Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jenn Bunney, dog rescuer! Everyone check out WAG!

If You Love Dogs, This is a MUST READ.

This is the lab that we found on the side road, he couldn’t eat or walk. He was bleeding from his back legs and was starving. We thought they were going to put him to sleep. We called a bunch of animal hospitals and eventually came upon WAG, a rescue group. They saved his life. It was such a random moment that we came upon this sick dog on Dec.29th. I knew I couldn’t leave it so I had my boyfriend carry him into his car where we were going to take it to a local animal hospital where they were most likely going to euthanize him. But, WAG came in , paid for ALL his medical bills, saved his life and gave him a new home. The least I can do is try to help WAG out. If you love animals, I can guarantee you from my PERSONAL experience that this is the organization to donate to. It would mean SO SO much to me if you could give any amount so that amazing, sweet, beautiful animals like these can continue to have a good life. Please let me know if you donated and I will give you a special thanks and shout-out.


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