Monday, February 14, 2011

Kristin Cavallari slaps Lauren Conrad with a BACKHAND, compliment......

On both MTV's "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari was portrayed as Lauren Conrad's arch nemesis. But, to speak to Cavallari today, she would say very little that was portrayed on "The Hills" resembled her actual life.

"Yeah, in high school," Cavallari tells Zap2it when we asked her about her supposed rivalry with Conrad.

"We're very friendly with each other," she says. "The last time we saw each other was 'The Hills' wrap party. We hung out all night. We're very friendly. I don't have her phone number. I don't call her. But when we see each other, we're very nice."

Cavallari, who will be guest starring on Wednesday's (Feb. 16) episode of "The Middle" on ABC, says that she was surprised to hear that MTV canceled Conrad's reality show before it even aired. But, while she expressed that she didn't expect that Conrad's show would be killed by the network, she says she can understand why.

"To be honest I think that 'Jersey Shore' is so freakin' hot," she says. "The ratings are unbelievable. And I think that, unfortunately, TV is getting trashier and trashier. Lauren's very sweet and very nice. That's not always that very entertaining."

Bascially, she said Lauren is a big ole bore!


Anonymous said...

Kristin needs to shutup after she took over the hills it tanked so seriously kristin worry about your ugly loser boyfriend who is clearly not that into you.

Anonymous said...

Did seem like a jab

Anonymous said...

It was an obvious backhanded compliment.