Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kristin Cavallari will certainly be to blame if the Bears lose to the Packers in the NFC Championship!

From Chicago Sun Times:

While Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is dating a beautiful blond star — as did his Dallas Cowboys counterpart Tony Romo — a close friend of Cut­ler’s said the Chicago QB and his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari “don’t want to have a Jessica Simpson problem.”

In other words, Cutler and the former star of the reality show “The Hills” don’t want their romance — clearly intensifying in recent months — to distract Cutler from his job at hand: taking our Bears all the way to the Super Bowl.

During Romo’s relationship with Simpson, many of his teammates and other key staffers in the Cowboys organization were convinced Romo’s love life had a detrimental effect on his on-field performance.

“Especially when you’re in the postseason — but frankly anytime during the regular season, too — you’ve got to be all about the game, the game, the game,” said the Cutler chum.

While Cavallari did tell People magazine last weekend that “I’m in love” with Cutler, another source (present at Cavallari’s 24th birthday party Saturday in Las Vegas) says the actress and TV personality “also made a big point of stressing, ‘Jay and I will have lots of personal time together, once the season is over — and that better be after Feb. 6, when the Bears win in Dallas!’ ”

Cutler, while unable to join ­Cavallari for her Vegas birthday bash, did send her a huge bouquet of pink flowers.

† While all concerned are keeping pretty mum about Cavallari attending Sunday’s NFC championship game against the Packers, there are rumblings that her desire to see her man win that key game just may lead her to Soldier Field.

“But if she does show up this weekend, you can bet she will do nothing to interfere with Jay’s preparation for that game,” the source said. “She wants him to focus on winning as much as any diehard Bear fan.”

† Cavallari often has said she loves the low-key atmosphere of the Chicago area (where her mother and other family members live) compared to the lack of privacy afforded her in celebrity-obsessed Southern California.

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