Friday, August 15, 2014

Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman on local Atlanta radio.......

Pretty boring interview, Josh said the paparazzi chased him and Andi when they were going to Athens, GA last weekend and Josh had to call the police.

Josh got into his baseball career, said he missed his whole second year with a groin injury and basically phoned it in for 3 more years.  Sure the Brewers loved to hear that when Josh got nearly a million dollars to sign out of high school.

Josh on his career playing football at UGA, he tore up his knee year one, and got a concussion year 2 so he was never a factor even on special teams.

Andi said she actually likes blonde hair, blue eyed guys.

Andi plays the "it was months ago" card when asked if Josh was mad that Andi and Nick got together.

Josh says big announcement coming soon in regards to a wedding(sure it will be a may sweeps wedding on abc)


Anonymous said...

She is so basic looking

Anonymous said...

Can someone help josh with his hair, the poof
In the front looks like a teenager