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So SPENCER wants to film himself and HEIDI in the BED and put it ONLINE? Sounds about right!

It's starting to heat up into another classic Hollywood feud: Mary-Kate Olsen vs. self-promoting bad boy Spencer Pratt. But well before Olsen publicly dissed the villain from The Hills for being a bad-tempered high-school spoilsport on the Late Show with David Lettermen Friday, the seeds of their mutual antipathy were planted well before. In a 2007 Details article about Brody Jenner, best friend Pratt brags to a reporter about how he once made $50,000 by selling a photograph of Olsen drinking at a party back when the two attended the same high school. And Pratt's glee at his own plots doesn't end there. The other schemes he talks about include having Jenner start dating Nicole Richie and then try to get her to eat, and trying to date every girl on The Hills. Perhaps most ironic: He spends 20 minutes talking about how he wants to make a sex video with girlfriend Heidi Montag and then post it online. It's the height of hypocrisy, if you believe Lauren Conrad's claim that Pratt started the feud between her and Montag by spreading rumors of a sex tape starring Conrad.

Audrina PATRIDGE hits the TOWN!

Thats actually a good color on Audrina.

HEIDI Montag and Spencer PRATT hit REPUBLIC!

UGA passed away this weekend.

RIP precious!


Last Thursday, Mary-Kate Olsen told America that That Hills star Spencer Pratt had a bad temper.
The day after, Spencer retaliated by calling MK the uglier of the Olsen twins.
Now, digging back into the archives of Details magazine, Spencer proudly admitted in a 2007 interview with that mag that he “made $50,000 in high school by selling a photo he took of Mary-Kate drinking at a party.”
Is that the photo here above??? $50,000????? Maybe the $100,000 figure Spencer told Letterman for making a club appearance doesn’t sound so far-fetched after all…
Mary-Kate’s new indie film, The Wackness, opens in limited release this Thursday, July 3.

Maybe they did the dirty too!

KRISTIN Cavallari in MIAMI!!

If she's smart she flew into Lauderdale, that's the easiest airport to get in and out of!

Heidi MONTAG talks being a christian singer and CHRISTIANTY, later, dies in BIZARRE lightening STRIKE!

There is a different side to Heidi Montag that you don't see on MTV's The Hills, the 21-year-old budding singer tells USA Today.
"I have been the most religious person since I was 2 years old. I always felt this crazy connection to God," says Montag, who identifies herself as "kind of non-denominational Baptist."
Montag — who just released her latest single "Fashion" and frequently reads the Bible — says she even wants to record a Christian album.
(Click here to see Montag's No. 1 fashion obsession.)
She adds that she once planned on devoting her life to God as a missionary in Africa.
She and beau Spencer Pratt — who just attacked Mary-Kate Olsen after she said he had a bad temper in high school — will head there in August to "feed children and help build things."
(Pratt noted that they could adopt a baby while there, but Montag said, "not right now. I think we'd be married before we do that.")
Despite Jesus teaching forgiveness, Montag says that rule likely won't apply to her relationship with Lauren Conrad.
"I don't think people are ever going to get that," she says of a reconciliation. (Still, she insists Conrad will "always have a place in my heart.")
Of Conrad's claim that Montag spread those sex tape rumors, Montag says: "God knows the truth in all of this, and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. Jesus was persecuted, and I'm going to get persecuted, ya know?"
As for the new season of The Hills (the first of 19 episodes debut August 18), Montag says viewers will get to meet her old sister Holly, an aspiring filmmaker who once lived with her and Conrad.
(See photos of Lauren and her BFFs.)
"Holly and Lauren were inseparable for a while," Montag says. "But they stopped being friends when Lauren and I stopped being friends."

DID Heidi really just compare Jesus's persecution to her own? What a dumb slut! Yah, she is SOOOOOO religious shacking and f-ing everyone in Hollywood!

Lo BOSWORTH leaves the CIRCUS, er, I mean, GOA!

The blue dress, the yellow bag, the brown sandal, the red phone - it's all just soooo BAD!

Kristin CAVALLARI goes GOLFING for a charity event in MIAMI!!

Cute except for the straps up the ankle on the shoe.

Spencer PRATT fires back at MARY KATE OLSEN! Ummm, Spence, she is BILLIONAIRE!

The Hills' Spencer Pratt fights back against Mary-Kate Olsen’s comments.

E! News reported The Hills villain Spencer Pratt fighting back against Mary-Kate Olsen’s comments about him on The Late Show, by telling Us Magazine, “I don’t really get why she’d use my name to get press in her little indie film that no one’s going to see. She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me.” Olsen, who is currently promoting her film, The Wackness, referred to Pratt, who went to her L.A. high school, as “wormy,” and also told Letterman that he has “a temper.” Pratt, who gets camera-time on The Hills for starting feuds with his on-and-off girlfriend Heidi Montag, and fueling her arguments with ex-best friend Lauren Conrad, also gave a few low-blows to Us, saying, “I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman,” and also added, “I forgive her, though. She’s had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough.”

Billionaire tops LOSER any day in my book!

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The CONRAD estate goes on the MARKET!

SELLERS: James and Katherine Conrad
LOCATION: Vista del Sol, Laguna Beach, CA
PRICE: $17,900,000
SIZE: 8,000 square feet (approx.), 7 bedrooms 6.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: ...The villa is thoughtfully designed to capture the many breathtaking vistas. The villa's noted architect, James Conrad, incorporated 200 year old reclaimed oak timbers and hand carved stone fireplace mantels to give the home a feel as if it was constructed centuries ago. The incredible infinity edge pool seems to spill into the Pacific Ocean below, providing a wonderful foreground to the panoramic ocean views....YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Long before The Hills' Lauren Conrad (aka LC) became queen bee-hawtcha of the confounding crop of young demi-celebs famous only for being famous, and way before she became a "fashion designer" and began feuding with her frenemies on the pages of all the gossip glossies, she was just another rich blond gurl from behind the Orange Curtain who lived a life of teenage luxury at her parent's lavish Laguna Beach mansion over looking the Pacific Ocean.Although Your Mama and Dr. Cooter freely admit to suffering from a brain damaging reality television addiction, we rarely bother to tune in for The Hills, nor did we waste much time watching young Miss Conrad's former vehicle to fame, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. We find it both bo-ring and upsetting to watch a bunch of rich, white and entitled 20-something year old gurls shop and bitch about each other and then bitch and shop some more. Besides, we can read whatever we might (not) want to know about their fashion disasters, boyfriend brouhahas and alleged sex tape travails on the blogs and in the tabs without having to bear listening to them whine about each other on the boob-toob.None the less, Your Mama recognizes that many of the children may think The Hills is television genius–and from a marketing and money making point of view, perhaps it is–and that Miss Lauren Conrad, also known as "LC," deserves a damn star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So with that in mind we're going to discuss the luxurious Laguna Beach home of Miss LC's parents, James and Katherine Conrad. Thanks to a thoughtful gentleman we'll call Laguna Larry, Your Mama has learned that the elder Conrads have dumped their high drama domicile on to the market with a side splitting $17,900,000 asking price. Yes puppies, this is the same house that was prominently featured on the Laguna Beach "reality" program.The property records on this one are a wee bit confusing to Your Mama and it appears that Mister Daddy Conrad purchased the property in 1997, but the listing information indicates the house was built around 2004. Whatever the case, Your Mama presumes the already quite rich Conrads stand to make millions on the sale of this house regardless of when they bought and/or built their behemoth. How many times has Your Mama told the children that this is just another example of how the rich get richer in southern California kiddies...they buy low and sell ridiculously high.Located on a calle called Vista del Sol on the land side of the swank and gated Three Arch Bay community, the neo-Tuscan style house (is that what the children would call it, Neo-Tuscan?) sits on an unusually large 11.4 acre lot and carries the slightly absurd name Villa San Lorenzo. The three story and (approximately) 8,000 square foot stone and stucco built house was designed and built by Mister Daddy Conrad himself, a well known and seriously successful Orange County based architect who is no doubt responsible for some of the big mcmansions that have proliferated throughout the area.Listing information for the property reveals that the house includes 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, four fireplaces (living room, family room, master bedroom and outdoor patio) and garaging for four cars, because no one, and we mean no one likes to leave their hundred and something thousand dollar Mercedes' and tricked out Range Rovers sitting in the blistering southern Calee-fornia sunshine. The master suite, which occupies considerable square footage on the main level includes a private laundry room perfect for anyone who prefers not to have Lucinda the Laundress wash and fold their fetish wear. Because let's be honest, household help gossip about their employers, and who needs that information floating about amongst your neighbors hired hands?According to listing information, other rooms include formal living and dining rooms, a den/office, a second laundry room, gym and a gigantic kitchen with all manner of carved corbells, granite counter tops and top grade appliances. The interior spaces have been done up and done over in all manor of beiges and browns with acres of limestone floors, stone walls, 200-year old reclaimed oak timber beamed ceilings, carved stone fireplace mantels and plaster walls that have processed and painted to appears as if they've weathered and withstood the test of time...which, of course, they have not since this house is fake old, rather than actually old.Here's Your Mama's two cents on the day-core: It's all very theatrical and expensive looking and yet, besides the awesome views of the coastline, everything looks utterly ordinary to Your Mama. It looks exactly as we imagine the mcmansions of half the rich people in Orange County look. Tell me the interior spaces of this house are not nearly indistinguishable from the Coto de Caza calamaties of Jeana and Vicki from the Housewives of Orange County?Anyhoo, the house sits high on a promontory which provides the back of the house and the rear yard with soo-blime views of the sort that only the very rich in Orange County can afford nowadays. The outdoor entertainment areas have been worked over like a private resort and include a large outdoor living area with fireplace (perfect for sipping gin and tonics in the shade), lots of flagstone terraces and a kidney shaped infinity edged pool that from the right angle appears to slip right into the Pacific Ocean far below.The children will recall that young Miss Conrad recently forked over $2,360000 for a Los Angeles home of her own on N. Orange Grove Avenue. Your Mama discussed the purchase back in January of 2008. We have no information on why the Mommy and Daddy Conrad would sell their little slice of Orange County real estate heaven, but Your Mama can only presume they're moving to some place equally as big and beige.
I have to say those views make it worth every penny.



MARY KATE OLSEN went to HIGH SCHOOL with SPENCER PRATT - See what she thinks of HIM!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jason WAHLER talks in this video with PEREZ HILTON about the sex tape and various other things. Jordan EUBANKS, Heidi's ex, also talks!!

Ok, first, this is an older video, so don't waste anyone's time saying its old. But they do dish on a lot of subjects including the sex tape, Speidi and many other things. The video is very long but it is a good watch. Just click the pic to see the video.


The Skinny Margarita

I love this drink for summer - it's low cal and doesn't have much sugar. I first heard of it while watching the Real Housewives of NYC and after trying various combinations I have tweaked the ingredients a bit. You can do the same until you have your perfect recipe. If you want to make large pitchers like I do, just multiply the ingredients. :)2 oz high quality tequila - I like Patron Silver or better.1 oz Roses sweetened lime juice1 splash of Cointreau to taste - or sometimes I use a splash of natural Agave nectar instead (sold at Trader Joes or Whole foods). Mix all the ingredients in a martini shaker with ice, then pour over lots of ice so it's really cold. Delicious!!!

I have heard other people talking about this so I thought I would pass it along even though I personally think it is kind of dumb.


Kristin Cavallari shopping at the Cream boutique on NYC’s Upper East Side on June 12 picking up preppy white shorts by Rich & Skinny, a Minden Chan zip back dress and a Sarah Conway charm bracelet.

Heidi MONTAG is BIPOLAR, now she says LAUREN CONRAD is a "great person"!!

They may not be speaking to each other any more, but Heidi Montag says she has no hard feelings toward her ex-BFF, Lauren Conrad.
Heidi, the one-time sidekick to the Hills star, says that she still thinks her former roomie is a "great person", even though she forced her to choose between her best friend and her boyfriend."
The truth is, I have no animosity," said the 21-year-old, appearing on The View this morning with the man in question, on-off beau, Spencer Pratt."I think Lauren is a great person and I am not that kind of person -- I don't hate somebody."I don't have feelings like that. I'm on a higher path."
When the hosts asked if she thought Lauren felt the same way, Heidi replied: "I don't know. I just try and be the best person I can."Obviously our friendship didn't work out because she was saying, 'you either have to choose your boyfriend or me.'"And I was like, 'Well, I didn't like your boyfriend but I wouldn't do that to you -- I'm not that kind of friend.'"
The 21-year-old, who just released her latest single, Fashion, on Monday, also told the show why she decided to speak publicly about her boob and nose job last year."Well, for me it was just a life changing thing and, you know, I think a lot of people go through insecurities and I was teased through a lot of things my whole life," she said.
"Instead of speculation I wanted to give my side of it and why I did it."



Brody JENNER and his HOMIES!

How tall is Brody? He looks 5'4! Brody belongs on the worst dressed list, he has no style.


So I was channel surfing last night and came across this show. It's about five sets of teens who learn what its like to care for a real baby over three days and three nights. It's a really good show and really and truly every teen needs to see it to see how difficult it is to care for a baby.
It's on Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST.
Learn more about the show HERE!

LAUREN'S away and AUDRINA snags her BFF Lo BOSWORTH for her own BFF!

That bitch Audrina stealing Lauren's friend!!

WITH LAUREN Conrad out of the COUNTRY, HEIDI MONTAG talks about LAUREN'S sex TAPE again!

Heidi Montag visited with the newly engaged Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday and she again revealed that she believes there to be a Lauren Conrad sex tape floating around just waiting to be leaked online. A report from the show posted online with the video is titled "Heidi Montag and Ellen -- BFFs?" has all the details of the meeting between Ellen and Heidi.
Lauren Conrad Sex Tape: Heidi Montag Reveals Details to Ellen DeGeneres, VideoOn the show Heidi again gives the details of the supposed racy home made film with Lauren and then boyfriend Jason Wahler. (See here, link is safe) Montag says, "She had some sort of tape and it was blamed on me." She then tells Ellen that she hasn't seen it, but she catches all the heat for the reports.
***It is quite a hilarious interview where Heidi even says that The Hills is "A young Sex and the City" and confesses that she is under contract and she considers herself the villain of the show. See the tape here and here is how the item on the Warner Bothers website teases it."On Wednesday, Heidi Montag from "The Hills" dropped in to talk about her feud with Lauren Conrad -- and she and Ellen really clicked. They are probably going to hang out all the time now. Maybe we'll even see Ellen on a future episode of "The Hills"."


She just takes it all in stride, she is good with the razzi!

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Audrina PATRIDGE shops at DDCLAB, gives everyone a peak down her TOP!

People in the comments always say "CRS, you never say anything nice about Audrina, why do you post about her, whah, whah, whah"
Well, listen up, here's something nice, I will say Audrina more often than not seems to be very nice to the papparrazzi, she doesn't seem divaish, she does in general seem nice, so I do give her credit for that.


So I had the ocean spray sugar free cranberry juice and I have to tell you, its NOT so good. It has a bad aftertaste. Those faux-sweetners are totally hit or miss. Like in cereal, good. Just as good as sugar. Coke Zero, great, like it 10x as much as Diet Coke. But sometimes it just doesn't work.


Heidi's little, anorexic, bird legs - NOT ATTRACTIVE!!

I DON'T think LAUREN CONRAD's neighbors like HER!

By Staff

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. --

In another example of local residents versus the paparazzi in Los Angeles, popular MTV show “The Hills” is the latest combatant to get drawn into the war.
“The Hills,” currently filming in a residential Hollywood neighborhood where lead character Lauren Conrad has bought a house, has local residents upset by the ensuing cacophonous parade of paparazzi and onlookers resulting from the production’s presence.
Neighborhood sources tell that MTV has turned the residence into a commercial sound stage for the purpose of filming the show. The house is located in a R-1 single-family residential zone.
The sources also say residents feel that the ancillary activities from the production present a serious threat to public safety, create a public nuisance, cause disturbing problems and interfere with their rights as homeowners.
An MTV spokesperson tells that, “MTV is in accordance with all required production permits, and is working with the city of Los Angeles to assist it with neighborhood concerns that have been raised.”
According to public records on the Multiple Listing Service, Lauren Conrad Living Trust purchased the house for $2,360,000 million dollars on February 1, 2008. The production has been filming in the location for most of the ensuing months. The seven-room (three-bedroom, 1-bathroom permitted) two-story house was built in 1922 — its prior price in 1999 was only $710,000.
“The Hills” is one of the most popular shows on the cable channel. The show’s mid-third season premiere in March 2008 attracted 4.8 million viewers, the series biggest audience for a single episode. The show follows the lives of five young women: Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Heidi Montag, as they negotiate the early stages of their careers and social lives in Los Angeles. Lauren and Lo live in the main house on the property in question, and Audrina lives in the back guesthouse. The girls moved into the house towards the end of the show’s third season, which finished airing in May 2008. Season four is set to premiere this August, according to
A rep for Lauren Conrad tells that Lauren is as upset as her neighbors are over the situation taking place on her block. The rep says that MTV has followed all protocol and that Lauren herself has hired private security for outside of her home.
An undated letter provided to by a resident who requested anonymity, which was sent from the Executive Producers of “The Hills” to the neighborhood residents just a few days before shooting began (but over two months after Conrad purchased the house), states, “As a documentary crew, we do not have any equipment trucks, and require no special parking. Our crew is not allowed to park on the streets, and is shuttled to the house in minivans. Our equipment all fits in one van, which we will also not leave on the street. Once we are shooting, our presence will be minimal – we strive to be as invisible as possible.”’s sources claim that, contrary to this letter, equipment trucks, crews and other vehicles associated with the production are left on the street on a regular basis, making parking for the other residents difficult and creating congestion.
The sources say residents have complained that Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth are only at the house when the cameras are rolling or when there is a paparazzi photo opportunity outside to document them coming and going. They claim the young women do not live permanently at the residence. However, they claim the lights are left on in the home around the clock. sent reporters to the house at approximately 6:30 PM on Thursday, June 19, where from the street, what appeared to be bright production lights could be seen permanently affixed on the ceiling inside the home. The lights were on. They also appeared lit on Friday, June 20, at around 9 PM, and Saturday, June 21, at around 3:30 PM.
Also attracted to the neighborhood? – An, according to’s sources, unruly group of paparazzi.
As the paparazzi have become increasingly more aggressive, according to our sources, they are vandalizing personal property and threatening residents. The paparazzi are allegedly fighting with each other over “territory” and who has the right to be there.
On June 15, around 7:00 PM, while a town car waited outside of Lauren Conrad’s home for the girls, one of our sources witnessed a fight break out. A 15-year-old neighborhood resident attempted to break up the fight, only to have one paparazzo pull a knife and start taking swipes at another paparazzo. A “Hills” security person allegedly yelled out, “I called the police, they are coming!” No police ever arrived. checked with LAPD’s Hollywood division who say that no such call was registered. A rep for MTV says allegations of such an incident are untrue.’s sources claim that dozens of complaints have been made to MTV, the Executive Producers of “The Hills,” City Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s office, the City Attorneys Office, Film L.A. Inc., and the LAPD Hollywood division, resulting in limited changes to the amount of activity taking place on the block.
CLICK HERE to view MTV’s letter to neighborhood residents!
CLICK HERE to view the details of “The Hills’” filming permit!
Councilmember LaBonge’s office acknowledges that there has indeed been a problem in the neighborhood, towards which their office has taken significant action.
LaBonge’s office claims that the disruptions do not stem from MTV’s filming, but rather from the paparazzi presence and street-side activity.
They confirmed that they heard about a knife-pulling incident, which allegedly occurred on June 15, during meetings with the neighborhood residents, and that they have spoken with the residents about how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.
LaBonge’s office says they have had 10 meetings with the complaining group of residents over the previous four months.
“We have sat down with them to determine how best to address the issue,” a press representative for the City Councilman’s office tells “This is more of a neighborhood issue, than a filming issue. Most of the complaints have taken place not during filming… Both the City Attorney’s office and the LAPD have devoted a lot of time to this issue, and they have determined that the issues are not related to the filming itself, but more the noise on the street that results from the production’s presence.”
Actions that LaBonge’s office says they have taken include:
- Speaking with MTV and asking them to hire a full-time security guard, which LaBonge’s office says MTV has done.
- Increasing police patrols by a senior lead officer, who is familiar with issues relating to the paparazzi.
- Increasing parking enforcement on their street – particularly with regards to the paparazzi
- Asking Starline Tours to stop using their microphone when they’re on the street, and to discontinue stopping in front of the street. Starline Tours has told LaBonge’s office that they are complying with this request, and LaBonge’s office says that they have not received complaints since their request of Starline.
LaBonge’s office says that they have recommended to the neighborhood residents that they put together a preferential parking district on their street, which they are currently considering.
LaBonge’s office adds that they received a formal legal document complaining about the neighborhood disruption, submitted by a single resident, which was sent on to the City Attorney’s office.
The LA City Attorney’s office confirmed receipt of this document and shared its contents with The 60-page (plus) document includes a petition with 27 names, a memorandum that lays out residents’ concerns, as well as declarations from some of the neighbors, and various attachments regarding Lauren Conrad, and “The Hills.”
The main allegations are stated in the memorandum as follows:
“In summary, we feel MTV and Residents of (house address) are responsible for the following:
-Failure to disclose to residents of (neighborhood) intent to use property as filming location;
-Failure to notify residents of ongoing and long term filming;
-Fraudulent misrepresentation of intent (see attached letter from MTV producers);
-Fraud to the application process;
-Fraudulently misrepresenting the production to Film LA and LA City Council office: therefore, Film LA and LA City Council were defrauded;
-Production is a nuisance, creating loud noise and traffic/pedestrian congestion;
-Irreparable harm to residents and potential diminished property values when residents must disclose production of television program in immediate vicinity;
-Irreparable harm to loss of quiet enjoyment and quality of life;
-Since this is not a documentary but a loosely scripted reality show, the residence is not material to the production of ‘The Hills’;
-Lack of responsiveness to resident complaints of problems due to filming and blatant attempt to mislead neighbors and cover up crime, association with paparazzi, noise, congestion and the relationship to filming.”
The LA City Attorney’s office confirms that they too have had several meetings with the residents and MTV.
“It’s an ongoing thing where we continue to work with all of the parties involved and we’re continuing to monitor the situation,” a press representative from the office of LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo tells
Todd Lindgren, Vice President of Communications for Film L.A. Inc. (whose office tries to minimize filming impact in local communities and mitigate disruption between film production and residents, in addition to issuing residential filming permits), concurs with LaBonge’s office that indeed close to a dozen meetings have taken place between several residents, the Councilmember’s office, and MTV’s production staff.
Lindgren says that MTV and “The Hills” production staff has been very good about keeping filming days to a minimum and shuttling the production crews in by van.
However, he further adds that there is a small group of residents who have lumped in the ancillary challenges posed by the filming of “The Hills” with the production itself.
“There is an endless stream of lookie-loo’s and passer-bys,” Lindgren says. “But they’re not a result of actual filming – not in regards to the way that permits have been coordinated for the filming. I have no doubt that (the residents’) lives are being disrupted by the surrounding activities – by the lookie-loo’s and by party after party. But, we’ve done everything we can to try to minimize disruption as a result of the actual filming.”
According to MTV’s most recent shooting permit, provided to by Film L.A. Inc., the current permit for “The Hills” is valid from June 4, 2008 until July 4, 2008. Previous permits were granted from April 1, 2008 until May 1, 2008, and from May 2, 2008 until June 2, 2008. Information about permits previous to April 1, 2008 was not available do to a computer program switchover in their department.
Generic conditions for the permit include: “No Cast and Crew parking on areas streets. No Interference with vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Traffic Officers Required. (and, that the production) Must Maintain 5’ Clearance on Sidewalks/Walkways.”
It allows for the presence of a Cast of 8 and a Crew of 15, as well as 1 Retired/Off-Duty LAPD officer. Filming is, “not to exceed 16 days per month, and/or 4 days per week.” Filming before 7 AM and after 10 PM, “must not be visible or audible by the public.”
Lindgren says that his office is also aware of the aforementioned complaint document forwarded by a resident on to the City Attorney’s office.
This is not the first time MTV has had problems with productions shooting in residential neighborhoods. “The Real World,” which airs on MTV courtesy of Bunim / Murray Productions, faced protests from Wicker Park residents during their Chicago season in 2002, and also faced a lawsuit from a resident that lived next door to the house where they were shooting during their Key West season in 2005.

Heidi and SPENCER go out to EAT - WOO-FREAKIN-HOO!

Why can't we get these two to disappear for a couple weeks?


In a interview today, People's Revolution chief and Whitney Port's boss Kelly Cutrone accomplishes what the New Yorker and the the New York Times have thus far been unable to do: Offer an intelligent explanation as to why people watch The Hills.
Talking about her inability to keep her six-year-old daughter off the Disney princess crap, Cutrone says the Hills are the next progression after princesses, Miley Cyrus, and High School Musical. "Their next installation is, guess what, The Hills. And they're just old enough to start watching MTV, they're hormonally in place, and they see these four young, beautiful girls who really in my mind are a continuation of a Disney princess, because they live in a world that most people will never live in."
She also offers her thoughts on why adults watch the show (we bow our heads in shame). Says Cutrone: "You pick up the extra market of people who do live in that world who want to see themselves reflected back, like the fashion and entertainment people who kind of watch it like it's something like they can't really believe that they're watching, but they are watching and they're enthralled because they can't believe they're watching what they're watching but they're also narcissistic because they see their own world reflected back to them." Yes, heavy.
Then there's the Lauren Conrad stuff, how she got her act together from the time at the 2006 Los Angeles Fashion Week when Conrad "didn't move fast enough" to Cutrone hiring her a year and a half later. In all, it's something worth checking out. At the very least, it's helped grow our current crush on the Hills' newest star.