Monday, September 27, 2010

Lo Bosworth suggests working out at home!

By Lo Bosworth

One of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend is exercise with him. Considering he has a pro athlete past, he certainly knows all the right moves I should be doing. I like to think of him as my personal trainer, wink wink.

We do a lot of strength training when we exercise together, a lot of resistance work and squats combined with light weights. The best part is that we frequently do this outside of the gym, as all it takes to get a great work-out in with your BF is a few items and the willingness to sweat it out.

One of the dorkiest/coolest things I’ve taught Scott about is The Step-you know, the cute, rubbery platform that was popular in 90s era exercise classes? I saw The Step on an old 90210 episode on Soap Net recently (complete with Kelly in a thong leotard/neon shorts), which made me understand that The Step is not only a great work-out tool but an appropriate homage to the great women who’ve come before me. I love using this work-out tool because it allows me to get out of the gym and make a fool out of myself in the privacy of my living room. It really does awesome things for your butt when you dedicate yourself to steppin’ for a few minutes each day. I love to come up with little routines and throw hand weights into the mix for more sweaty fun. I’ve taught Scott some of my moves. You should see his high kick ;)

On the flipside, Scott has taught me about resistance training. He loves to use these resistance rubber bands for a stellar at-home work-out. We prefer Rubberbanditz Deluxe Mobile Gym Package over other brands because you get so much with this at-home (or anywhere, really) work-out gear: 2 light bands, 1 medium, 1 heavy, 1 door-strap band, 2 hand gribs and carabiners, a travel bag and DVD tutorial/exercise manual. My fingers are sore just writing all the stuff they pack into one system.

What’s cool about the Rubberbandtiz package is that it’s your own body that is doing the work. You are your own weight, and can use the resistance bands practically anywhere: home, office, tree, street lamp, etc. The DVD teaches you 69 different moves, and proves that you can do resistance training anywhere, as they film a lot of the DVD in the streets of Guatemala.

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