Sunday, February 13, 2011

Imagine for a moment what a Kristin Cavallari and Jat Culter wedding might look like.....

The ring: Cutler won’t be able to use a Super Bowl ring for an engagement ring, but if he wants to show his devotion to both the Bears and Kristin, how about this diamond and sapphire ring from Tiffany’s?

The dress: David Gaffke’s homage to the Monsters of the Midway would look lovely on Kristin.

The location: Soldier Field is the obvious choice, but we don’t want a spot that reminds Jay of his failures. The Midwest Club at the top of the Aon Building would give the couple a nice view of the city without being on top of Soldier Field.

The flowers: Football mums might be a bit too on the nose, but Kristin could carry a bouquet of Sunset Boulevard roses down the aisle, a nod to the Bears colors as well as Southern Califonia, her home.

The registry: What to buy the QB who has everything? Macy’s doesn’t have a place to register for a strong offensive line or a new MCL, but the couple could use a few things, like a pair of crutches for Jay’s injury to become more believable, or a good grill for the two to make steaks on. That way, they won’t have to hit Mastro’s every time they want a steak.

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