Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why is Kristin Cavallari's tongue stained? Innocent Lollipop or Drugs?

From Pill Reports on Ecstacy:

One thing for sure here , The dye in these pills are ferocious , it's gets everywhere ! especially in the heat of Ibiza so the less time you handle the better. these have only been around a few weeks in Ibiza and it won't take long for the club grunts to work out who's got what in em.( your tongue goes bright green , it stains your teeth the lot !) so if you are going to drop .. do it fast.. minimal body contact required. Trying to half a pill by biting it in the middle of a club would be a big no no.. trust me !!!

Hmmm, not saying Kristin is or is not, we have all heard the rumors for a long time.....what do you think?  Weigh in!


Anonymous said...

i can totally see Kristin doin X!

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