Friday, May 29, 2009

Kristin CAVALLARI shooting a commerical for AT&T!

Her dress is a little busy! The commercial with LC and Brody was hillarious, I hope this one is as good.
This is another reason I still say Lauren is dumb for leaving, I bet Kristin made good money for a days work filming this and you know and I know she would not have gotten the commercial if not for the hills. Passing up easy money is dumb.


Anonymous said...

Lauren was born rich and probably will die rich she is over the hills and guess what? so is the public I think its pretty pathetic how kristin ( who swore she was over reality tv and dissed the the hills) is acting so excited to now be on the hills after her career tanked.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of rumors Laurens family has financial problems.

The Hills is on the decline that is true but still has a broad fanbase.

Have you never changed your mind? So Kristin changed her mind, so what?

Anonymous said...

She changed her mind because she realized she had no other choice trust if her acting career had taken off she would still talking smack about THE HILLS. Another thing I hardly doubt we will see lauren working at mickey D's anytime soon she'll probably end up marrying some rich dude and moving back to laguna beach.

Anonymous said...

She has actually worked quite a bit, to pass on the hills with Lauren leaving and pass on atleast 15k an ep would have been dumb and she is probably making a lot more than that,