Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Parker Jackson story.....

Who was Parker Jackson?
On November 7, 2006 Lauren called me and told me our son Parker was 1 hour late to see his girlfriend. Neither of us could get him to answer his phone. Lauren sensed trouble and called 911 and asked if there were any car accidents in our area. The police confirmed a car accident on Providence Road right around the corner from here. I jumped in my car and began driving down Providence Road redialing Parker’s phone over and over with no answer and saying to myself, “Parker be safe be strong, be safe be strong.” I drove almost to the end of the road, and I started to be relieved and let out a deep breath … whew no accidents; we are ok. But as I came over the last hill at the end of the road, my heart started racing faster because all I could see was blue lights and red lights from all the police cars and fire trucks everywhere … it looked like a Hollywood disaster scene. A police officer ordered me to stay in my car. I got out anyway telling him, “That’s my son’s car!” I ran to the car which was crushed against a tree to get Parks but he was gone! “Where is my son … where is he?” I yelled. The officer than said the words that will ring in my head forever … “Sir, your son is dead.” The next thing I knew I was knocked to the ground by what felt like a lightning bolt driven through my heart. Our 16 year old son Parker was gone … He did nothing wrong. He was wearing his seat belt, going the proper speed and not talking on his phone … It was an accident … but for Parker the game of life was over.
Unfortunately Parker’s life is over. But, fortunately, your life is not. So the question is, “What are you going to do with your life?” Here’ what I think Parker would want you to do…it’s the same as the most valuable lesson his amazing life has taught me. And that is…
It's a shame Adam Stephens did not take heart in the value of life and the loss of a fellow classmate at Milton.
Parkers Dad describes 5 aspects to strive for, Here they are …
Work Ethic – Gets more out of their abilities than anyone else.
Attitude – Classmates/teammates look up to them because of their attitude and leadership.
Inclusiveness – Through personal involvement and trust … they inspire people around them to perform at a higher level.
Accountability – Considers the consequences of their decisions on family, school, sports, and community.
Considerate/Fun – Gives of themselves and their talents off the field and outside the classroom. Knows how to have fun and can make other people around them laugh.
I wish society had more parents like Parker's.

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Sad and uplifting at the same time