Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bachelorette - Andi Dorfman, Chris, Josh and Nick

First, I know the west coast will still be watching tonight but anyone who has watched and expects to see Chris win was watching a different show.  Its one of the worst things about the show is the structured format because Chris really should have been gone weeks ago, Andi really had not much of a connection with him.  The last hour of the show was brutally boring.

Onto Nick, he has really had the best connection with Andi all season, the book tonight was cute and going to room after one of the dates was being a real man.  If all the rumors are true and Josh wins, it will be interesting to see why Andi goes with Josh.  Nick, to me, comes across like a real man who really cares about her.  He has come across the most genuine to me during the whole show.  Did he play some games, probably, like holding off the "I love u" but frankly we all play games in "real life".

Josh, I don't really have a knock against him outside of this nonsense that he didn't date the last ten years, I mean come on.  And the whole, i'm shy bit in the beginning was so silly.  Andi has earmarked Josh as her type since early on and she clearly sexes it up oufit wise for Josh more than anyone else.  She comes across needy with Josh, the whole can Josh separate from his brother was needy and insulting.  I didn't see the needy side with any of the other guys.  Does she see Josh as above her on the dating scale?  Looks scale?  Is that where it comes from?  Or is that the real Andi?
I'm also not sure Joshy is really ready as he says to settle down.

I think if Andi picks Josh I don't see it lasting more than 6 months from the reunion show. The needy thing will get old for Josh.  Now, if she's out to have a good time for a while, more power to her.  Seems to me, Nick would actually be a good fit for a husband.

Show does beg the question, do we always end up with our "type" because Nick clearly seems like the best fit.

I'd like to see the cameras follow one of these couples in real life without the trips and glitz.

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Mmmmmmm, Josh Murray!