Monday, April 20, 2009

The new COLLEGE LIFE show on MTV: A review!

So the college life is on after the Hills now on Monday nights on MTV at 10:30 pm est.

It follows a few students at the University of Wisconsin. Episode 1 premiered last week. As the show has only been on a week, I seriously did not learn anyone's name.

There is a boy who lives in the dorm and parties constantly, he is failing math and is on the verge of getting kicked out of the dorm. Based on the first ep, he will bring the most fun and drama to the show.

There is another boy who is glad to be away from the parental nest for the first time, he wasn't featured a lot the first ep.

There is a girl who is still hanging with an ex boyfriend while beginning to date new guys. The ex wants to get back together and well she wants to see what else is out there. This is already causing conflict and will no doubt cause even more as the show progresses.

There is another girl who is at best confused, she wants a boyfriend but doesn't want a boyfriend and then when he breaks up with her she is miserable. I seriously think she might be bipolar.

Its shot not with mtv cameras but with the students own cameras so you get better drama and more reality but at the cost of good camera work.

I like the concept of the college kids, I think you get more reality than following high school kids but I kind of wish they followed maybe four female roommates and four male roommates at the school and used mtv cameras some then strictly the kids filming themselves.

So far I give the show a C+ but its good enough that i will keep watching.

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