Thursday, May 8, 2008

ALL the good stuff that happens to LC does not end up on the HILLS!

LOS ANGELES — While there is some debate as to how "real" MTV’s “The Hills” really is, its star Lauren Conrad was served a severe mouthful on Monday night that definitely wasn’t scripted.
LC was leaving the opening of Hollywood hotspot Crown when a random guy (we’re told he was denied entry into the exclusive bash where the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the Madden boys were also hanging out) decided to take his anger out on the small-screen starlet.
Conrad appeared flustered and fearful as the guy hurled four-letter words at her, forcing her to flee into the closest cab.
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The lurking paparazzi caught the outburst, but the “action” that came later was far more gruesome.
According to our inside source, one of LC’s guy pals went inside, brought out a bunch of his big, buff boys and beat up the intoxicated foul-mouth.
“The guy was so drunk he couldn’t fight back — they bloodied him a bit then went back in,” our eyewitness said. “He was so out of it he beat his head against a phone pole for a few minutes after they’d gone — there was blood everywhere.”


Anonymous said...

wow dats crazy, at least they beat him up. people are mad retarded when they are drunk.

Anonymous said...

I bet that was fucking CRS, CRS why don't piss off or go suck a dick? yea im back motha fucka.

Anonymous said...

11:58..How about you learn how to spell and how to articulate a sentence you moron. And I really think CSR has better things to do wth his/her time than to worry about you.