Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WHATEVER happened to ALEX M????

Hey guys, i've answered some questions that fans have asked.
Part 1 (April 30, 2008)
1. How Do I Get An Autographed Picture?A fan mail address is coming soon where you can request an autographed picture so stay tuned!
2. Are you in school?No...I did go to Marymount College for a couple months but the recording took up a lot of time and it resulted in me missing class I'm taking time off from school..but I fully plan to go back at some point : )
3. Is there anything you wish had made it in Laguna Beach but got cut?OMG yes...I think actually this scene was on the the bonus features on the dvd was when I went with Taylor to get her nose pierced ...that was by far the funniest thing ...the camera guys couldn't stop laughing it was hilarious...I think i was freaking out more than Taylor was...our facial expressions were classic! ...There was a lot of things I wish they would have aired..Taylor and I were soo funny together and did crazy things all time..I also wished they aired more of my music and me performing..I did a lot of musical theatre and really wanted them to show that side of me. I was the president of my drama club at school. I guarentee many people wouldn't have guessed that haha
4. What are your fave memories from filming LB?I had soo much fun filming the scene where Taylor and I asked Jason and Talan to formal ...we actually did a lot more that they didn't end up showing ..we sent them on a wild goose chase haha
5. Do you still have those cute shoes from Dior that you bought in the Season 2 Premiere? What designers are you a fan of?Of course! haha ...I just wore them yesterday actually..haha..I love Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Bianca Nero, Marc Bouwer, Catherine Malandrino, and Rebecca Taylor
6. What makeup did you girls use on Laguna Beach?Mac, Bobby Brown, & Chanel
7. Casey seemed so nice, why did everyone hate her?I don't know the answer to that..Kristin knew her before all of us and I guess they didn't get along in the becasue she didn't like her maybe she didn't want anyone else to like her.. I gave her a shot and I still like Casey.
8. Do you watch The Hills, and if so, what do you think of Heidi?I don't really watch a lot of TV..but I have seen bits and pieces here and there...I knew heidi before The Hills ever came out ..when she lived with Lauren in San Fran..I actualy liked Heidi but she made some very hurtful comments about my music and so thats when it stopped for me.
9. What did you think about Jason's rehab stay and engagement?I think rehab was great for Jason. Addiction is a very serious thing and I think rehab was a very positive thing for him. Regarding his engagement, I think it's a bit early at this age to get married but if he's happy then I'm happy for him! I will always care about Jason and wish him the best!
10. When is your new movie coming out?American High School is supposed to come out this summer ...hopefullyso cross your fingers : )
11. Where are some cool places in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles?In LB:resturants javiers - ginas - wahoos - laguna sushi - 230 forest - 5 feet - san chi goshoppingblack flamingo - elle h - LF - cloudwalkbeachesThalia - 9th street - oak street - Anita - Pearl - Victoria
12. Who is the coolest celebrity you've met?Vince Vaughn... I'm in love with him : ) or Britney Spears
13. Will you have any other songs on iTunes besides Best Friends?Yes..I'm actually going to NY very soon to record all new music!
14. Who do you still talk to from LB?Dieter is one of my best friends! I talk to Taylor almost everyday, she is still my bestest friend!Part 2 (May 5, 2008)
15. Do you still live with Alex H?No I don't. Alex moved to Hawaii to live with her mom.
16. Are you single?Yes...
17. What hotel did you stay at in Cabo?The Melia Hotel in Cabo San Lucas
18. Was high school easy or hard for you?High school was pretty easy for me. I just had a lot of different activities going on which made studying a little bit harder for me. I was president of my drama club, played varsity tennis, and did at least 4 shows a year if that. So I was always really busy.
19. Is there anything on Laguna Beach that you did that made you think "Why did I say/do that?"Of course! The whole Cabo incident was my most embarrassing moment and I wish I could have taken that back. It was especially embarrassing because my family watched it.
20. Have you ever watched Newport Harbor?Not really...I've caught a few moments but I really don't watch a lot of TV. I'm more focused on my music, working out, and other things.
21. Do you write your own songs. If so, where do you get inspiration?Yes I do write my own songs. I get inspiration just from everyday situations and from personal life experiences. For example; relationships whether it be boys, parents, or best friends. I also get inspiration from my friends and family as well.
22. I am an aspiring singer, what advice do you have?As an aspiring singer I suggest you just get out and do as much as you can! Whether it be theatre, choir or singing at public places, anything helps. Also audition as much as you can. There's a magazine you can subscribe to called BackStageWest ( and gives out all auditions in LA, NY and I think Florida. Any exposure is good exposure. Sing at your local coffee shops and venues. You can start a good fan base from that and then eventually start your own website or music myspace and hopefully from there you can get discovered or find representation!
23. Is it easier making music or films?Definitely making music. I'm so used to acting and singing on stage where you can feed off the energy of the audience that when you switch to film it's a lot harder. In film you do the same scene like 15 times so it's hard to come up with the same amount of energy for all of them! But all in all I still do enjoy making films I just enjoy singing much more ; )
24. What brand of hair care do you use?Keraste, it's my fav!
25. What did you think of the failed third season of Laguna Beach?I think it was just hard for people to relate to them because everyone was so connected to the characters from season 1 and 2. It's hard to bring in completely new people to a show that gained its popularity from the original kids.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want an autograph picture of alex?

CRS said...

the same could be said of lc but I never really got why people get all crazy over celebrity. Their just normal people.

Anonymous said...

Well lc even heidi are on covers of magazines they're talked about it seems a lot sad but true they are somewhat celebrities now they have paparazzi following them but alex? Ummmm, not so much. Another thing its so funny that heidi would make fun of her singing...pot meet kettle.