Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heidi Montag to appear on ABC Special on Plastic Surgery tomorrow night at 10 pm est!

Heidi reveals the following:

1.  She blames the doctor for allowing her to get so much surgery and not properly explaining the procedures(her doctor died in car accident and can't defend himself)
2. She calls the ear pinning the most painful plastic surgery you can have, she goes onto say, they basically cut off the ear, remove cartilage and sew it back in place.
3. She says now she does have regrets about having all the surgery done
4.  She says she got plastic surgery because of the negative reaction online about her looks.

Watching Heidi, it kind of reminded me of the time Heidi was sneaky in helping Brody hook up with Bunney and then blamed everyone else, that is how this feels to me, no blame on Heidi, but blame the doc, the people who called her names, Hollywood, etc.  As usual you feel not sorry for Heidi so much as disgusted with Heidi.

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Anonymous said...

Can't feel sorry for her because it feels more like she's telling her story just to be in spotlight and get attention again. If she was really sincere about her"pain" I could try to be sympathetic but knowing heidi this just to be on a cover of some stupid magazine.