Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jayde NICOLE proves that when they say PLAYBOY PLAYMATES are DUMB, they are not LYING!

Poor, dumb Jayde, she stuck with old self professed cheater Brody Jenner. Like I have said before, these Hills chicks are dreadful role models for young girls. They all stick with these lying, cheating, drugging boyfriends. Its really sad.
These poor playmates, they are just like strippers and have daddy issues.

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Anonymous said...

On her real twitter page, she said-->

but she did try and there is tons of drama to come..I'm not even watching Im so nervous lol
4:14 PM Apr 28th from web

haha The good at making drama!For all the people asking me...NO Brody did not cheat lol or we would DEF not be together still...
4:13 PM Apr 28th from web