Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lauren Conrads reality show not greenlighted by MTV following review of Pilot Episode by executives with MTV!

So it came out yesterday that Lauren Conrad's new reality show would never see the light of day.

First, everyone needs to realize this is a business and pilot's often never become series.

Second, the way Lauren reacted was rather ridiculous, pouting that MTV did not give its audience enough credit and it did not think it was smart enough to appreciate Lauren's brilliant new show.  The whole thing is rather pathetic on Lauren's part when MTV gave her not only her start but her own series later, The Hills.  I think we can all agree after season 2 of The Hills, little of Lauren's real life was shown.  My point being MTV paid her a lot of money to not even film Kyle.

I think Lauren would have been smart to say, MTV gave me a great opportunity to film a pilot for a new series and this one did not work out but I look forward to continuing a great relationship with MTV in the future.

Instead she whined like a 2 yr old and threw her toys on the ground and slammed the door to her bedroom.

For someone who is supposed to be becoming more savvy, she took a major step backwards.

Simply Lauren, it would have needed to be one hell of show about fashion to get picked up, people want to see your life, where you live and your relationships.  If you don't want to show that, I respect that.  You should repect MTV that people might not be interested in the other stuff.

I am certain MTV did Focus Groups, so for Lauren to say MTV does not respect its audience is not accurate, the focus groups clearly thought it was not good. Sorry Lauren!

Now come out of your room with your big girl panties on and act like an adult.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if MTV is still mad she bailed on the Hills and didn't come back for final ep whem they asked and this is a little f-u to her

Anonymous said...

Lauren probably could of handled it a bit better but mtv did tell her it would be about her professional life and not personel and at the last minute changed their minds. Mtv is only about teen pregnancies, drunk having random sex with jersey shore kids and child porn(skins). A show about a career girl building her own line minus the smut is not a mtv type show. I would loved to watch laurens show its mtvs loss because lauren does have a huge fan base.