Monday, December 31, 2007

I KNEW it!

Is Lauren Conrad rekindling her high school romance?
The Hills star was making out with Stephen Colletti, her ex from their days on Laguna Beach and a host for MTV, at LA's Central on Saturday night.
After arriving together Conrad and Colletti stayed close to each other all night, flirting and chatting. They were spotted making out by the bar after Colletti carried her there from the dance area. (Conrad, of course, is no stranger to the dance floor.)

Perhaps Kristin Cavallari isn't the only Laguna Beach alum who could appear on The Hills.

(Click here to see where Conrad is celebrating New Year's Eve and here to see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's highs and lows.)

Tell Us: Would Lauren be smart to date Stephen?

I said months ago MTV would turn these two back into a couple for Season 4! And my prediction for an LC pregnancy looks good for 2008!

Everyone have a SPECTACULAR and SAFE New Years Eve!!

If you choose to bring in 2008 with a few drinks, don't pull an LC and drink and drive!!

My Hills predictions for 2008:

1. Heidi and Spencer sex tape scandal

2. Heidi and LC reunite over said scandal

3. Kristin will NOT join the Hills.

4. LC will get pregnant

5. Audrina will be as STUPID as ever

6. Brody will be seriously injured in a car wreck

7. Whitney will get fired at TEEN VOGUE

8. Bunney will fall down a well

Feel free to comment on your own predictions!!

For New Years, I WISH Audrina would get a BRAIN!

By god she is a dimb bulb! This is why California girls have a bad reputation!

Kristin is GREAT, more Kristin in the New Year, less LC!

God I hope she joins the Hills!

Kristin always looks VERY friendly!

Kristin is very smart, she plays the photogs very well! That's the trick, be FRIENDLY!

Heidi got her lips done, what's NEXT?

So that's why Bunney talks funny and her lips looked funny, jeez it took me awhile to put that together, now I just feel dumb! Heidi's look just like Bunney's! I would guess maybe a little vaginal rejuvenation would be up next!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

This will be LC in a SHORT time!

Mischa Barton busted for booze. Her career ended with the OC just as LC's will end with the Hills!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I really TRY to give them the BENEFIT of the DOUBT, but it gets harder and harder!

Good god these two love the posed photo ops! ANNOYING!

Heidi and Morgan Fairchild - TWINS?

They are both full of PLASTIC!

Spence got em a new LADY!

Well, maybe not, but he did help the Los Angeles mission again on Christmas just like he did back at Thanksgiving. So, no, the picture is not old.

Monday, December 24, 2007

This CAN NOT be true, Heidi and Lauren, a DANCE-OFF?

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are now at war ... on the dance floor.Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth hit Hollywood hot spot Goa early Friday around midnight to film scenes for the upcoming season of their MTV mega-hit.Around 1 a.m. Montag — who tells the new issue of Us Weekly that she has called off her wedding to Spencer Pratt — showed up with Pratt’s sister Stephanie. Though Conrad ignored them, “Audrina came over and hugged and chatted with Heidi,” the witness told a short, patterned dress, black tights and black leather jacket, Montag and Pratt set up shop at a table next to Conrad and her pals.“Lauren and Heidi were literally almost back to back and not speaking,” the onlooker told Us.Conrad and co then hit the dance floor to 80s music. “Lauren danced with a tall blonde guy and all of them were waving their drinks in the air,” says the on-looker.Ten minutes later, Montag hit the floor to Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode” — only to be followed up a short time later by Patridge and Conrad who took over the dance floor to "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears and "Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan.

Heidi OUT without Spence, HOW DARE SHE!

That Biatch!

A little LC as you sit by the fire on this Christmas Eve! I hope your shopping is done!

LC grabbed a little lunch with Brent Bolthouse and Whitney at the Newsroom Cafe. What is she doing hangin with Bolthouse? And better still, what soes Heidi think about that? That's what i call stirrin the pot of drama!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The latest from our BELOVED Lauren!

The Hills star tells The Chicago Sun Times that, after going to Paris, she’s 99% sure she’s going to do a fall fashion show. A FALL 2008 FASHION SHOW! That’s huge!

Check out some snippets of Lauren’s interview with the Times:

Are you a shoe gal?

[laughing] I’m a huge shoes girl. I bought this big bookshelf that I installed on the wall in my bedroom. I keep all my good shoes on it. You almost display the shoes that way. Shoes are like art to me. They need to be displayed. I used to wear mostly flip-flops, but I only own a few pairs now. Now I love my Miu Miu flats with costume jewelry on them. I love Christian Louboutin shoes. They’re soooo beautiful. I try to buy only the basic shoes there because they’re a little pricy and I feel guilty buying them. But they’re such a classic design.
Now that we’re in such a girly mood what are your makeup secrets.

Do you also have a few inexpensive skin care tips?

I do use Mark, which is Avon’s younger brand [She’s a spokesperson for the line]. Every few weeks I get a shipment of it. The truth is as much as I love shopping, I don’t like shopping for makeup. It’s all about the lighting in the store. So I think of makeup shopping like looking for a bikini in the winter. I like to get makeup at my home and try the new colors in a natural light. …As for skin care, I’ve been using ProActive forever. I didn’t have good skin in high school and this is the only thing that keeps my skin clear now. You do have to use it regularly for the best results.
Who has the best sense of style in Hollywood these days and why?

I’ve always loved the way Ashley Olsen dresses. I love the Olsen twin style. They really will try everything. These girls don’t follow a trend. They set their own trends. Anyone can open a magazine and dress the way they tell you to dress. It takes time to create your own style and the Olsens are brave and take risks. I take risks, too, wearing my clothes on the show. I’ve worn the entire line.

You’re going to Paris on future episodes of “The Hills.” How will that influence your designs?

I’ve just been to Paris and it’s 99 percent for sure I’m going to do a fall fashion show. Paris was wonderful, but I’ll always just design for myself. My style changes all the time. Being in Europe, I was touched by how beautiful everything is …breathtaking in the details

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Natalee Holloway Case - OVER! Aruban cowards refuse to prosecute the three thugs who most likely brutally raped and murdered her!

ORANJESTAD – The Public Prosecutor (OM) decided not to prosecute the three suspects in the Holloway-case. The dossier does not have enough evidence for a violent crime or culpable homicide. Also the burden of proof for possible legal evidence is not sufficient, concluded the OM.
The OM informed the suspects Joran van der Sloot (20) and the brothers Deepak (24) and Satish Kalpoe (21) this morning that they are no longer being prosecuted. Also the American lawyer of the parents of Natalee Holloway was informed. The fact that the body of the missing teenager was never found is for the OM ‘an important shortage’ in the possible reconstruction of what had exactly happened. “Because of that, the current dossier cannot give sufficient answer on the question which punishable facts took place in the night of Holloway’s disappearance, nor can it answer the question what the exact role of the suspects was in this”, said the OM. That the suspects continued to be silent during the recent interrogations was also a disappointment for the OM, because they have assumed that the suspects would start talking this time. The OM emphasizes though that if they find new important evidence, the prosecution will start again till the offences become barred, which is 6 years for culpable homicide and 12 years for manslaughter. The bailiff of the OM informed Lawyer Ariean de Bie of this between 11:00 and 12:00 this morning. “That definitely concludes the case”, said De Bie. “All’s well that ends well. There was just not enough evidence.” Yet, it could have just turned the other way. “The OM was constantly talking about less serious facts, for which they could have been prosecuted. But that didn’t happen. They never had any evidence, just indications. And could their indications have legalized this exercise? I wonder why they kept saying: we have evidence, we have evidence.” (Amigoe12/19/2007)
What a disgrace! I hope everyone who reads here and travels, never waste their money on that toilet of an island called Aruba!

Lauren with another EXCITING and UNFORGETTABLE life update!

I was in Chicago and Minneapolis this past weekend and want to thank everyone who came out. In Chicago The Dream For Kids Foundation collected so many great gifts for kids at the Holiday for Hope Event at Crobar. Tons of people braved the cold in Minneapolis and the staff at Spin was a lot of fun. I even met someone who was wearing one of my designs from the clothing line!

Awww, how Precious!

Keep your hood on to stay WARM!

I ALWAYS knew BRODY was a LOSER and this story confirms it!

Ladykiller Brody Jenner nearly missed a scheduled appearance at Chicago nightclub Enclave on Saturday night, after he got booted from an American Airlines flight shortly before takeoff in Dallas.

And he wasn't the only troublemaker. An A.A. spokesperson tells TMZ that "several passengers refused to comply with flight attendant's requests to turn off electronic devices.

They became verbally abusive toward the flight attendants and were removed from the plane by airport police." For the love of Spencer Pratt!

No charges were filed against the "Hills" hottie and his pals.

These reports they eventually hopped an ATA flight to the Windy City, where Brody told partygoers, "I guess I won't be flying American Again!" His powers of deductive reasoning are amazing!Attempts to reach Brody and his reps were unsuccessful.

Lauren SUPPORTS the troops, most likely in the BED!

Lauren out supporting the troops!

Heidi is REALLY making it so hard to like her!

The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sat down with Us Weekly to explain why their engagement ended, that they’re still together – but have no plans to get married.

Heidi on their current relationship: “We’re just going back to being boyfriend and girlfriend…” (Spencer interjects) “…when our relationship was flawless.”

Heidi on her engagement ring: “I turned it into a pendant. It wasn’t my dream ring. I don’t like what it represents. I might sell it.”

Heidi on Lauren Conrad possibly laughing at them: “It would be really sad if she did, but her opinions don’t affect me at all. She’s not a part of my life anymore.”

Spencer on how sorry he is: “I need to accept that Heidi wants her princess wedding and that she is the boss.”

Heidi on not giving up: “I have a high tolerance for pain. I’ve lived with Spencer.”

Honey, take a break for awhile!

Monday, December 17, 2007

An interview with Dieter and there are definatly some interesting tidbits!!

1. How has your life changed since being on Laguna?

I still live at home in Laguna and cry myself to sleep nightly. No I mean the show really changed everything for me. I was able to start a charity see it take off, go on tours etc. Since the show did so well it lead to me being able to get the word out there for the charity and then after that touring doing appearances etc for a good two years. I mean getting paid to go on spring break the last three years is something that never ceases to amaze me so in that aspect it lead to being able to travel all over the world and was a lot of fun. So it obviously made it amazing to meet people to party to just live two years of insane fun. It was also cool to see how many people the show hit and it was pretty surreal there for a while. As far as me personally I am back in San Diego State where I started college after high school before taking the break for the charity and tours so I think the show led to a fun two years but now its back to school and doing what I have always wanted to do. IT definitely didn’t help my livers life span that’s for sure.

2. Do you still hang out with any of the old faces of Laguna?

Oh ya. I mean I will be life long bros with Stephen and Trey no matter what I don’t really talk to anyone from the show on a consistent basis except for Stephen and Trey and Jessica. I see Steph as much as possible and then talk to Trey at least once a week. I mean they are my best friends by far and have been since kindergarten and the show only strengthened that bond and friendship. They will be my best men at my wedding, which is currently looking to be occurring somewhere around 2045. We joke with each other who will be married first and how much it suck to be the first one with the other two having a field day making fun of him, so I am pretty confident we all may hold out….just so were not the first. Trey is loving New York and Stephen is doing great with the acting on One Tree Hill etc so I am very amped for both of them. Oh and it is the first time since…HIGH SCHOOL we are all single so this winter break is going to be a lot of fun to say the least. Other then my best bros as weird as it sounds I talk to Jess pretty much every day. We are super close friends, probably wont be anything more then that but I think since we made it thru everything, dated for a year ½ went on a tour for a year in which we fought so much we made Mayweather look like a pussy it brought us closer in a really weird way. She’s the only girl I have really opened up to and I guess the first love, so there will always be a spot for her in my life.. I help her with her never ending bad choices with guys….jk…kind of…..not really….and she points out that I can never hold onto a serious relationship longer then a week every day. It’s a great friendship! I dread the day of her wedding, I will be the guy in the back with a bottle. So yeah I mean I am super close with them and then I talk to Christina, the Alex’s, LC and Lo every so often, after high school you always grow apart but I always knew I would be in touch all the time with Steph and Trey etc for the rest of my life.

3.What was your take on the whole Jen Bunney and Lauren fallout?

I think Lauren had every right to be bitter and it was a pretty shady move. Jens a kook.

6.What really happened between you and Lauren?

Rough one. The whole deal with me and Lauren was one of the roughest things for me to handle, I was living with Jason and Stephen in LA and it was just a crazy time for all of us. After my charity run, she I said some stupid stuff I REALLY regret and it dragged out way longer then it should have. I mean we were really close throughout high school and she was my best friend the first years out of high school so it was kind of rough to kind of lose that. Actually was the roughest thing I have ever gone through as far as my relationships with my friends. Not a day went bye when it didn’t bug me. But one night we saw each other and it just kind of ended, as it should of. Life’s to short not to spend with people who are important to you. So slowly but surely things are getting better, talking again and times always a great cure. The thing with Lauren is no matter what happens throughout the years etc the fact is I will be there for her no matter what forever. When I was depressed during my first year at college she was there for me more then anyone I mean 24/7 no matter what if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what would have happened. So you know on that end I am forever grateful/ in debt to her and then after that the time she spent helping my charity was amazing, the first year we had the charity she was there anytime passing up thousands you could make on appearances to come talk to high schools etc with me. And I mean that was so huge of her and she is a great friend. She has a heart of gold and is a great friend to have on your side. She is like a sister to me and ill always be there for her, that’s something that will never change. I love Lauren always will.

7.What did you think of Heidi at first?

What do you think of her now?

When I first met her it was obvious that she wanted to be on TV, now I think that she’s the most annoying girl on TV. That girl just bothers me. Don’t get how you can not be 100% loyal to Lauren when she brought you into Laguna for the summer and then hooked you up with everything.

15.Is the Lauren that we see on the Hills the real Lauren?

From the few episodes i've seen ya, that’s why she’s legit to me she is herself on that show unlike so many people and she always has been herself throughout the Laguna days, I think so long as you are you that’s all that matters and she is.

24.How did you and Lauren originally become friends?

I have known Lauren since 2nd grade and we always were in the same group of friends. We became really really good friends in high school and she was always helping me with Jessica problems and I was helping her with Steph things etc so we formed kin do f a brother or sister bond. A funny story no one really knows is our senior year we were both in ASB along with LO and a few others and we all filmed a mock of the OC we called it The LB they aired it in every classroom every Friday we would bring in announcements etc to the show but it was basically us making fun of The OC and when MTV came our ASB teacher showed them that video before they ever met any of us. Pretty ironic.

27.Please, tell all of us enquiring minds who read your website - who is the "true" Heidi?

I just think some people are fame diggers and when Lauren first brought her to Laguna we all kind of got that vibe that Heidi knew what she was doing. Then the Hills came and she’s just kind of a joke on it, Lauren brought her into that whole situation, and now she’s ready to bail her and get married, I mean I sadly know from personal experience Heidi gets around so to see her talk about marriage and stuff makes me laugh my ass off. I just hate people that change who they are for that and it seems so fake to me. If I was Lauren I would have been a lot more pissed off, all things considering.

Well done LagunaHookup.

I am GLAD to see MTV is finally listening to me!

If you thought the claws were out between The Hills costars Lauren "LC" Conrad and Heidi Montag, just wait! MTV is in talks to have Kristin Cavallari, LC's archenemy during their Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County days, join the hit reality TV series!MTV hopes the addition of Kristin will keep the show red-hot. But one person who's already seeing red is LC! "She's threatened to walk away," a friend tells Star. "She feels as if The Hills was created around her and that she made it what it is today. She hated how she was depicted on Laguna Beach." On that MTV reality show, the two blondes feuded over cutie Stephen Colletti. Men shouldn't be a problem this time. While LC is single, Kristin is dating actor Nick Zano.

LC simply is not entertaining enough to carry the Hills, even Hills fans have to admit many of the Hills eps this past season were not that entertaining. Whether you like Kristin or not, I think the show would be much better with her or another main character.

From Kristin's perspective, it would probably be a good short term move but if she really wants to be a legit actress, this probably would not be a great move.

Whitney has a GORGEOUS face!

I don't know about the outfit but Whitney really has a pretty face!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Listen to Heidi's new song

Say what you want about Heidi Montag's relationship choices, at least she knows how to sing a catchy-yet-forgettable pop song.
The aspiring pop singer's new single, "Touch Me," was "leaked" on Thursday to Perez Hilton. Take a listen and judge for yourself!

Do you think Heidi will succeed as a pop star?

Scandalous! Heidi not wearing her RING!

Heidi Montag is still not wearing a ring.
Days after Spencer Pratt told Ryan Seacrest "the wedding is definitely on pause," the Hills stars reunited to grab a bite in L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood. Missing: Her engagement ring.
Montag fueled split rumors Monday by showing up solo at the Hills finale and not wearing her ring.
The following day, Pratt spoke out about their wedding plans on Seacrest's KIIS-FM show:
“In my mind I’m not moving on or looking for dates. I don’t know where Heidi is, I know she needs her space, but I don’t want to get back to my bachelor days. Heidi is the most perfect girl on the planet.”
He said expect all questions to be answered in the eight "bonus" episodes of The Hills airing this spring.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Find out here.

Tell Us: Should Heidi take Spencer back?

HEIDI - you are making me dislike you even more than LC! GO AWAY for a little while! See you when Season 3 - part 2 starts in the spring - until then just go away. PUHLEEZE!

Heidi got them WAY too BIG!

Now that everything is settled, Heidi got the new boobs WAY too large, they are porn starish!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Allright after this it's time to rename the site to I hate Heidi!

Oh brother!

These kids make me sick and the only shame is it wasn't them who died in the Virginia Tech tradgedy!

Penn State, do the right thing and EXPEL these sick BASTARDS. Plaster their faces all over the internet so they are never hired anywhere. Force them to face the parents and family of the dead VT students. Those parents and family should be able to spit in their in f-ing faces.

Kristin, as usual, looks fabulous!

Kristin needs to be setting the trends, not LC!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heidi and Spencer leaving Koi LAST NIGHT!

I'm so sick of their lying! On Seacrest, they both say they have not seen each other in days, he said today she has not been returning his calls. Give me a BREAK!

Hopefully, for the last time, a magazine discusses how REAL the Hills is!

Since the debut of high school reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004, most of Lauren Conrad's life has been documented by MTV. But this year, on Laguna spin-off The Hills (its third-season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m.), the 21-year-old and her gal pals became more famous than ever, keeping audiences captivated both on-screen and off: The show averages about 4 million viewers a week, and for proof of their off-screen popularity...well, just scan any celebrity weekly or gossip blog site.

So what makes Conrad's life oh-so-fascinating? We checked in with the California girl to ask her ourselves. Plus, she admits which silly rumor she'd like to put to rest once and for all, and what really went down the night of the infamous ''nail polish-gate.

''ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Looking back now on your life since Laguna, did you ever think you would get the opportunities that you've had?

LAUREN CONRAD: None of us knew what we were getting into when we signed up for Laguna, so everything that's followed has been so crazy and unexpected. We were thrown into the spotlight very quickly [this year]. It was a lot more intense than before. We've had to deal with paparazzi following us, and when we go on dates, it's reported the next day. It's very weird.

Did you have to adjust your life at all because of the constant attention?

Like now maybe when you go out, you're not just going to wear sweatpants because someone might take your picture.

Is there stuff like that you're more conscious of?

I think it helps that [my friends and I] are all going through it together, so we can all relate. But yeah, you do have to take a second look in the mirror and do all those things. But with doing a reality show, it's become a habit to do that anyway because you roll out of bed in the morning, and you're making breakfast and there are cameras in your kitchen.Is it true you had to move apartments because so many people were coming by?

Yeah. We filmed at an apartment building right next to it, but we filmed the exterior of another building because people found out where we lived and what apartment we had, and so in the middle of the night — whether they were drunk or just crazy — people would come and knock on our door. It was scary for us. So we switched apartments but continued filming in front of the other one so people wouldn't know where we lived.

Does it ever annoy you how meticulous people have gotten when watching The Hills? Take, for example, what everyone is referring to as ''nail polish-gate'' — one scene showed you wearing red nail polish, but then in a scene that was presented as happening a little later that same night, the polish was gone. What happened there?

The Hills is filmed exactly the same as Laguna. So when people started picking out these very little things, it was weird to me because anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they're filmed. We're not filming The Truman Show, we don't have cameras set up all around our apartment, and they're not with us 24/7. Basically what they're doing is taking our lives and telling a story. For example, the night [of the nail-polish incident, while on a date with model Gavin], the cameras stopped rolling, and I went out to a club with [Gavin]. I went home and called someone [Brody], and the next day talked about it. [MTV] was like, Okay, well, we need to get that on tape, and since they're trying to tell a story the right way, I basically had to go and call [Brody] again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it's not lying to anyone, it's telling what really happened, but it's just the way they film reality shows.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It must feel weird having to reenact those things, though.

LAUREN CONRAD: No, I think there are just certain things that have become normal. Like, even when we're not being filmed, if an airplane flies over me, I stop talking. If I'm about to tell someone a secret or sing, I take my finger and feel across the top of my shirt to see if I'm wearing a microphone. Or I'll do it to rub the top of the microphone, because that messes with the sound and they can't hear you when you do that.

Would you say that when you see the show and how it's edited that it feels real to you? It really is your life being portrayed?

Yeah, they're telling exactly what happened. We don't have writers on this show. We make our own decisions; we say what we want to say. That's who we are. People can sit back and say it's real, it's fake, but at the end of the day to me this is real because this is my life. Someone else having a lighting crew coming in to their apartment at 8 o'clock in the morning and set up booms and lights is very weird. But for me, that's real. That's how I live my life.

When it comes to the Heidi situation, how much do you feel that's portrayed accurately? Do you ever think it's maybe overdramatized?

I don't think so. I think that's very real. It's very hard to lose someone who's the closest person to you in your life. That's a very real situation. It was very hard for me to be betrayed by someone who I loved and considered my closest friend. It's especially hard when you're in our situation right now where it's very hard to trust people — then when you have the person you trust the most do something to you, it's very difficult because it makes you question every relationship you have.It's just funny because you guys end up showing up at the same places sometimes.

Is that at all ever planned by MTV?

Well, we don't know about it. There was one event we went to, which we were both going to, and MTV knew it, and we had seen her boss' name on the board of the event, so we kind of assumed she would be there. But there was one incident when we showed up to a restaurant not knowing the other was going to be there, and MTV had set that up. But they only set that up because it was happening off-camera — we were getting into these situations where we were running into [Heidi and Spencer] and [MTV] kept missing them. They just wanted to put us in that same situation and see how we reacted because they didn't have it on camera. [MTV had no comment about Conrad's statements.]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think it is that makes your life so fascinating to people?

LAUREN CONRAD: That's one of the biggest questions I ask people when they talk to me about the show, what the appeal is, because I don't know. I think people are just fascinated with other people's lives in general. I mean, that's why we watch any scripted show, or when we're in high school and we gossip about other people. People are just obsessed with other people's lives. I don't know whether it's kind of a way to escape their own, or something to follow...I really couldn't tell you.There must be something drawing so many viewers in each week.I think we're relatable. We really are very lucky, the lives we live — we get to live in L.A., it's very glamorous, we have great jobs, and we have a lot of fun — but at the same time, no matter how great our lives are, we're still going to deal with the same problems as anybody else.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions about you?

They're usually really silly things, not a big deal.But is there anything you hear or read about yourself and think, ''Hey! That's not me''?The only thing that ever really bothers me is that a lot of people think I'm that girl who hates your boyfriend. I'm really not that girl. Some of my friends' boyfriends are my best friends. We just happened to have a very similar situation happen two times in a row on the show [first with Heidi's boyfriend Spencer, then with Audrina's boyfriend Justin Bobby], and people were seeing a pattern. It really had nothing to do with me not wanting my friends to be happy or have boyfriends, but I had two friends in a row date guys who kind of sucked.

Speaking of Audrina and Justin: What do you think about them being portrayed by James Franco and Mila Kunis on

I thought it was kind of cool that such big actors would go and imitate the show. I think they were just kind of making fun.

Kristin apparantly either really liked this outfit or got a really good deal because she has it in multiple colors!

The grey is more likeable than the blue.

Kristin out shopping unlike that Christmas GRINCH LC!

I don't know about the outfit!

For the male readers, LC side boobage!

LC does have a nice nose.

The BEST would have been if LC got knocked up in Paris and got PREGGERS, now that would have been REAL!

The Hills to Return This Spring With Eight "Bonus" Episodes

Monday December 10, 2007

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, France.

This spring, everyone's favorite reality TV queens will ditch Hollywood for new scenery: in Paris, France! And their Euro-trip will be part of eight "bonus" episodes airing on MTV early next year.

Lauren Conrad turned down an offer to work in the City of Lights last season, but now Teen Vogue boss Lisa Love has sent her - and pal Whitney Port! - on an overseas working vacation. (See what the girls looked like as kids here.)

And while the girls will be schmoozing with fashion's elite at the famed Crillon Ball, Spencer and Heidi will stay Stateside to hash out their wedding plans. As with many Speidi spats, the couple parted ways at the end of Monday's episode, resulting in matrimonial mayhem leading into the new episode block.

"It's not working," Heidi explained to her fiance. "I need space." And space she'll get, as Ms. Montag packed her bags and left the Speidi homestead for her family back in Colorado. As for Brody? He was stuck helping his flirtatatious friend LC load her luggage into the trunk as she jetted off to the airport for Paris. But, as Lauren was quick to remind him, "[I] won't be gone long."

Did Lauren have her upper lip lasered to remove the hair? It has looked discolored for weeks now.

I don't love Audrina's dress. LC's dress is ok from the front, but from the back it made her ass look huge.

Lauren tries to score Justin from "Brothers and Sisters"

Some of ya'll complain about me in comments hating on LC but Perez Hilton is the one that calls her privates "old meat lockers" - that is far worse than anything I ever say about her!

Whitney from Last Night

Love her outfit or hate it?

Newport Harbor resumes tomorrow night for 4 weeks

I didn't realize it but apparantly Newport Harbor actually threw up pretty good ratings numbers. Will you watch?

Spence on Seacrest

First, Spence says there will be 8 new shows before Season 4. This is what LC referenced last night, they will be televised and not just on the internet.

Spence says the 8 eps will tell the tale of him and Heidi.

Wedding is "definatly on hold".

Fights were over big wedding vs. small intimate wedding.

Spence says the invitations were $15,000.00 - but if they were already printed, you can't return those, it doesn't matter if you take them or not, so that doesn't make since.

Spence said if Heidi went out with another guy it would kill him.

Spence is delusional, he said him and Heidi never fought until the wedding, what the hell is he talking about, they fought about LC all the time, Heidi's work, etc.

I just think now the Hills is totally scripted and its no different than watching a sitcom.

Bunney looks cute overall but the earrings, the seventeen bracelets and the 96 rings are a little much!

Don't overaccessorize!

Hey Frankie, nice DOUBLE chin

And those ears - he could take flight with those things!

Lo wears the least flattering clothes!

She looks 6 months pregnant!

"Stupid Jason" - NO, STUPID LC!

First, for the 1000th time, I don't really hate LC. First, LC is a character that Lauren Conrad plays on MTV that MTV invented. Many of the kids on Laguna have previously said that before the mtv cameras showed up, no one even called Lauren Conrad LC.

Now back to the point of my post, that statement "Stupid Jason" is typical LC and makes me dislike her, take some ownership, you MADE the decision not to go to Paris, no one else, you, take ownership!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Heidi on Seacrest

Heidi acted very odd. They are not spending the holidays together. Spencer was not even in the condo. Spencer will be on Seacrest ALONE tomorrow.

They are DONE.

Spencer and Heidi PRETENDING to be together!

This will be the last pic you ever see of them together!

So I caught the Lauren retrospective this weekend and here is my observation

LC used to be a lot more likeable in the old days, I think she jumped the shark to EVIL when she got involved with Jason.

The best Hills ep ever has to be Jason's birthday when Jason is totally on crack and and LC is driving all over with him. How the hell did MTV let that moron drive? Usually like on the Real World they won't let the person drive. And don't anyone say that kid was not on drugs!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Brody and Spence back hanging out!

No pictures yet, but where there's smoke there's fire! Rumour was Heidi and LC made up a few weeks back, Heidi going to Seacrest alone, and now this, times are a changin in the Hills!

LC will make a LIFE CHANGING DECISION on the Hills finale!

She’s not revealing many details, but Lauren Conrad says she makes a “life-changing” decision in the season-three finale of MTV’s The Hills, which airs Monday—and she’s happy with the choice she made.
“I gotta be honest, I haven’t seen the final episode yet,” Conrad told PEOPLE at the magazine’s 50th Grammy Awards Kick-Off Party on Thursday. “I know that something happens in our lives, but I don’t know what they’re showing. … Something very exciting happens in my life. I can’t tell you what, obviously, because it has to air, but it was a life-changing something.”
Conrad reportedly is offered a second chance at living in Paris—something she turned down at the end of season one to be with Jason Wahler. Conrad isn’t confirming that, but does say she had a choice to make, and is happy with her decision.
Does it have anything to do with Brody Jenner? “I mean, a little bit, but mostly do to with me,” she says. “I have to make a very big decision—which I made, which I’m very happy with now.”
As the third season wraps, Conrad added that it’s been interesting seeing the viewership change—and even skew a bit older.
“When I did Laguna [Beach], it was all younger, younger kids,” she says, “but most of the people that I talk to (now) are like mid-30s.” —Jed Dreben and Tim Nudd