Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm not BUYING what Lauren CONRAD is selling when it comes to HEIDI and SPENCER'S wedding!

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag's friendship may be on the road to recovery, but the mending of their relationship isn't far along enough that LC will be attending Montag's wedding to Spencer Pratt this Saturday in California.
When MTV News caught up with "The Hills" star, who will leave the show at the end of this season, Conrad said she won't be there to see the happy couple finally tie the knot.
"Um, those are not in my plans, no," Lauren said with a smile at the Paley Center for Media event honoring "The Hills" at the Arclight Hollywood's Cinerama Dome on Tuesday night.
After an elopement in Mexico last year, Heidi and Spencer met up at a courthouse to make the marriage official in the United States on the December season finale of "The Hills." But Heidi had some reservations about not having her family present at the wedding, and Spencer agreed to postpone.
Although she didn't confirm whether the pair is registered for wedding gifts, Lauren seemed to think that there isn't much Heidi and Spencer needed to begin their married lives together.
"I mean, they seem like they have pretty much whatever they want," she said, adding that she did have some gift ideas in mind: "Flatware," she joked.
Despite her good humor about it, there does still appear to be some animosity between Lauren and Heidi. Earlier this month, Heidi told MTV News that although she'll miss her greatest frenemy when she leaves the show at the end of the season, she doesn't think the show needs Lauren.
" 'The Hills' hasn't even really begun yet; I think this is just the beginning," she said about Lauren's grand finale. "We don't need her. We'll miss her. I just don't know if we need her."

I think Lauren is at the wedding, no doubt in my mind, MTV wants it to be a shocker but I suspect she shows Saturday and may even be the maid of honor!


Anonymous said...

her contract with mtv expired though. so unless MTV pays her LOTS of $$$$$$$$$$$$, I don't see her going.

Anonymous said...

Who knows for sure whether that is true and lauren would be foolish to damage the mtv relationship, its by far her best one