Thursday, March 10, 2011

Melissa Carter, exit stage right....

Melissa Carter of the Bert Show announced on Wednesday that she would be exiting the Bert Show on April 15th.

The reason given was simply she wished to pursue other things.

Likely, there were are number of factors involved, a desire for a family, the wear and tear of early mornings on a kidney transplant and quite simply, not being a major factor on the Bert Show after all these years.

I'm sure Melissa on a major market morning show is a great victory for the gay community and i'm certain she has a huge fan base there and I can see where they would be quite proud of her.  That all said, of the main four, I would say most would be far more distraute if Bert, Jeff or Jenn exited.

As a conspiracy theorist, would I be shocked if behind the scenes Bert did not push to have her renewed? Not at all.  Bert through the years complained of Melissa being late and I never got the idea Bert was her biggest fan but then the way Bert drools over Jenn, anyone else would come up short.  I also think Bert may realize the show needs new blood and it was a good time to usher someone aside.

For the Bert Show it is a great opportunity to breathe new life into a fledgling and sometimes very stale show.  It would be a true shame if they move Wendy a seat over and make her one of the main four.  I assume they will add a woman to maintain the balance of the show.  Personally, I would like to see a new person come in and call the others on their BS.  A confident young woman looking to move up and a possible rival to Jenn would be a truly great addition.  Adding the occasional cat fight to the show would be genius.  Likely though the powers that be, Bert included, will bring in a blaise wall flower to not shatter the "stars" egos.

Elle Duncan could be a great addition possibly.  Shannon Wiseman would be great and I suspect would drive Jenn crazy.  Nene Leakes could be very good too I suspect.

All the best to Melissa in whatever she decides to do moving forward.


Anonymous said...

With TBS moving into new markets, having an openly gay member of the show may actually hurt syndication. Many are not open to the idea of gay marriage or gays having children. Those are hot topics for many people. This is very possibly the reason for her departure.

Anonymous said...

Would you want to work with Bert, Jenn and Wendy everyday?

Anonymous said...

Melissa has been gone less than a week and is already missed. Wendy blabbers on and on and then usually admits that she does not know what in the hell she is talking about. Jenn talks even more. Its awful. Melissa will prove to be right to leave though because Bert Show has peaked.