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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kristin Cavallari sexy for Vanity Fair!

Lauren Conrad "STYLE" to hit shelves October 5, 2010, Pleather Pants to be Highlighted!

"The Hills" star, Lauren Conrad is set to release a new book called "Style" on October 5, 2010.

The book will supposedly be a simple guide on how to emulate her fashion style. From her book description spotted on Amazon:

You've seen Lauren Conrad on TV and red carpets, looking fabulous whether she's going casual for a day with friends or dressed for a night out. Now Lauren reveals how you can adapt her classic, understated style for yourself.

In her first-ever style guide, Lauren offers tips on how to create your own unique look, shares her favorite sources of inspiration, and identifies the absolute must-haves for any fashionista's wardrobe. Along the way, she examines her fashion evolution, from California-casual teen to camera-ready style icon and clothing designer.

From beauty advice and hair secrets to how to shop vintage or find the perfect T-shirt, Lauren Conrad Style unlocks the mysteries of being effortlessly chic. With Lauren's guidance, you'll look and feel stylish every day.

Lauren has already released three novels previously. They are L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar & Spice.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"The Hills" stars - Where are they now?

It seems like it was just yesterday MTV's hit series The Hills just ended its 6 season run, but already the series' stars are moving on to bigger- and possibly better- things. So what's the latest on the former stars of

MTV's The Hills? From LC to Speidi, here's what the stars of The Hills are up to now.

Lauren Conrad. Yep, we know she walked away from her hit show two seasons ago, but Lauren Conrad ain't stupid. The hardworking former Hills star has been involved in all sorts of endeavors- from a hot Kohl's fashion line to her bestselling novels. But now she's headed back to where it all began-- an MTV reality show.

According to US Magazine, Conrad is slated to return to MTV to star in a new reality series. But cameras won't be stalking her personal life 24/7. Instead, the new series will focus on Conrad's career as a fashion designer. Hmmm...sounds suspiciously like pal Whitney Port's MTV reality series, The City. Now all we need is a workplace nemesis and LC will be set!

Audrina Patridge. This Hills beauty has been tripping the light fantastic on the 11th season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Paired with pro dancer Tony Dovolani, Audrina has already made a strong premiere and may just be a contender this season on the top rated show. And with over a million followers on Twitter, Audrina's fan vote can likely overpower any negative judge's vote, so expect her to go far this season on DWTS.

Brody Jenner. Everybody's boyfriend, Brody Jenner's IMDB shows nothing new is going on for the hunky Hills star- at least on the work front. His love life is another matter. Jenner is in deep with pop rocker Avril Lavigne, even getting a torso tat of her name according to MTV. Looks like Jenner is enjoying his work hiatus with a serious love connection.

Speidi. Divorce or publicity stunt? The shaky marital status of Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag has been in the tabloids for months and something

was definitely up near the end of Hills filming- the longtime stars of the show were nowhere to be seen in the series' finale episode. In fact they had stopped filming weeks before the final season ended, with no tie-up to their storyline. But Pratt's Twitter painted a summer of sex tape teasers and apologies to Heidi and the two were recently spotted in Costa Rica together. So what gives? No one seems to know for sure. And although Montag's proposed girly summer reality show with BFF Jen Bunney never came to fruition, her IMDB shows that she has a cameo in the upcoming Adam Sandler- Jennifer Aniston Flick, Just Go With It.


Kristin Cavallari turns up the heat with Twitter background pic!

Cutler gives relationship with Cavallari a Thumbs Up!

Miles Austin's relationship with one reality TV personality may be ending, but Jay Cutler's friendship with another is just heating up.

TV personality Kristin Cavallari at a fashion show in New York on Sept. 14, 2010.CAPTION By Rob Loud, Getty Images

The Chicago Bears QB told ESPN Radio on Monday that he's pleased with his budding relationship with Kristin Cavallari, from MTV's show The Hills.

"Yeah, they're going well," Cutler said of his interaction with Cavallari. "It's working out so far."

Things are working out for Cutler on the field too, after he led the Bears to a 2-0 start with a 27-20 win in Dallas on Sunday. Cutler confirmed that he had flown to New York last week on his off day to have lunch with Cavallari before delving into gameplans for the Cowboys.

News broke over the weekend Cowboys WR Miles Austin had ended his relationship with reality TV personality Kim Kardashian.

-- Sean Leahy

Lauren Conrad on ET!

Lo Bosworth suggests working out at home!

By Lo Bosworth

One of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend is exercise with him. Considering he has a pro athlete past, he certainly knows all the right moves I should be doing. I like to think of him as my personal trainer, wink wink.

We do a lot of strength training when we exercise together, a lot of resistance work and squats combined with light weights. The best part is that we frequently do this outside of the gym, as all it takes to get a great work-out in with your BF is a few items and the willingness to sweat it out.

One of the dorkiest/coolest things I’ve taught Scott about is The Step-you know, the cute, rubbery platform that was popular in 90s era exercise classes? I saw The Step on an old 90210 episode on Soap Net recently (complete with Kelly in a thong leotard/neon shorts), which made me understand that The Step is not only a great work-out tool but an appropriate homage to the great women who’ve come before me. I love using this work-out tool because it allows me to get out of the gym and make a fool out of myself in the privacy of my living room. It really does awesome things for your butt when you dedicate yourself to steppin’ for a few minutes each day. I love to come up with little routines and throw hand weights into the mix for more sweaty fun. I’ve taught Scott some of my moves. You should see his high kick ;)

On the flipside, Scott has taught me about resistance training. He loves to use these resistance rubber bands for a stellar at-home work-out. We prefer Rubberbanditz Deluxe Mobile Gym Package over other brands because you get so much with this at-home (or anywhere, really) work-out gear: 2 light bands, 1 medium, 1 heavy, 1 door-strap band, 2 hand gribs and carabiners, a travel bag and DVD tutorial/exercise manual. My fingers are sore just writing all the stuff they pack into one system.

What’s cool about the Rubberbandtiz package is that it’s your own body that is doing the work. You are your own weight, and can use the resistance bands practically anywhere: home, office, tree, street lamp, etc. The DVD teaches you 69 different moves, and proves that you can do resistance training anywhere, as they film a lot of the DVD in the streets of Guatemala.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lauren Conrad confirms on Ryan Seacrest she does have a new show coming out with MTV!

She confirmed on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today that she has a show lined up with MTV that centers around fashion....not her personal life...begin filming soon. MTV will release an official statement next week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jen Aniston Fails to Drum Up Ratings for Cougar Town

Thats the headline from this morning.  Well, I'm here to tell you it's not Jen's fault.  Cougar Town sucks, its the same thing every week, they sit around, they drink wine, the jokes fall flat, IT'S JUST NOT A GOOD SHOW!  How it got a second season is beyond me, I suspect ABC to get Courtney Cox made a commitment to give it every chance for success.

The show has no direction, you could care less whether Courtney and the neighbor stay together, none of the side characters have anything going on, you jsut don't care about anyone on the show which is the mark of a good show, you care.  Did you care last year when the doctors were getting shot on Grey's?  Of course you did, you are invested in the characters!

Us has long bashed Jen for no good reason and it continues today.

Audrina Patridge continues on her quest to be Dancing with the Stars champion!

Hasselhoff was eliminated week 1.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Audrina Patridge and her Dancing with the Stars partner, you know she's givin it up!

I think her looks keep her in it for awhile

Lauren Conrad is in Bali with Kyle Howard, when's this guy gonna propose?

She's giving away the milk for free a little long!

Spencer Pratt set to cut off beard, he's UGG either way, let's face it!

He's said to have grown it over being distraught over Heidi but now that things are better, he can remove it.

Karissa Shannon will release tape because, well, she's broke and is getting six figures!

The tape is supposed to be bonkers.  How long before the Montag/ Shannon tape is released?  Rumor is they got six figures to sign off.

Friday, September 17, 2010