Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jen Aniston Fails to Drum Up Ratings for Cougar Town

Thats the headline from this morning.  Well, I'm here to tell you it's not Jen's fault.  Cougar Town sucks, its the same thing every week, they sit around, they drink wine, the jokes fall flat, IT'S JUST NOT A GOOD SHOW!  How it got a second season is beyond me, I suspect ABC to get Courtney Cox made a commitment to give it every chance for success.

The show has no direction, you could care less whether Courtney and the neighbor stay together, none of the side characters have anything going on, you jsut don't care about anyone on the show which is the mark of a good show, you care.  Did you care last year when the doctors were getting shot on Grey's?  Of course you did, you are invested in the characters!

Us has long bashed Jen for no good reason and it continues today.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the show is not that good I've tried to watch but it loses me everytime. Why won't the media leave jennifer aniston alone? I don't get it.