Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UK hiking top tax rates to 50%!

How sad that anyone, anywhere in the world is being taxed 50% of what they earn. And that does not include of course sales taxes, property taxes, etc.

What you need to realize if you support the redistribution of wealth and believe that some people make too much money is that eventually those people move somewhere else and those tax revenues totally disappear and the people take their ideas and they just move somewhere else and you lose their ideas and work ethic.

Thats whats happened in Europe, the best minds have left, many came to America and now they are starting to leave America too.

Successful people move to where they can be the most successful and with more of a global economy than ever and the internet, you better realize people more and more can live anywhere in the world and do what they love. They will not stay somewhere with the highest taxes, they won't.

Oh and the people that leave, well that may be your boss and with it your job!


Anonymous said...

boohoo to those who earn over $350,000/£150,000!!! I feel So sorry for football (soccer) players... NOT

Anonymous said...

A lot of people other than football players make that, just not you, so you hate them.

Anonymous said...

definitely not you crs