Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The game JON and KATE and The Learning Channel played totally worked, J&K plus 8 drew twice as many viewers as usual!

Not surprisingly, the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reached a record 9.8 million viewers on Monday.
The premiere episode, “Cake Boss”, garnered TWICE as many viewers as the show’s previous series high, according to THR.
Welp, I was totally wrong on my original theory on this one, the original theory being the "affair" and the "trouble" were not for ratings - oops, i was wrong!


Amy said...

It's okay CRS all of us are wrong sometimes...I do not like Jon and Kate and their show but I really hate to admit this but....I watched last night! Not necessarily because I wanted to but for some reason my 5 year old daughter wanted to keep watching...every time I tried to turn it she said "Mommy i was watching that...the party's not over!"....DAMN KIDS! LOL

CRS said...

Hahaha! I forgot it was on last night, I used to like them, now not so much!