Saturday, December 27, 2008

What an incredible story of mistaken identity!

A twist of fate
After a college trip ended in tragedy, a young survivor was cared for by a family that began to suspect something wasn't right....
I saw this story last night on Dateline and it was an amazing show. I felt so sorry for both families and at the same time, I felt so good because they were all such good people.
It is long, but it is a great read.


Anonymous said...

When the sister realized it was not her sister and still told Whitney she was doing great in her physical therapy I cried. How do you not? What a great and tragic story, both families are amazing people.

Anonymous said...

I saw this a little while ago when it first aired, and then saw the 2 families on Oprah. You can't watch this and not cry, it was a tragic and unbelievable story, but they are two amazing families who handled the situation amazingly well. I'd be curious to read their book.