Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Heidi Montag's mom suicidal due to financial woes and abuse of alcohol and pills?

On her blog dated January 29, Darlene Egelhoff - mother of Heidi Montag - writes a shocking entry outlining the night that she “thought might be my last” due to an adverse reaction to sleeping pills while she was drinking alcohol.

Heart palpitations, which she admits to suffering from since childhood, but not at an alarming rate, increasingly got worse leading her to become depressed, she claims.

“I have been literally tortured with chronic insominia [sic], not allowing people to sleep is a form of torture used in the military.

“I have been not sleeping for even one minute for continuous nights with a few hours here and there over the course of weeks. I have been delirious and hallucinogenic [sic].”

She goes on to write that her condition forced her to get a generic form of the prescription sleeping aid Ambien, which she inadvertently took with wine, a type of behavior that led to her brother’s suicide, she admitted.

“I was loving them (the sleeping pills). I had been on them for a couple weeks when I had a bad reaction, likely because I was also drinking wine which it says not to do I discovered later.

“My brother Rip always joked that those labels were wrong, that all medications were way better with alcohol! He also enjoyed many drugs recreationally for the majority of his adulthood which likely contributed to his depression and ulitimaltey [sic] taking his own life.”

Addressing her history of heart palpitations, Egelhoff said she grew “groggier and had felt pressure and pain building and increasing in my head over the course of many days, becoming toxic and severely depressed with no alcohol consumption.”

It was so severe she thought she was having a heart attack.

“My heart started pounding and wouldn’t stop racing. At the same time, I felt an intense tightening and pain surrounding my heart, I thought I might be having a heart attack,” she said.

Egelhoff writes that she’s “working a lot more”, but didn’t seek medical attention because of her dire financial situation.

“I have no insurance and no money so my decision was weighted in favor of waiting it out.”

Credit: Radar Online

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