Monday, May 12, 2008

If this is the REAL SPEIDI - they are too DYSFUNCTIONAL!

See this clip from tonights episode of the HILLS!

Talk about codependent - jeez Louise!

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Anonymous said...

Y aknow I was so disgusted last night watching the whole Speidi story. Isn't she the one that always talks about how she' sbetter than LC and she would never make the stupid mistakes in her relationship that she did with Jason and how dysfunctional the two of them were..and then on last night episode Spencer goes to Vegas and wisks her away. Heidi didn't even let her boss know she wasn't going..wherever they were going. She obivously doesn't work their anymore right? By the way.. that Sam dude is creepy. What Spencer did surely would not make most women want to take him back, most of us would be heading to the police station to get a PPO.