Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My PREDICTION for the future of the HILLS.....

Realize first, the Hills is already in decline and has been for a couple seasons, the best of the Hills was seen in Season 2. I believe once a shows rating begin to decline it is rare if ever that the show turns around, think Desperate Housewives. I also believe that even though I personally like Kristin better and am looking forward to her on the show, Lauren has a much larger fanbase. So some people have already tuned out the Hills and many more will likely exit with Lauren next week. So the people that say Kristin is taking over some great franchise from Lauren are obviously not looking at the ratings. I think Kristin may add a spark to the Hills but I think it is unlikely that she can save the show. MTV is making a mistake if they try to force feed the audience a Justin Bobby and Kristin relationship - that in all honesty is the worst thing they can do. I suspect the Hills does one more season in the end.

I just don't see how the show can really be saved.

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