Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What am I watching 2011?


How I met your mother - Seeming not as funny this year and I am growing a little tired of waiting to find out how Ted's wife is, bravo to the show keeping it going but I am starting to ask isn't it time for the reveal.

Two and a half men - good for the occasional laugh, the Jake stuff keeps getting funnier but getting a little bored with it

Hawaii Five O - maybe the best new show of the year, consistently keeps me interested for the hour even though i'm ready for bed

Tuesday -

One Tree Hill - thought the episode before the break was one of the best ever with the car crash, still a good show after all these years

V -  i gotta say those dang lizards got me hooked

The Game - yep , its back, now on BET, after three episodes, i give it a C plus. Seems to be missing a little bite of the old days but i'm giving it time


The Middle - one of the better comedies going, often times as funny as Modern Family.

Modern Family - great one liners that force you to really pay attention to fully get the comedy.


Big Bang Theory - a little more hit and miss this year then in the past and CBS sucks for moving it but still one of the best comedies.

The Office - been pretty solid, another one i'm not sure how much life is left.

Friday/ Saturday - rarely watch

Sunday -

Desperate Housewives - still pretty good all these years later

Brothers and Sisters - miss Rob Lowe on this one, haven't watch quite as much this year but a good, consistent show overall

CSI Miami - one of my favorites but CBS sucks for moving it from Mondays


Big Ups to Bravo Network love the Real Housewives, Flipping Out, Top Chef, the show with the crazy real estate agents, good stuff

Big Thumbs Down to MTV, the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, I just have no interest, looking forward to Laurens show though

Entourage - still fabulous after seven seasons, best show on tv

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