Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So i wanted to talk about satellite radio for a minute.

I have had since I got my new car about two years ago and I would say the first 6 months I probably listened to the standard am and fm most of the time. But now, I would say I almost listen exclusively to Sirius when I am in the car.

There are about 200 stations and it cost about $150 a year. If your a Howard Stern fan, its a must have, if your a music fan particuarly of things outside the top 40 then you will love all the different music stations.

Its a great product and of course the $150 turns a lot of people off to the idea kind of like cable tv did originally but for basically $13 a month it is worth every penny especially if you have any kind of commute to work at all or your running your kids or whatever.

Sirius is a great product and if you don't have it you should seriously consider it.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a newer Honda Accord and my car came with satellite radio built in. It's actually XM for me, not Sirius. But I know they are merging or did merge already or something. Anyways, I love the variety of stations, it is super cheap (in my opinion) And I especially like how some stations are unedited, because I like to listen to a lot of rap.

Anonymous said...

I have had Sirius since 2004 and love it. It was awesome that you could listen online with your subscription. Unfortunately they've changed that (there is now an additional $2.95 charge for online listening in addition to the subscription). I still think it is worth the money if you are a music lover. No commercials and tons of stations!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet anyone that once they have it ever want to give it up.