Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your DAILY DOGPIS(Doug aka Sexy BOY and Paris)!

Are we all in agreement that Paris got implants? The hair extensions look like shiz! And these hair accessories every day look like shiz too!
Looking for an exciting Monday evening activity, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were spotted hitting up H.Wood nightclub last night (April 27).


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the implants, but what in the heck happened to her?? I've never thought she was that pretty, but dang, lately she just looks horrible. She's got "Whitney Syndrome" with those weird outfits. Just because you're a quazi celebrity does NOT mean you have to try to wear every single fad that comes out all at one time!!

Anonymous said...

Her boobs are normally small, I'm thinking she is probably just wearing an extremely good push up bra in this pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure either. I lean towards she got a small implant.