Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spencer and HEIDI hit KRESS LOUNGE!

EWWWWW, Heidi, I don't want to see your pasty white legs, ok!
What's the vest look Spencer is doing lately? Is he gonna come out of the closet?

Lauren CONRAD out shopping in NYC on 10/29/2008!!

The cold is NOT a good look on Lauren!!

Lauren CONRAD on GREEK!!

Here's a still of her on the show Greek, cute, you can tell she was little heavier back then.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whitney, DID you get DRESSED with the LIGHTS OFF?

Was that her halloween costume?

Lauren CONRAD at the NYC Hope HONORS on October 28, 2008!

She looks gorgeous, she looks fit but curvy, the dress is fabulous, the shoes perfect, great accessories - why can't she pll it together like this all the time?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LAUREN CONRAD episode of "GREEK" airs TONIGHT, October 28, 2008!

Check out the Greek website here:

Come on OBAMA spread the wealth, WHY'D you only give $1,050.00 to charity a few years ago?

Senator Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, sharply increased their charitable donations as Mr. Obama began to run for president and the family's income increased from book sales, according to tax returns that the couple released

All told, the couple gave $27,500 to the [Trinity United Church of Christ] in 2005 and 2006. Although the campaign has not released the couple's 2007 return, it has said the Obamas gave $240,000 to charity in 2007. This compares with charitable donations as low as $1,050 a few years ago...

"Their charitable giving only went up when it looked like he was campaigning for the presidential office," said Paul L. Caron, a professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and editor of the TaxProf Blog, which examines tax questions and has posted the returns.

I guess everyone making sacrifices doesn't apply to him!

Obama's Charitable Record

2000 - $2,350.00
2001 - $1,470.00
2002 - $1,050.00
2003 - $3,400.00
2004 - $2,500.00
2005 - $77,315.00
2006 - $60,307.00

From 2000-2004 he made over $200k per year atleast and in 2005 that jumped to close to million before going well over a million dollars in 2006.

Lauren CONRAD on LETTERMAN on October 27, 2008!

Click the pic to watch the interview!

Lauren CONRAD wears the same TIRED oufit she wore two DAYS AGO to LETTERMAN last night!

Did you even get it drycleaned, Lauren?

Lauren CONRAD grabs dinner in NYC with Kyle HOWARD!

Lauren looks a little rough thanks to that NYC wind and cold!

Monday, October 27, 2008



Video is embedded in the statement, watch and draw your own conclusions.

Lauren, BREANNA and her MOM after her SHOW!

I don't like Breanna with short hair at all. Lauren has a big chin too but for some reason Breanna's really stands out more. Her face just isn't as long as Lauren's. Breanna looks more like the dad, LC looks more like the mom.

Lauren CONRAD out and about on 10/25/2008!!

I don't really love this looks, its too, she's trying too hard.

Lauren CONRAD at an EVENT in TEXAS on 10/25/2008!!

She looks cute.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I HAVE to ASK......

If you find out that Barack Obama is, in fact, NOT a US CITIZEN, would you still vote for him?


Here is he after being released from prison hanging out with the guy he was racing the night he left his "friend" a VEGETABLE!! I refuse to call him HOGAN because that is not his name, it is BOLLEA and he is a F**KER, PIECE OF S**T, who should have gotten the electric CHAIR!

Audrina PATRIDGE'S NEIGHBORS hate her too!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Your Mama Hears...
...That there's trouble brewing in The Hills.First there was all that freaking out in the quiet Hollywood neighborhood where The Hills' resident "fashion designer" Lauren Conrad purchased a $2,360,000 Spanish style house in early 2008. Some of Miss Conrad's neighbors were all kinds of pissed about the marauding paps busting up their bushes, fervid fans standing around gawking and tour buses trolling up and down the narrow residential street. And who could blame them? The din became so deafening that the usually very upright Los Angeles Times saw fit to write an entire article about the reality television brouhaha.Now we hear from a gabby gal named Veronica Vociferous that many of her neighbors in L.A.'s Hollwood Dell neighborhood are all upset and atwitter over MTV's plans to film episodes of The Hills at the Bryn Mawr Drive house that The Hills' dark haired drama queen Audrina Patridge recently scooped up for a $1,290,000. The Hollywood Dell Civic Association recently sent a letter of protest to neighborhood residents, a copy of which we received from Miz Vociferous. The letter asks residents to contact the Film LA Community Director and some Sargent at the LAPD to register their displeasure, concern and complaint about their fear of film crews clotting up the narrow and twisting roads that wind through the usually very quiet neighborhood, not to mention the ensuing meelee of picture snapping paparazzi and breathless fans who think standing outside a famous person's house is anything but outrageously stoopid. Could it be that all those whining and bickering gurls on The Hills have finally had their fifteen minutes? Jeezis, Mary and Joseph we sure hope so.

KRISTIN CAVALLARI at the Peter Alexander Flagship Boutique Grand Opening celebration!!

Kristin PROVES simple works people! People try to get all crazy in the name of style but simple works the BEST!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt out at "Hollywood, DC:Lights! Camera! Election!" last night (October 23).

Hey SPENCER, about 150 years ago, we came up with a crazy concept called a tailor!! WOW, and they can alter jeans too! CRAZY! He looks ridiculous!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


First, how in the world is Vanessa still working for Disney after the nude photo?

They both look ok, not great. JMO.

Top STORIES for 10/23/2008!

Miley Cyrus on Older Beau: I've Learned Not to "Worry About the Age"
"More than anything, he's really helped me move on from a lot of things," she says of Justin Gaston

DJ AM, Mandy Moore: "It's Back On!"
Since his nearly fatal crash, their romance "has blossomed into something again," a source tells Us

Heidi Klum: I Just Made My First Pumpkin Pie!
"He's not going to believe I baked!" she says of hubby Seal

Spencer Pratt Wears Pro-Sarah Palin "God, Guns, Glory" T-Shirt
He and girlfriend Heidi Montag show their support for the Republican ticket Wednesday in L.A.

Katherine Heigl: My Husband Will "Kill Me" If I Adopt Another Dog!
Kristin Cavallari on Chris Evans: "Just Friends"
CITIZEN'S ARREST: Write a Fashion Police Caption for Kathy Griffin
Beyonce Opens Up About Her "More Sensual, Aggressive" Alter-Ego
UPDATE: Taylor Momsen Hospitalized After Battling Life-Threatening Throat Infection
Charlie Sheen & Wife Expecting Twin Boys
DWTS Pro: Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer Need to Lose Weight!
EXCLUSIVE: Guy Ritchie Told Madonna: "You're 'Old, Fat, Ugly, Wrinkled'"
EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne Has a Boy!
EXCLUSIVE: Guy Ritchie "Crying" Over Photo of Son Rocco in Yankees T-Shirt
Report: David Beckham to Return to Europe to Play Soccer
VIDEO: Zac Efron on HSM Ending: You Can't Sing About College!
VIDEO: Ashley Olsen: Not Living With Mary-Kate is "Absolutely" a Good Decision

More Celebrity News

PART TWO: Joy Behar's ATTACK on Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Someone close to me (whom I will not identify) was there and witnessed the entire thing backstage. And while the spin is that "it isn't true," IT IS!
Your account is almost verbatim to the account I got, but your tipster left out a couple of things that were said.
...Joy also told Elisabeth: "You sit there and make a fool out of yourself out there everyday and it's pathetic. There are people we can't book on this show because of you! And then you put out stories about you going to Fox News?! Please, even they know better!"
These things were said at the beginning of the argument. What you heard already was the END of the argument.
If I hear anything else, I will pass it on to you.
But I have to be careful because I hear that they are looking for the snitch. They are trying to keep this quiet and hope that things don't completely implode prior to the election.

Elisabeth, KICK these OBAMA lovin BITCHES to the CURB and just go to FOXNEWS already!

A lot of fighting happened in front of the cameras on today's heated installment of The View, but according to a tip we just received from a Defamer operative, it was nothing compared to what went on after the show was over. Our tipster says that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was upset that Joy Behar has been using The View to tout Behar's upcoming stand-up performance, and the conservative co-host demanded equal time in a confrontation that got ugly:
After "The View" went off the air today, Joy and Elisabeth WENT AT IT backstage!!!!!
Joy jumped in Elisabeth's face about a comment she made about Joy not being able to plug her appearances because her act is "political in nature." This was in response to the controversy about the McCain t-shirt Elisabeth wore on the air on Tuesday.
Joy SCREAMED in Elisabeth's face, "If you do that again I will burn you down." Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. And then Joy yelled, "Shut the fuck up" and stormed off.
Nobody backstage came to console Elisabeth who was left standing there. Not even Barbara. Not Sherri either.
If anyone else bore witness to the View battle royale, be sure to send us your accounts. Somewhere, a gratified Star Jones is surely cooing "Excellent," while indulging in a gastric bypass-approved, icy-cool dish of sweet revenge.

MESSAGE to DOUG REINHARDT: Tom BRADY is a real STAR, not some HACK and I DOUBT he needs your ADVICE!

“Hills” hottie Doug Reinhardt has some advice for New England Patriots [team stats] QB/QT Tom Brady [stats] about his bum knee: “Just stick it out,” he said. “It’s tough . . . it’s a brutal surgery.”
Reinhardt, who played minor-league baseball for the Angels and Orioles, had knee surgery before he headed west to “The Hills.”
“When I blew out my knee I was done for the whole season,” he told the Track. “So I was like, OK, I’m just gonna move to L.A.”

As luck would have it, Reinhardt ran into was “Hills” honey Lauren Conrad, and when they began dating, he found himself on her MTV reality show.
And Reinhardt insists that what you see on “The Hills” is reality - despite what co-star Audrina Patridge dished to Chelsea Handler about some stuff being scripted.
“Of course it’s real,” he said. “What are you talking about? But it is a television show at the end of the day, and they set up scenes . . . I’m just saying it’s real.”
But, he added, don’t believe everything you hear. Reinhardt said there’s no truth to his rumored relationship with Spencer Pratt’s sister, Stephanie .
“She started making stuff up . . . that I asked her out which is 100 percent wrong,” he said.
Doug admits texting Steph, but said they were just “courtesy texts.” And while they did have dinner together, he said it was just to talk about his BFF Brody Jenner .
“I think she got the wrong impression,” he admitted.
Such drama!
Anyway, Doug insists that once his knee finally heals he will bid bye-bye to L.C. & Co. and get back to baseball.
“This is a fun little thing I did while I was hurt,” he said. “Once I’m cleared to go, I’m 100 percent baseball.”
In the meantime, you can catch the “Hills” hottie’s act in person Friday at Shrine in the MGM Grand at Foxwoods and in Boston on Saturday at The Estate.

Kristin CAVALLARI to do an EPISODE of CSI, calls CHRIS EVANS a "FRIEND"!

Kristin Cavallari insists she and Fantastic Four star Chris Evans aren't an item.
The New York Post reports that the two definitely "hooked up" last week at the opening of Cabana One at the Mayfair Hotel in Miami.
"I hear that too! No, we're just friends," she told Wednesday at the opening of Peter Alexander's flagship L.A. store on Wednesday. "I've known Chris for awhile – just through mutual friends. I've known him for a few years, actually."
Can you believe these celebs hooked up?
Her ideal type?
"I look for a guy who can really make me laugh," she says. "You know, looks go away after awhile... so someone who can really make me laugh and who's secure with themselves."
"In L.A. it's hard to find," she goes on. "They're prettier than the girls! There are a few good guys, though, but I haven’t found one lately. Or ever."
Next up for the Laguna Beach alum: A guest role on CSI.
"I'm filming it this week and next week," she tells Us. "I’m really excited."
She plays a handbag designer "who's kind of in her prime and has everything going for and then she gets caught in the middle of a crime investigation. And that’s all I can really say."
Being on set has been "a lot of fun," she tells Us. "Everyone's really nice and I’m having a great time.
"Anytime you guest star, it's always a little intimidating," she goes on, "but then once you're there, everyone's so nice and makes you feel right at home."

Lauren Conrad's URBAN DETOX!

You can order it or find a retailer above.

Whether you REALIZE it or NOT, LC is usually dressed expensively if not well dressed!

She's wearing the Milly Splash Print tunic ($305)
This is another thing thats cute I guess but i wouldn't pay $50 for it let alone $300.

Lauren CONRAD gets in some DETOX and hangs OUT!

The hat look is cute. She probably needs that bottle of detox because she does booze it up atleast four nights a week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brody Jenner's PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR conquest, Jayde Nicole, out in LA last night!

She looks like Brody's type, easy, ditzy and a little skanky!

Audrina Patridge @ Galpin Auto Sports Grand Opening Event in Van Nuys, October 18, 2008!!

Girl has to get in these events now because no one will want her the day after the Hills ends.


Ok, so Bravo has had a running series, the Real Housewives, first of Orange County, then New York and now Atlanta.

The series airs at 10:00 pm EST on Tuesdays and like most cable shows reairs numerous times during the week.

This year the cast centers around black women instead of the previous snow white women, though they did throw in one token white woman for diversity sake.

There is Kim, the only white woman, who is sugically enhanced in the chest, a mother of two and dating a married man who of course wishes to remain anonymous. Kim is the epitomy of today's culture of appearence and reality being totally different. Kim drives a new cadillac escalade courtesy of her sugar daddy and lives in a modest 2-story townhouse. FYI, high rollers in Atlanta do not live in a townhouse. Kim is a chain smoker who proclaims she is country singer though friends who have known her for three years have never heard her sing. Basically, she is a 40 year old loser, possibly a former stripper, who will soon live the gutter as her looks are already failing and rich Atlanta men are not going to pay to keep a 45 year old smelly smoker who has lost her looks. Trust me, Altanta has plenty of beautiful and not so bright twenty somethings.

Then we have Nene, a former stripper who too is kept by a man who couldn't do any better. Nene too is living beyond her means, she has a nice home but by no means is rich nor does she live in any of Atlanta's exclusive communities. Nene is loud and not so bright and as her triple d's sag some more her present husband will no doubt leave her in the gutter with Kim.

Then we have DeShawn, wife of NBA player, Eric Snow. She comes across as the most likeable and thats not hard in this group. She also comes across of a bit of a gold digger needing a staff of cooks and cleaners, etc. when she only runs and seemlingly only part time a charity. She also comes across as quite ditzy and she definatly doesn't work to keep her body tight. I suspect once Eric retires and has to spend time with her and as she gains another 20 pounds, he will start to look elsewhere. I will say they are atleast not pretenders, they live in a private gated golf community and after over 10 years in the NBA, I am sure Eric has made a few bucks.

Then we have Sheree who is the former wife of Atlanta Falcon lineman, Bob Whitfield. Sheree told me all I needed to know when she said of her impending divorce from Bob, "All I want is seven figures, I don't want the KIDS to suffer", give me a break you gold diggin bitch! You don't want your own lifestyle to suffer. She comes across like a real uppity, grumpy bitch. She is another one of these women that her looks began to fade ten years ago and her hopes of latching onto another baller are slim and none. She keeps saying how all the men want her but I haven't seen one man even look her way.

Then we have Lisa, who pretends to be a big executive in residential real estate. I have never even heard of her firm. She is the exwife of Keith Sweat and is now married to Ed Hartwell a now out of football, former linebacker BUST for the Atlanta Falcons. She is still attractive and probably has atleast one more rich entertainer/baller in her before her looks leave her. She is not overly annoying but has been the least featured of the women too thus far.

Overall, I have learned to actually feel bad for the celebrities because these women they end up with are just trash. I guess the men use them for sex and the women use them for money.

It's worth a watch.

I would be SHOCKED if.....

Barack Obama is not our next President. I will not vote for him and I will not vote for John McCain(mainly because of the Sarah Palin selection but also because John McCain does not seem to want to be President). I will vote for the libertarian, Bob Barr, as I believe he best reflects my values this election. Some people will say I am doing a disservice as Barack is a danger and certainly McCain is better than Barack. The simple fact is the Republicans have spent too much money the last eight years and outside of preventing further terrorist attacks which is substantial, they have done little else. I can certainly understand people's desire for change. Whether Barack can provide tax cuts as he has promised, engineer a meaningful energy policy and create jobs are all questionable at best. I hope those that really believe in him are correct and he is a great President, again I have my doubts, and in four years the country is better shape than today. Only time will give us that answer.

Here is what I suspect will happen, taxes will rise for all of us, they will have to rise in all honesty to begin to pay down the country's excessive and dangerous debt. We will pay more in not only income taxes but capital gains taxes and hidden taxes. I suspect four years from now we will be no closer to a meaningful energy policy than we are today, I suspect oil will not see over $110.00 per barrell during the Obama administration mainly due to a prolonged recession and lessened demand. As gas prices stabilize most likely in the$1.50 to $2.50 range, people will simply not care about energy. We have become an ADHD society afterall. Healthcare is a wildcard, I do believe change will come and most likely not for the better. Four years from now I suspect we will still have a large contingent of troops in Iraq though not at today's levels. I suspect four years from now Russia will be more dangerous than today as will Iran and China and North Korea. I suspect at some point Barack's lack of expierence in international affairs will be a problem.

Again, I hope I am wrong and Barack is a great President.

I will predict that in four years things will be about the same and many that craved meaningful change will be disappointed and again crave change and I predict President Obama will not get a second term.

I guess we'll see in four years.

Audrina PATRIDGE out in Hollywood 10/15/2008!

This outfit is conservative for Audrina!