Thursday, August 16, 2012

Laguna Beach all these years later......

So MTV is doing a retro day and reshowing Laguna, Season 2....

So all these years later, here are my thoughts...

Lauren has taken full advantage of the fame that came with the show and clearly remains the most famous of all of the cast.  I am surprised she hasn't found love and gotten married.  Knowing HS relationships rarely work out I am not surprised things did not work out with Jason or Stephen.

Am i surprised Kristin has not had more success?  Yes!!!!  I thought she would become a mega brand as well but i think her personality and not being nearly as affable as Lauren plays into that.  She got her QB too!  And a baby!

No shock on Jason, I thought he was a loser on the show and he has continued to be one off, he is the typical spoiled rich kid whose family money crippled him.

Stephen, I am surprised he found acting On One Tree and was actually watchable, i think he has a future in hosting.  Not surprised he's not married yet either.

Laguna is a good lesson for all HS age kids, have fun, don't invest too much in HS relationships, they don't last and realize while in the moment HS seems so important, it's really not a big deal.  Most of your lifelong friends will come in college.

I am surprised some of the bit players didn't make more of the opportunity.

Ten years from now, Lauren will probably still be in the news, Kristin and Stephen less so and it will be harder than ever to find info on the others.

I would luv to see MTV reunite the cast for two weeks somewhere but i doubt it will happen with everyone's schedule but it would be fun to see a few eps of the old gang staying under one roof.  So we'll just have to follow along as best we can with the help of twitter and the internet.

I  would also settle for another Lauren or Stephen or Kristin reality show, they would all be good tv.  Stephen and his GF or Lauren's life or Kristin and her baby.

It was a fun show that we all would loved to see LC and Stephen end up together but reality often ends up like real life in the end with HS being just that, a temporary stop in life.

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