Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let talk Gay MARRIAGE again and HOPEFULLY for the last time!

From one of my fans:

I agree with Perez, We are more than entitled to the same rights that hetrosexual couples get and as for you 80% comment u need to stop being so narrow minded and get a life, u sad pathetic little retard. Go lick windows

^^As usual the above was from an anonymous coward. Since you are anonymous you are obviously in the closet and/or don't believe in what you are saying. I guess 80% of the country is "narrow minded". That said, it is actually you that is a "little retard" because you can't figure out that your small minority will not ram gay marriage down the throats of the majority of this country. Even California which might be the truest melting pot in all of the United States voted it down.

You and people like Perez are slowing and holding back gay marriage because quite honestly you come across as gross, disgusting and illiterate. You get more bees with honey than a bat.

If there were more people in the gay community like Ellen who I see first as a person and not just a gay person because she is just plain likeable in general, gay marriage would most likely be much further along in becoming a reality.

Its the people like you and Perez, that their only identity is in being gay, and you have nothing else to offer that holds back gay marriage.


CRS said...

And again, watch yourself and your mouth and your small minded and retard and other bs that have nothing to do with making a point.

If you can't do it clean, your days will be numbered here, I keep giving chances but they are running out.

I give you the PRIVLEDGE of responding to my posts, its not a RIGHT.

This isn't a yahoo message board.

We can go to disqus or no comments at anytime.

Its a shame that one or two asses ruin things for the masses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you CRS! For ince a blogger with common sense!

Anonymous said...


Caitlin said...
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Anonymous said...

When they disagree since they are not articulate all they can say is shut up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks like people do care dummy!

Anonymous said...

so you don't like someone and you call them a little retard. geez, how ignorant can you get? what's with the name calling? doesn't sound very christian to me.