Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Take: Ozzie Guillen, His comments on Castro

Guillen, a Venezuelan, told Time magazine he loves Castro and respects the Cuban dictator for staying in power so long.

First, Guillen's first language is not english.  So we have to consider he may have simply chosen the wrong words although I would think he would understand what "love" and "respect" mean.  So I dismiss that argument.

Here's where I take issue, no one any longer can say what they feel, far too many people jump to attack a sentence or two in an interview that was likely hours and hours.  I understand full well what Castro has done to the Cuban people and while I don't agree with OG, he should be allowed to say what he thinks. 

In this era of blogging and social media, people are far too quick to bandwagon on the popular opinion, in this case, they scream, "OZZIE SHOULD BE FIRED".  Why?  For an opinion?  He is a baseball coach, evaluate him on his record coaching baseball.

Next time you read a tweet, do some research, let it marinate, before you jump to a conclusion.

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