's like Khloe Kardashian!

I am a little Audrina'd out after this season of the Hills. Time for Audrina and LC to have a blowout and Audrina forced to leave the Hills forever!


See Audrina realize she is not a star as she tries to get into Hyde here!

Roxy Olin will pass!

Despite blogosphere reports that actress Roxy Olin (Brothers & Sisters) will serve as Heidi Montag's maid of honor in an upcoming episode of MTV's The Hills, the Hollywood Insider has learned that the famous daughter of Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig won't be donning a Nicole Miller frock after all. According to Wettig, Roxy (pictured, right) only appeared in one episode of the reality show and though "they wanted her to do another one, she's going to try to stay out of it." Wettig continues, "Roxy appeared as a favor.... She met Heidi but Roxy went to high school with (Hills' co-star) Spencer Pratt so that's the connection. I'm pretty sure she's not going to do any more. They kind of pigeonhole you into stuff there." Phew! Glad that's all cleared up.

So Spence's sister might have a few issues! Who doesn't?

Fans of The Hills got a double dose of drama on Monday when Spencer Pratt's younger sister Stephanie Pratt came to visit. Until now Stephanie has stayed out of the public eye and Star knows why!Early in the evening of May 8, 2006, in Honolulu, Stephanie, then 20, and a 20-year-old friend the daughter of a production executive on the locally filmed ABC series Lost were arrested by the police after security guards at ritzy Neiman Marcus department store caught the duo attempting to shoplift a number of clothing items.BAG LADIESAccording to police records, Stephanie and her friend had tried on more than 50 pieces of clothing in a dressing room, then left the store after the friend paid for five items. When apprehended outside by store security, Stephanie was wearing two stolen items of clothing and carrying five more in her shoulder bag, while her friend was wearing one stolen item and carrying five more in her bag. Together, the value of the stolen merchandise totaled $1,300!Stephanie and her friend found themselves in even more hot water after they were arrested on charges of second-degree theft and transported to police headquarters.

After they both claimed they took prescription medicine and gave permission to have their bags searched, Stephanie was then arrested on further charges of "promoting a dangerous drug" in the third degree, and "promoting a harmful drug" in the third and fourth degree (her friend was also arrested on a single drug charge). The friend didn't help matters when, according to the police report, she told an officer that she'd call her lawyer and "be out of this mess and then fly to Paris." She then added: "If I leave the state, then f--k you guys and your charges! You can't do anything to me once I'm not here!"The two young women were each released on $15,000 bond.

News of her arrest hit Stephanie's family hard especially her 24-year-old brother! "Spencer was so upset that, for a time, he refused to even speak to his sister," says a family insider. "Their dad's a respected dentist, and they had a privileged upbringing in Southern California's Pacific Palisades. Stephanie's arrest was like a black mark on their perfect family."LUCKY BREAKFortunately for Stephanie, after meeting with the police the day after the arrests, a prosecutor from Honolulu's First Circuit District Court decided to drop all the drug charges. At a Sept. 7, 2006, hearing at District Court, Pratt pled guilty to second-degree theft (her friend pled no contest). Stephanie avoided jail time when she was given a deferred five-year sentence, and she was ordered to pay $3,000 to the Crime Victim Compensation Fund.

Stephanie made the effort to get her life in order after the ordeal, says the family insider; she attended American University in Paris and currently studies fashion at a private Los Angeles college."The rift between Spencer and his sister is totally healed now," the insider adds. "He knows how hard Stephanie's worked to get it together, and now she's got his full love and support."

LC passed over for women of the year even in nominations! That should tell you something Miss Thang!

Kristin and Heidi have both been nominated for's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2008. Take a moment to vote for them by ranking them and the other nominees on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most desirable). Feel free to vote as many times as you like, the final results will be revealed on January 31, 2008.

Go to to vote

Fwwwww, I found Kristin!

Atleast Kristin is personable unlike LC!

The Hills are alive with Christmas Spirit!

Check out the lastest Spence and Heidi video and is Heidi 12 with the pig tails? Is Spencer trying to live out some school girl perverted fantasy?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brody, I mean, what can we say?

You were a mess back then and a mess now!

Audrina was a really cute kid!

Although in the baby picture I would have pegged her for a boy!

Was Whitney born in the 40's?

I'm assuming she was born in the late 80's but from the looks of these pictures, she was born in 1942!

"She was a fussy baby," Kathy Conrad tells Us. Seconds Lauren, now 21: "I used to be very loud!"

"For Easter Sunday, Lauren picked this dress herself and insisted on the hat," Kathy says. "Her favorite saying was 'Me do it.'"
-My question is what's changed? She's still a big baby!

Somebody take this girl to get fixed like you would your dog!

Britney Spears is four-weeks pregnant with music producer J.R. Rotem’s baby, reports In Touch.
She picks them well!
Here’s their shocking report: On November 14, Britney Spears confided to her friends in e-mails that she was four weeks pregnant - and that she was sure the father was J.R. Rotem, a music producer she’s been seeing on and off since she separated from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006. When asked about the pregnancy, J.R. confirmed exclusively to In Touch that Britney is carrying his child.
“It’s true,” he says.
On November 16, she proudly e-mailed a copy of the ultrasound to her inner circle. For all her recent troubles, she seems convinced that having another baby will turn her life around — and she believes that J.R. will make a great father, even though he explicitly talked about their sex life in Blender magazine earlier this year.
“Britney’s not looking for another husband,” an insider says. “But she does like having a man in her life.”
Brit already has two sons–Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 14 months.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lauren a top star, ok, if you say sooooo!

When this Laguna Beach alum packed up and moved to Hollywood with a reality camera crew in tow, Lauren Conrad's 15 minutes could've run out fast. But when the 21-year-old It girl with the enviable wardrobe and relatable social life turned The Hills into a screaming match with nemesis Heidi Montag ("You're a bad person!"), you couldn't help but pick a side and watch her every text message

You have been forewarned! Heidi is going to get into fashion and make a bunch of cheap crap and try and get you to buy it!

Just when you thought the drama between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad was dying down on The Hills, Heidi ups the ante with her own clothing line just months after Lauren launched hers. At an event for clothing chain Anchor Blue in Los Angeles, Heidi confirmed her new project with the brand to PEOPLE, telling us “It’s going to be called Heidiwood, and I’m so excited I can’t even tell you!” But unlike Lauren’s line, where most pieces are over $100, Heidi is looking to “be very price-range oriented. I want all my fans to be able to buy it. I want to bring that fashionable clothing line down to a price range where people can actually afford it.” And what to expect of the line, which will launch next spring? ” I do want to do some cute spring dresses, some little flowy summer dresses. I just want it to be fun for girls.” But what we really want to know is how does Heidi expect her line to stack up against Lauren’s? Heidi tells PEOPLE that “[Lauren’s] is more of bows and a little girlier, and mine’s going to be more sexy and fun. I think they can both do well. They’re very different. So good luck to her, and I’m not doing this to compete.” Sure, but is there room in The Hills for two designers? We’ll have to tune in and see.

If I read this not knowing who Lauren was, I honestly would think she was six or seven years old!

Hey Everyone,

It's Lauren with the latest from My Mobile Life.With Thanksgiving over, it's now time to focus on Christmas! I stopped by the annual Christmas tree lighting at The Grove in L.A. It was so crowded with people taking up every square inch of the place!The night was really fun -- and I got to check out the Goo Goo Dolls and Emmy Rossum's performance. Although that was cool, the biggest celebrity sighting of the night had to be Mr. North Pole himself -- Santa Claus!Now I'm going to head back to The Grove to start my holiday shopping!



Monday, November 26, 2007


Ok, if they say so! Click the photo to get the larger image and read the story.

LC's biggest fan!

Celebrity fan she was most surprised by: ‘’Lauren Conrad from The Hills. I met her and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you,’ and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you.’ It was funny!'’

Who said the above about LC?

Hanna Montana herself, Mylie Cyrus!

Tonight's Preview with Video!

Right here!

When Whitney and Lauren go on their lesbian dates, Whitney needs to wear flats!

Whitney looks like a giant compared to LC! LC, I am sick of the f-ing red bracelets! And your lobs on your ears are going to start to really sag and look nasty if you keep wearing earrings like that! Whitney has the perfect body for long flowing dresses like that and I can't figure out why she doesn't EVER look good in bikini's!

Nice HAT Dude!

In all seriousness, whether he did this for the publicity or not, it was nice that he helped the homeless.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Paris wants to be on the "Hills"!

Hollywood starlet Paris Hilton has been attempting to land a guest spot on MTV's hit show 'The Hills', but producers have denied her. Last Friday on set of 'The Hills' in Los Angeles, crew members were overheard discussing Paris' failed efforts to get on the show. They revealed that producers feel her appearing on the show would be 'pushing the limits' after numerous reports have emerged of the show being fake.However, the show is currently casting people to be part of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s upcoming wedding, E! Online’s Kristin reports. It appears that Paris will not be given a guest role. Roxy Olin (daughter of Brothers & Sisters’ Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig) is in final talks to be cast as Heidi’s Maid of Honor.

- having Paris couldn't hurt, lc has a sex tape, paris has multiple sex tapes, audrina now has a sex tape, spencer has a sex tape, you know damn well spencer and heidi have done some bedroom filming, so the Hills is just like a porn community and Paris will fit right in!

A Thanksgiving message from LC!

Hey Guys,

It's Lauren with the latest from My Mobile Life.So I went and got a long overdue car wash this week. To make it more fun, I went to one where you can actually drive through yourself. It was so much fun -- I think I enjoyed it a little too much!It's a short week because to the holiday, can't wait for the feast! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!



-so i think its safe to say our little lc took a few of her little pills before going to the car wash!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I hope this JACKASS finally gets what he deserves!

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Three young men previously detained as suspects in the 2005 disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway were re-arrested Wednesday, the Aruban public prosecutor's office said, citing new evidence in the case.

Holloway disappeared on May 30, 2005, hours before she was scheduled to fly home to Alabama after a high school graduation trip to this Dutch Caribbean resort island. The 18-year-old was last seen in public leaving a bar with the three young men who now are again suspects in her disappearance.
Dutch teenager Joran van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, were arrested on suspicion of involvement in manslaughter and causing seriously bodily harm that caused the death of the American teenager, the prosecutor's office said in a statement.
"The public prosecutor's office has ordered their renewed arrest because further investigation into the disappearance has led to new incriminating evidence," the prosecutor's office said in the statement.
Van der Sloot was arrested in the Netherlands, where he is attending a university, and is expected to be extradited to Aruba. The Kalpoe brothers were arrested in Aruba.
All three young men previously have denied any role in Holloway's disappearance. The brothers were expected to appear in an Aruban court on Friday, when prosecutors planned to president new evidence to judge.
The brothers were expected to make an initial appearance in an Aruban court Friday, at which point prosecutors were expected to present the new evidence to a judge. A court date in the island had not yet been set for van der Sloot.
Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch national prosecutor's office, said van der Sloot could be sent to Aruba without an extradition hearing and the transfer would occur "within several days."
The three were first arrested in June 2005, but a judge ordered their release, citing insufficient evidence. All three have denied any role in Holloway's disappearance. Van der Sloot has said he dropped her off at her hotel and never saw her again.
In April, investigators from the Netherlands dug around the home of van der Sloot's family for two days without revealing what prompted the search. Then in May, Dutch and Aruban investigators visited the home where Deepak and Satish Kalpoe live with their parents for what authorities termed an "inspection," without revealing details.
Vinda de Sousa, an attorney Dave Holloway, Natalee's father, said she has left a message for the family but has not talked to them and is not privy to the new evidence.
"I'm as excited as the Holloway family can be," she said. "Anything new in this case, or any development, just gives you rekindled hope that one day this will be solved. I know the investigation never stopped."

This is the latest message from LC, what a BRAGGER!

I'm the new campaign spokesperson for Elevate Your EYE Care. It's cool - the company sent me COMPLETE Easy Rub, and I love it! Don't miss the Rubb-It Frogs on YouTube! or actual video.

Heidi Blender Interview

There she stands, gazing into a Los Angeles shop window, musing on life in reality TV. “I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all the drama,” she says. “I mean, it’s fun to watch, but I’m glad it’s not my life. I’m actually a drama-free person.” A drama-free person? Apparently, the Teutonic power-bitch whom millions watch traipsing over coworkers and prompting catfights is not the real Heidi. That one’s a character, carefully assembled from the provocatively edited, microscopically observed bits of social minutiae that form MTV’s hit reality show The Hills. So who is this surprisingly tiny 21-year-old in a lavender jersey and white True Religion jeans? What is this Chanel-bag-toting entity that seemingly occupies three dimensions? This being whose morphing body parts and imminent entry into pop music command magazine covers and headlines? There’s no polite way to put this. Heidi. Are you … real? “Am I real?” she says, squinting up at Blender. “What do you mean?” Then she laughs, glancing back at her reflection in the window. “Yes!” she says. “I’m alive! I’m not an alien. I exist!” We’ll have to take her word on that. She is envied, she is reviled, she’s the icy velvet-rope princess who launched a thousand blog rants. Yet Heidi Montag is a particularly slippery form of celebrity. On The Hills, she is a part of the semi-real reality show’s baroque symphony of eye rolls, hair twirls and sound bites. “It’s a show about looks,” she says of The Hills. “The faces, the expressions — they tell the whole story.” The story goes something like this. ­Heidi and Lauren moved to Los Angeles together. They had awesome jobs, went to the hottest clubs and were just super ­supportive of each other. But then Heidi starting dating Spencer Pratt, who, like, brainwashed Heidi so she wouldn’t hang out with her real friends, and then Lauren said Spencer leaked rumors about a sex tape that Lauren made with her drunk psycho ex, Jason, so Lauren stopped talking to Heidi but hooked up with Spencer’s BF Brody, which made Spencer start beefing with Brody, and then Jason started trying to get back with Lauren, so now it’s like, whatever. This is your brain on The Hills. The concept is, more or less, a post-teen, post-written-word Sex and the City. Narrated by 21-year-old Carrie Bradshaw stand-in Lauren “L.C.” Conrad, the show follows the adventures of a few young girls as they launch their careers. But its real fascination comes from the way it blends cinematic production values with supposed documentary vérité to create a glacially paced, aquarium-like reality where every snub and snide comment has crushing emotional impact. With its bitchy feuds, primping male bimbos and meta-reality aura, this TRL-scored comedy of manners has come to occupy the main stage of teen-pop drama — a Beverly Hills, 90210 for the Facebook set—with the on- and offscreen feud between Conrad and Montag stoking the ratings higher. Today, Montag is a pop villainess on a par with old-school prime-time bitch Brenda Walsh. (Of her feud with Conrad, Montag only says, “Lauren doesn’t like me and she thinks I did something to her, and that’s how it’s spun.”) There is widespread skepticism about onscreen events. Was Spencer’s marriage proposal to Heidi a publicity stunt? (Why did he tell the cameras but not his parents?) Are the two even a couple? (If so, they’re an oddly multitasking one — part Svengali/ingenue, part sociopath/bimbo, part mass-media performance art.) Is the show scripted? (Serendipitous confrontations, sitcom plot points and immaculately composed mise-en-scène certainly bear the handprints of a nudging producer.) Blogs and tabloids are alight with theories and deconstructions, but one thing’s for sure: Even if Heidi Montag is real, the girl who left Crested Butte, Colorado, for Hollywood three years ago is getting less so every minute. Having entered into the VIP section of pop culture, she is now molding herself for the next act in Hollywood semi-­stardom, beginning work on her debut album in February. “It will be kind of like the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Fergie,” she has promised fans. Thus has Blender come calling. In person, with her blond hair and blue-green eyes, Montag suggests a narrower version of Clueless-era Alicia Silverstone. She wears no makeup or jewelry — not even the gigantic engagement ring we saw Pratt give her in one particularly misty Hills moment. Whatever her matrimonial status, Mon­tag is crystal clear about her career plans. “I’ve always been singing,” she says. “I’ve been dancing since I was 2 — hip-hop, jazz, tap, everything. I was a wicked stepsister in Cinderella. I was a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was Beatrice in … an old English play. Acting, singing, dancing — it’s always been in me.” Blender proposes that viewers would be surprised that Montag sings at all. “Yeah, I know,” she says. “But they won’t be surprised when they hear me.” She’d also like to correct her misrepresentation as a shallow shopaholic. Books recently on her nightstand include The Tipping Point, Blink and Memoirs of a Geisha. “I like to read a couple books at once,” Montag says. “I was reading the Princess Diana book. I’m reading a book about Chicago and the mob. Right now I’m also reading the Bible, beginning to end. I’m very religious. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.” She shrugs. The Lord having put her on reality TV, Montag can now benefit from the estimable promotional skills of her onscreen fiancé and offscreen manager. Spencer Pratt’s character is where The Hills gets really deep. The unquenchable flame of reality TV’s ur-asshole, Puck, from The Real World: San Francisco, burns brightly in this hustling 24-year-old towhead, a guy who calls buddies “player” and valet parkers “bro,” swears on his “mother’s life” that he didn’t do what he did in the previous scene and greets every situation, from a romantic betrayal to a pregnancy scare, with the same sleepy half-smile. “I think he’s often just joking,” Montag says about The Hills version of Pratt. “But then you put some music to it and a couple of looks and suddenly he’s an ass.” Or, as a female cast member declares, “Spencer is the ultimate cheese.” But he is a sharp cheese, indeed. Pratt may be one of the most ruthless and skillful young manipulators of reality TV thus far. A writer and a producer, Pratt had already created the reality series The Princes of Malibu before appearing on The Hills, filming himself, his erstwhile pal Brody Jenner and Jenner’s stepfather, music producer David Foster, with a single camera, and then selling their onscreen lives to Fox. The show ran for a few episodes before it was canceled when Foster’s wife, Linda Thompson, filed for divorce (thus kiboshing the whole “family” concept). “Spencer is very ambitious, very smart and very crafty,” Montag says. “He is just on The Hills for fun.” Pratt has set his sights on turning Montag into “a multiplatinum pop star,” he says. To this end, this reality Pygmalion has managed to parlay his connection with the Grammy Award–winning Foster into the beginnings of Montag’s singing career. “David Foster heard I was working on music and he was like, ‘Come by the studio, I’d like to see if you can sing,’” Montag says. “So I sang for him a little bit and he was like, ‘OK, great. Let’s do this.’” And a star was conceived. Montag’s entry into music hasn’t been without its bumps. In August, her Yaz-­sampling song “Body Language” was leaked to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Such is Montag’s confidence in her presence that she isn’t limiting her career goals to singing. Like her role model, Madonna, she also plans to undertake acting. And such is her sense of self that she doesn’t hope to simply be in movies. “I also plan to win an Oscar,” she says. “I’m very ambitious.”I am designing my own Fashion line called "HEIDIWOOD" for Anchor Blue. It will be for Spring, Summer, and Fall 08 in 176 stores Nation Wide.

Lauren at the Richie baby shower

Again she looks cute. Does she have a new boyfriend perhaps?

LC at an event!

I hate to say it but I actually think she looks cute and I like her outfit.

Audrina SEX TAPE?

The Hills star Audrina Partridge is joining the short list of Hollywood elite by starring in her very own sex tape. The 22 year old aspiring celebrity hooked up with local rocker Matt Koruba, singer for Program The Dead, earlier this year. The resulting video began making it's way through the Hollywood underground over this past weekend, but has yet to surface online. Neither party has yet been reached for comment.

-this would not surprise me in the least!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another viewer's perspective, kind of funny!

1) The opening scene might as well be a public service announcement for why to not get married at such a young age. You are too stupid to realize this is supposed to be your true love, the person you will be with the rest of your life and yet he doesn’t fucking care.

2) Why weren’t they wearing just sports bras when working out? Or at least something showing me some cleavage or abs.

3) Did Whitney just break up with a boyfriend or something? Since when does she want to go out with the girls, party and meet guys?

4) Spencer’s shirt reads ‘respect your mother’ and yet a month after they were engaged he had yet to even tell his mom about it. I don’t even know if he has told her, I just know that if she has seen an US Weekly in the past two months she would know.

5) A funnier thought sent my way by Boobins’ roommate (Shanna), “Spencer is the devil, I’m surprised Spencer didnt start on fire when he walked in that church”

6) That outfit Whitney is wearing to impress this new guy (a weight trainer) is hideous.

7) That weight trainer (Whitney’s crush) is a baller and quite smooth. He must get so much ass, quite jealous.

8) I love Spencer’s sarcastic tone throughout his apartment discussion with Heidi. He kills me. He’s hilarious.

9) I hope MTV edited that to make the weight trainer sound like a clown. Or else I have never seen anyone try harder to get someone drunk on the first date. He is cheers-ing to everything. I haven’t heard someone cheers that many times since I used to try to get little girls drunk at college parties.

10) Please tell me Spencer is going to Vegas on his own. Please.

11) Lauren just gave Whitney first date advice. Haha, like your opinion matters, every date you go on you edit it and turn it in your favor, so you never look bad.

12) I think Spencer is being genuine in that last scene. I think he gave her flowers because he actually felt bad. He’s genuinely freaked out by the idea of marriage and is scared/nervous of having a million people there.

13) Previews - Amazing. Spencer’s sister is being brought into the show for more drama, I love it. EvilFather just asked, “does Spencer just have horrible parents because his sister looks like a bitch.” I can’t disagree with her, but she looked like a hot fake dirty blonde and the more drama, the merrier. And Justin Bobby cheats on Audrina with a disturbingly ugly ginger kid.

Speaking of Spencer. One of the websites I’ve started posting my articles on has been Spencer Pratt’s. As much as I like him, it’s a horrible website and a glorified trophy room of pictures and magazine articles about Heidi and himself, but I do get a lot of traffic back from it. So, I go on there today and see that he put the words LC and Odorless in the headline of a post.
Extremely weird figuring that I posted an article two weeks ago called ‘LC: Odorless.’ ( Coincidence? Most likely. Do I want to take credit for it? Absofuckinglutely. Here is the link, just scroll down a little.

Now that the new tata's have dropped they are way too big for Heidi's frame!

Heidi's nose still doesn't look quite right does it?

Lauren hits new BFF Nicole Richie and her baby shower!

Nicole Richie celebrated her pregnancy with a Wizard of Oz-themed baby shower at the Beverly Hills Hotel Sunday. It was hosted by her mother, Brenda, her sister, Sophia, and her long time pals, Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon.Richie, 26 — who is due in January — arrived in a blue-trimmed white dress around 1:30 p.m. She was greeted by life-size replicas of all of the Oz characters — Dorothy, the tinman, the lion, the scarecrow and the Wicked Witch of the West.Party planner Mindy Weiss threw the bash, a source told“The shower was really cute,” Hilton told Us. “We had a Wizard of Oz cake.”The 90 guests — including Lauren Conrad, celeb DJ Samantha Ronson and Aussie singer Sophie Monk (Benji Madden's fiancée ) — noshed on “little burgers and pasta,” Hilton added.The bash ended around 4 p.m.“The shower was great,” Conrad told Us. “It was really cute."It was the first of five baby showers Richie plans to hold, sources tell

Monday, November 19, 2007


So I'm listening to Seacrest and a girl called in that her boyfriend is trying to convince her to roll play that she is his sister in the bed. Now, that's just CREEPY!!

Free JASON WAHLER! What he's already free? Ok, nevermind then!

· Jason Wahler's rep confirms to a report that he has been released from a Seattle jail after serving almost three weeks for assault, criminal trespass, underage drinking (and, of course, breaking Lauren Conrad's heart) is true.

Audrina speaks, oh GOODEEEEE!

Heidi and Spencer, AMBUSHED!

LC thinks she's french with her beret!

On Thursday, The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge head out for a fun afternoon of LA shopping.

In addition to filling up on gas and picking up a few magazines, the two browsed vintage clothes at LA’s The Way We Wore before emerging with a shopping bag each.
Afterwards, Audrina and Lauren chowed down at Mauro’s Cafe inside Fred Segal’s, while catching up on news with their mobile devices.

Throughout the day, Lauren stayed hydrated and caffeinated with 4 different drinks, chugging a Diet Coke, an Evian, a Red Bull and a pink slushie. Audrina made do with just a water with her meal.

A two-fer, first, LC, now Spencer doing something I never needed to see!

Spence touches himself as Heidi looks on, is Spencer a skater dude now?

LC with a life update, don't expect a life message or anything too deep, it is LC afterall!

Hey Guys,

It's Lauren with the latest from My Mobile Life.

This week, Audrina and I volunteered to help raise money for the St. Jude's Children Hospital -- by personalizing a bunch of Care Bears for an auction! We had fun -- almost too much fun -- dressing the bears in hula skirts and giving them fun names like Blue. My little cat, Ashes, also helped out.On Thursday, Audrina, Lo and I went to the Victoria's Secret fashion show. The night was amazing because we got to see the Spice Girls perform! They were awesome, and it brought me back to when I was 11, dancing around my room to their music. I stopped by the after party for a little bit, but didn't stay long -- I was pretty tired from my long day.Care Bears and Spice Girls -- it doesn't get much better than that!Talk to you next time.



First, have you heard of a lint brush LC? Second, enough with the damn tights! Third, time to wax those eyebrows!

LC is a total mess, this is almost as bad as Britney!

Something I NEVER want to see AGAIN!

Lauren in tights, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

We now interrupt regular programming to join Whitney shoe shopping!

I don't love the dress itself, the color of the dress or the shoes, they look like velvet!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The girls at Victoria's Secret Show

I have to give the edge to LC this time in terms of the dress.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank God, LC updated us all on her life, AGAIN!

Hey Guys,

It's Lauren with the latest from My Mobile Life.

After working on my new line, I headed up to my patternmaker and finally got to see the finished product! I'm so happy with them that I can't wait for you guys to check it out! I actually wore one of my new dresses on an episode of "Fashion File" which can be seen in the U.S. on the Style Network. You can see a sneak peek of the outfit in this video, as the hair and makeup artists get me ready for camera.

Well, I hope you guys had a great weekend -- I relaxed at home in Laguna Beach, taking care of my mom who had the flu.

Until next time...


-do you all think lauren actually makes any relevant decisions on "her" line at all? I gotta say NOPE!

If you have a Thousand bucks lying around......

Get Lauren and Hayden’s Bag!

For Real:D&G large patent satchel with lock, $1110,
D&G Allyson matte bowling bag, $990,

-the matte finish hayden has is much better!

Spence and Heidi hit Vegas for their FANS of course!

They have fans, for real?

Heidi's career is totally fixing to blow up and she is going to be the NEXT big thing!

Heidi Montag is featured in the upcoming issue of Blender (with Jay-Z on the cover). She’s MTV’s pretty hate machine, the prime-time villainess from The Hills with the evil boyfriend and tabloid tatas. Here’s what the aspiring actor/pop star had to say
On the gigantic (and rumored to be fake) engagement ring fiancé Pratt gave her: “It’s at home,” Montag told the interviewer. “I take it off at night because it’s big and I don’t want it getting caught in my hair or scratching my face, and I didn’t have time to put it on today.”
On her career plans: “I’ve always been singing. I’ve been dancing since I was 2—hip-hop, jazz, tap, everything. I was a wicked stepsister in Cinderella. I was a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was Beatrice in . . . an old English play. Acting, singing, dancing —it’s always been in me.”
On how, in addition to her music ambitions, she’s also planning on becoming an award-winning actress: “I also plan to win an Oscar,” she says. “I’m very ambitious.”
On how she’s not a brainless shopaholic: “I like to read a couple books at once. I was reading the Princess Diana book. I’m reading a book about Chicago and the mob. Right now I’m also reading the Bible, beginning to end. I’m very religious. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.”
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- Well, maybe not!