Monday, April 27, 2009


Ryan acts too gay sometimes, starts interview with how good Brody looks for 7 in the morning.

Brody says wedding was interesting.

Says him and Spencer will never be the same friends.

Brody says he is not into plastic surgery and Heidi is ok looking.

Brody says Jayde is all natural.

Brody mockingly says Speidi will last forever.

Spencer told Brody he is going to be the next Eminem. Rap name will be the great white.

Brody says Lauren wanted to be there for Heidi.

Brody says it was not awkward to see Kristin.

Kristin caught the bookay(sp?)

Brody can't give too many details because of MTV.

Brody says there was A LOT OF DRAMA at the wedding.

Rumor - Spencer and Stephanie got in a fight at the wedding per Ellen K.

The wedding is the Hills finale.

Brody headed to San Diego and his brother is flying the plane, Brody just bought a 35 ft. boat.

Brody and Jayde 7 months together now. Brody and Jayde have not had a where is this going conversation.

Brody has no plans to get engaged.

Brody says Audrina is not really his style.

Ryan tries to get Hills producer Tony Disanto on the air......Brody says Tony's assistant is cute.....they got him....Tony did not go to the wedding....Tony says he is happy for them and seem to be in love...all him and Brody says is you have to watch the show, that makes for a crappy interview...Tony done.

Interview with Brody ends.


Anonymous said...
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CRS said...

I was live blogging you stupid fuck - get lost.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that your hater comes back day after day, after day, after day

Anonymous said...

I know Brody's dad was an olympian but surely he can't be THAT rich. That was YEARS ago. How can Brody afford this extravagant lifestyle? Who's the mint one in the family?

Anonymous said...

I think its the hills and he does keeping up with the kardashians sometimes too and he does the club appearences. I bet even though hes a bum, I bet he made a couple hundred thousand last year.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he could afford a huge boat.

Thanks for posting this CRS!

Anonymous said...

Apparently after last nights episode Audrina IS Brodys type...And I love how Brody points out to Audrina "As long as were alone and Nobody else is around...feelings are feelings" basically "Yeah I want to hit and quit it"

Anonymous said...

Oh no, someone is encouraging censorship.

CRS said...

Those who can't post without foul language, who attack, and who waste space with inane commentary will be censored on MY blog - that is correct.

Anonymous said...

Thats Audrinas bumper sticker hit it and quit it! ahaahaha!