Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Bravo, STOP moving shows around! And a review of Million Dollar Listing!

First, Bravo Network has started moving shows around and its really annoying, the latest example is next week, Million Dollar Listing is moving from Thursday to Tuesday.  Knock it off Bravo!

Now onto the latest season of Million Dollar Listing.

This season we said adios to Chad Rogers and his OCD.  I miss his shaggy little do and quirky ways.  He was a trainwreck some weeks and the show is missing that now.

Back is Madison, the once bisexual who now seems at home as just another gay male.  He has upped his whining to new highs and now seems to have and I know its politically incorrect to say but the gay lisp.  You know what i'm talking about.  He was more likeable when the show first started and now he seems just whiny and full of himself.

His assistant Heather is as interesting as a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Also back is Josh Flagg who once was accused of stealing a painting from a client and of having gay sex in a parked car in broad daylight.  He has gotten as dreadfully boring as Madison.

The new guy on the block is Josh Altman who seems to be a desperate pretender from the obviosuly rented for the show Range Rover to the bad ties and suits.  Not to mention he is rapidly balding.

The show seems to be playing up a show down between Josh Altman and Madison over Hosh dating Heather so I am hanging in for that in hopes of a fight.  Not much else to see here and I have serious doubts that Million Dollar Listing will get another season.

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